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The Gold Bar of Christopher Folk chapter 8

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It’s been a week since I became part of the Gold Bar crew, and so far it’s fine. The job is still a shitty job and Chris is still crazy, but it’s not that horrible. Especially since I got to eat the best food in the world.

I got to first taste it on the day I met Tracy Folk. Chris prepared breakfast for us. I was speechless when he served it to me from its disgusting appearance. It was a dish of pieces of fish meat covered in a rainbow-colored sauce. But I was in shock after the first bite. It tasted like heaven. And I asked for another masterpiece right after I was done eating.

I also got to learn more about The Folks. Vince told me that the bar was originally managed by the parents of the Folks, James and Mary. The parents died in a fire seven years ago, and Chris manages it since then.

Right now, I’m at the bar cleaning the tables while Chris and vice are chatting at the counter. I thing they are talking about Vince’s daughter and her college life.

“Good morning, Christopher Folk. Are you ready for our meeting?”

A scene from a gangster film started now. An old man with a thick white mustache, wearing a white expensive-looking suit, a white fedora and a cane with a big blue jewel at the top. He was also followed by two giant goons in all black. Is this guy related to Albert?

“How Could I forget, Gabriel” said Chris. “Let’s take it to my office.”

“Lead the way” said Gabriel, and the four of them went upstairs.

“Who was that guy?” I asked Vince after they were gone out of sight.

“Gabriel Fibonacci, a legitimate businessman. He is from the old generation. That answered your question?”

“What does he want from Chris?”

“The place of course” said Vince. “He comes here once a week trying to convince Christopher to sell him the bar. He will never get bar. Chris will never give in.”

“Over my dead Body, you got that!!!” we heard Chris shout from upstairs.

“This is new” said Vince with a worried look on his face. “He was never this mad.”

“I’ll go check it out” I said, walking to the stairs and up to the second floor. I went to the door that says ‘Christopher’s office’, opened it a little and peeked inside.

Chris was sitting behind a big fancy desk with his arms crossed and an angry expression on his face. In front of him sat Gabriel with his hands on his cane and a calm expression. His two goons standing on both his sides.

“No need to yell like a little kid Christopher. Just explain it to me. Why don’t you want to sell your little place?” said Gabriel. “Just name the price, and I’ll pay.”

“Never!” screamed Chris and hit fist on the desk. “This place belongs not just to me. It’s belonging to the community. To my family. One of your kinds doesn’t deserve it. Go away, and don’t come back. That’s my finale offer.”

‘Damn, he is so cool’ I thought. ‘He really loves this place. I guess he really loved his parents.’

“Oh Christopher, I thought we had an understanding” said Gabriel as he rose from his seat. “Please help him understand me, boys.”

“Yes boss” said the two men, clenching their fists. Gabriel snapped his fingers and the men’s fist caught on fire.

“What the fuck?!!” I loudly whispered. “Am I high right now?!!”

Like me, Chris was also in shock but he calmed down after two seconds, and then started to laugh.

“Nice trick” said Chris and stopped laughing. “You are going to pull a rabbit out your ass now?”

“Are you an idiot?!! These are true magic powers!!!” said a Furious Gabriel.

“I’m afraid you are wrong Gabriel. This is true magic!!!”

Chris was yelling, and bright red flames started to spread over his shoulders and arms. The flames grew with every second, and even started to cover the celling. Chris looks like a demon now, and Gabriel and his boys looked scared as fuck.

“How did you get this powers?!!” asked Chris, looking ready to burn the three of them to dust if they won’t give him an answer.

“Fuck this, we are out of here” said the scared Gabriel and then hut the floor with the tip of his cane. The three of them were gone in a puff of blue smoke.

“Fuck!!!” yelled Chris and the flames got even stronger, creating a small explosion inside his office. A small one, but strong enough to send me crushing to the wall behind me.

I think my back got broke right now. My head also hit the wall. I felt pain all over my body, and I think I’m about to pass out. Through my blurry vision I think I saw Tracy reaching out to me.

“What happened to you?” I heard her ask.

“I hate your brother.”

And then everything went black. Again.

The Gold Bar of Christopher Folk chapter 8
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