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It's so much fun
Playing dumb
Playing it like there's
Nothing wrong
& it's so fun
Being the one
Who'll never get burnt
Oh so young
Fire and gold
Let them get high and
Let them be hurt
They thought they were all that
Now they deserve it
They thought they couldn't be touched
Now they'll get it ha
Straight to they're face and
It's not that easy, it never is
Not good for you
Never enough
Not good for you
I've had enough
Say you're sorry but babe I know you're not
Got it all wrong
Hope you'll have it tough
You're fine
And you've got it
Piercing eyes
You're nice
And I wanna play with danger
Cold as ice
Fierce as a holy light
Know how it feels I've
Been through these thrills
Then we'll talk the same way
Way back when it was okay
I can already see the symptoms
Of addiction
In myself
It's not that normal
I never was from the start
(No one is)
I'm so afraid you'll leave me for someone better it's absurd
I barely know you
It's not like I own you
Let me see
What it is you want to be?
Eagerness is considered a flaw
Maybe you just want me to miss you some more
Keep it as it is it's better that way
Sounds like a psychopath
I should've known
Get away
You're probably better
But I probably shouldn't
Things got too far I'm not playing with the limit
You say you want to kiss me
You can't do that without consistency
Because it feels so good when someone takes an interest
But if they get too close,
I become distant

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