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My Cupid: Chapter 2-House tour: part 1

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אני ממשיכה לפרסם למרות שאין הרבה קוראים, מישהו צריך לקרוא את זה חוץ מחברים שלי נכון? (;^_^)

"*Do you always drive so fast?*" Lay asked as he tightens his grip to the seat while I take a sharp turn to the right and he leaned to the window
"Actually, no. *But it's usually fun if you loosen up a bit.*" I answered him and took a quick glance at him, I laughed and he smiled shyly facing me, that's when I saw a cute dimple on his right cheek. He loosened his grip and slowly he raised his arms above his head and hollered, enjoying the wind brushing through his hair and hanging his right arm out of the rolled down window.
"*How much longer until we get to your home?*" He asked not taking his gaze off of the ever-changing view,
"About seven minutes, do you want me to turn on the radio?" I asked and shifted lanes to the exit that leads to my neighborhood,
"Ohh yes please, *I'd love to hear some American songs.*" He said and smiled at me, I smiled and turned the radio on
'And here's one of my personal favorites from this year, from Sia chandelier hope you'll enjoy…" the MC said and the song started to play, I started singing along until I felt like someone is staring at me, I turned my attention to Lay that was without doubt staring at me with a small smile on his face, I gave him a weird look and he looked away
"Y-you-you have a really nice voice." He said avoiding my stare, I was dumbfounded and didn't know how to react
"*OH kamsahmnida?* I forgot I wasn't alone, I'm sorry." I said and slowed down the car, we were almost at my neighborhood and I want him to get familiar with it because it will be his neighborhood for this time being. "There are a few locations in here that you should remember, *so pay attention okay?*" I said slowly
"*Wae? *Aren’t you going to be with me all the time?" He asked sheepishly and pouted,
"*I have a job and an extracurricular, I suppose you could come to work with me but not the extracurricular.*" I said trying not to sound like I don't want him with me, he nodded in understanding and got comfortable in his seat.
"So.. Those locations I need to know." He said and watched the houses we were passing by, I sighed and stopped the car when we got to my household.
"I'm going to show you them on foot, but first, I'll show you the house." I said smiling at the fact that for the next month my parents aren't going to come home, they are currently celebrating their second honeymoon in Paris, France.
"Okay. Oh and Kathrin?" I turned to him after exiting the car, he rubbed the back of his neck and continued to talk "*I don't want to sound rude but why is your hair pink at the ends?*" He asked avoiding eye contact and playing with the end of his plaid button-down
"It's not rood Yixing, *I got bored and colored it using a pink chalk. It washes off with water* so don’t worry." I said and got his stuff out of the trunk of the car, he had two large suitcases a duffle bag and a guitar case, "You play the guitar? Me too! We should play together at the party tonight." I said with a little too much excitement.
"Sure! *But first your house and town.*" He said and smiled, his dimple showing up and making me smile too. We walked to the front porch and I unlocked the door, I signed him to get in and he took off his shoes, holding them under his armpit he took his suitcases and walked in.
"*Woahh your house is huge? How many are you?*" he asked as he walked into the living room, I put his stuff near the staircase that leads to the next floor and leaned against the wall that was covered with a light green wallpaper
"*Just me and my parents, but it was my father's parents' before and my dad has three brothers and two sisters so…*" I said in a by the way tone and pushed myself off of the wall, we took a left turn from the entrance and Yixing froze at the second he saw the room "This is the living room,"
^In the living room on the right are two big sofas, in front of them a coffee table and a large flat screen TV, on the left a fireplace that above it a large antique clock ticking and in front of it two armchairs and a small round table with a small old-looking lamp. The walls covered with the same light green wallpaper with beige painting of waves near the hardwood floor that looked like it has just been polished with wax, left to the TV at the far end of the room is a glass door that leads to the veranda. The room is very wide and light comes through two large windows that have a view one to the front garden and the other to the neighboring house from the left that housed a nice family of five with one of the kids being a part of the group. Behind a corner that when you enter you can't see stands an old piano that on the top of it is a pile of papers filled with notes.^
"Wow, *this is just the living room?*" Yixing said in a child's tone, his eyes were wide open and it made me snicker quietly.
"*Ne Yixing*, but there is more of the house to see." I said and took him by the wrist through the living room to the door that stood to the right of the TV and sofas, I opened the door and went in dragging Yixing behind me
*"Ya! Kathrin, slow down. And you can call me Lay, Yixing is too formal."* He said and looked at the room we just entered.
"This is the entertainment room," I said and let Lay's mind work its magic
^The room is smaller compared to the living room and a lot different in design, this was dedicated to one purpose and one purpose only, entertainment. The walls were covered with purplish-blue wallpaper and with no windows the room was illuminated by big spotlights hanging from the ceiling. To the left of the door and all over the left side were a black leather couch and several bean bags. On the opposing wall from the door was a big stereo and karaoke machine with a plug for electric guitars and extra microphones, in the right corner stood a foosball and billiard table equipped with four billiard sticks and extra billiard balls, behind a right corner was a mini-fridge full of soft drinks and ice.^
"*Your family must be really rich if you own all of this.*" Lay said and turned to me, his eyes were as big as D.O.'s and I nodded in response,
"My Appa owns a very large international company, *that's why I know Korean, we lived there when I was about 4 until I was 7 so I had to learn the language.*" I said with a smile plastered on my face as I remember my years staying in Seoul and learning at an all Korean school,
"*I was wandering why your Korean was so good when you don't look a bit Korean.*" Lay said and smiled while rubbing the nape of his neck, he got out of the room and I closed the lights.
We traced our steps back to the entrance and continued to walk to the other side of the house on the right side of the staircase.
^The hallway leading to the kitchen was long and the wall on the right was covered with old photographs and painting, at the end was a big window all the way from the floor to the ceiling and viewed the small garden filled with flowers of the season. On the right end was a wooden door with beautiful carvings, the left wall was actually half a wall acting as a partition and stopped halfway to the end and the entrance to the dining room and kitchen was from there.^
"*What's the room on the right?*" Lay asked with curiosity in his voice and eyes, I tensed and sighed the feeling away
"That is my father's office and we're not allowed to go there, secret work stuff I suppose." I said shrugging my shoulders, I guided Lay to the kitchen and leaned on the half wall while he admired what his eyes saw.
^The kitchen and dining room were spacious and featured both modern and old-fashioned styles, the kitchen was equipped with the most advanced technology, it had a lot of work space and storage cupboards, a double door refrigerator and electric stove, in the middle was a working space and diner with red stools for the morning coffee or tea. The dining room on the other hand was old-fashioned in style, a wooden dining table that can hold a feast for eight people and a chandelier hanging just above it, the right wall was all windows revealing the neighboring house from the right that was empty for the time being because the old man that had lived there passed away about four months ago and was untouched for some time. On the right side of the opposing wall from the entrance was a door to the back garden. ^
"And this is the kitchen and dining room, and that's the first floor. Now," I said and clapped my hand, "*Grab your stuff and follow me*, it's up to the next floor." I said smirking to myself as Lay continues to look at every detail with amazement.

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