The end of the Spring

Vovan 10/05/2012 648 צפיות אין תגובות

From the the beginning to the end,
From March to May,
The Spring just began,and now he passed,
Every time when I’m looking,
I see the Summer,that is coming!!!!

Every time,it’s like another old memory,
But I still not confused!!!
I just want to live my life,and see:
Every time,when the season passing,
I can feel the change!!!

Now the Spring is passed……
The Summer is coming,with new a adventures,
And when I’m looking back……
I see my old adventures,and I get a smile,
The spring just passed,but I:
I’m still here!!!!!

The Summer is a new dream,
He just want us to jump and laugh,
And I’m still here,waiting for him!!!!!

The Summer is coming………..

with a new adventures!!!!!!!!

The end of the Spring
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