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פאפניק על The Wave

zrubavelovich 03/05/2021 125 צפיות תגובה אחת
מה אתם אומרים? זה בתכל'ס עבודה לשיעור אנגלית...

Dear Diary.
You will soon understand why I have not written to you for a long time. In a history class, a few weeks ago, my teacher Ben started “the wave”. He taught us several slogans: “Our power in discipline”, “Our power in unity”, and “Our power in action”. He taught us to make the salute of “the wave”. And shout every time he speaks to us: “Mr. Ross yes”.
After some weeks, “the wave” spread to the rest of the school. Thanks to “the wave”, the school football team started to win games (!). They have never won before that.
But despite all the good things there are in “the wave”, there were still more students who did not want to join “the wave”. They even started writing a newspaper that was all about us and how bad “the wave” was.
Looking back: I understand they were right all along.
After a while Mr. Ross told us that soon he would show us the national leader of the “the wave”. He said that he will give us a date for the meeting where he will reveal the leader to us. Mr. Ross scheduled the meeting in the school auditorium, only members of “the wave” were allowed to enter the meeting.
We were all very excited before the meeting. We made a lot of posters and signs of “the wave”. At the meeting Mr. Ross talked to us a bit and then surprised us all: He showed us the picture of the leader of “the wave”: Hitler!
We were all shocked: all this time we were Nazis? Immediately I threw away “the wave” sign I had prepared for the meeting. I ran quickly to my room, thinking about everything that happened at school. If all this happened so easily at our school, then perhaps it is possible to understand how it happened to the Germans.
What do you think?

פאפניק על The Wave
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