World Government – The Next Revolution

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World Government – The Next Revolution
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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Human Village
Chapter 3: World Government
Chapter 4: Birth Control
Chapter 5: Global Warming
“Chapter 6: “A Farewell to Arms
Chapter 7: Narcotic Drugs and Alcohol
Chapter 8: The Elimination of the Underworld
Chapter 9: Road Traffic Safety
Chapter 10: Cancellation of Cash Money
Chapter 11: Employment
Chapter 12: Economy
Chapter 13: Free public Services
Chapter 14: Fair Play
Chapter 15: Technological and Biotechnological Development
Chapter 16: Jurisdiction System
Chapter 17: Architecture and Outdoor Sculptures and Monuments


Suppose God would have noticed that the earth is getting dangerously
close to become uninhabitable due to mankind wrongdoings (which could become a reality if we will not take action sooner than later…), and decides to create a new planet in the solar system, identical to Mother Earth, to which the seven billion inhabitants of the “old earth” would emigrate; and suppose He is a merciful God, and would not seek to punish mankind for It’s deeds in the “old world”. What Pentateuch will he give humanity to be followed in the “new earth”, assuming He has been an expert watcher of the human race for the past eon?
Will Bill Gates be allocated a one thousand acres lot to build his mansion, and a homeless from the streets of Harlem will be given two square meters behind a pile of litter ?
Will He recommend construction of a hundred story skyscraper to house ten thousand insurance clerks and lawyers?
Will He advise people to congregate millions on a small piece of land and drive over one hour to work in a highly polluted environment?
Will He command men and women to propagate without any restraint, thus creating the necessity to create a “second new world” in a short while?
If you believe in God, and in “laissez-faire”, enjoy it while you can; if not, let’s take action to make God’s (or Darwin’s) Creation, lasts forever!

The Human Village

The land surface area of the world is 149 million square kilometers.
Of these 33% is desert, 24% is mountains, and the habitable rest is 64 million square kilometers. Of these 35 million is pasture land, 14 million is arable land, and 15 million square kilometers is residential area, that’s half an acre for each of the 7 billion people living today. Assuming 50% allocated for public needs, each one of us has a quarter of an acre (1000 square meters) of land on which to build his home and this is free of charge, given by God (or Darwin).

Considering above data, the whole of the world population can live in villages, each family can own a detached house, with agriculture, industry, public buildings like schools, entertainment, and commerce, arranged in between. High rises metropolitan crowded neighborhoods serve nobody except heartless megalomaniac entrepreneurs.
It is faster to reach the factory you are employed in, which is 20 km away in the country, than to reach your factory which is 5 km away in the city.

The only structures higher then two stories high should be factories and religious worship buildings. Unlike birds, Mankind was not created to dwell hundreds of meters above the ground. Living in one to two stories houses in villages will minimize pollution, maintenance costs, and increase by many folds the possibility of producing clean energy
.(Solar panels covered roof tops)

When everyone owns his “God’s Little Acre”, the tendency to commit crimes will be minimized.

Negative feelings of solitude and anonymity, so typical to some mega city dwellers, will be replaced by positive feelings of sharing, camaraderie, togetherness, gemutlichkeit, so typical of people living in an extended family or tribe, which the human village can to some extent supply.

The average village will have 2500 households, with mean distance of ten km from the neighboring one..

In ancient times walled crowded cities were created for protection against violence of all kinds, be it invading enemies, or gangs of criminals. The Next Revolution will eliminate wars and the underworld.

If everyone gets the same plot to build his home, what will be the incentive for the entrepreneurs to drive the economy in order to get rich?
They will have up to 400 square meters houses, expensive interior decoration, jewelry, expensive cloths, expensive cars; they could afford to have cruises around the world, indulge in expensive restaurants, have plastic surgery…etc.

As land itself is not a product you can buy and sell, what happens when you want to relocate? You can rent out your home, or you can sell it for a price which will take into consideration the cost of infrastructure and the building itself. If for instance, the house is burnt to the ground, you get compensation from the insurance company.

World Government

History can tell us of numerous attempts to persuade mankind of the necessity to establish a World Government.
World Government will come to be only by consent of all the Super Powers and the majority of nations.
All governments voting for the creation of World Government should be elected democratically.

The driving forces behind the movements to establish a World Government should be students and intellectuals all over the world who will establish political parties who will come to power by persuasion and propaganda, financed with huge quantities of money donated by rich and common individuals alike.

Before a government will cast its vote in a United Nations ballot box for the erection of the World Government, it should conduct a local referendum in the matter and get at least two thirds of the votes out of the total number of people eligible to vote.
All nations, who voted for the establishment of the WG, will send delegates to the new World Parliament, number of which, will be in proportion to the size of its population. None of these delegates will be eligible to be chosen to WG.
The first, and until the establishment of the WG, the only task of the WP, will be to draft the World Constitution. Time allocated for this will be as short as possible- less than one year.
After the constitution will be confirmed by the WP, it will choose The World Government Prime Minister, by a majority of at least two thirds of the number of the WP members.
WG members will be chosen by the WGPM, from lists prepared by the governments of the countries voted for the establishment of the WG. No two members of the same state can take office in the WG.

All debates of the WP, of the WG, and of the different committees will be transmitted world wide.

The WG will assemble the World Army. The WA will be the only army available in the world. All other armed forces will be local police officers with no heavy weaponry.

Birth Control

In order to eliminate the need to have The Next Revolution number 2 in the not too far future, the world needs birth control.
1. No woman should be allowed to have more than two children.
2. If one or two of her children will pass away, she will be allowed to give birth to another one (or two).
3. A woman who gives birth to a third child will be sent to prison and her child will be taken to adoption.
4. Any woman can have abortion paid by the authorities with no questions asked.
5. Religious people who claim that God ordered them to propagate and fill the earth with their off springs, should be told that it was already done by their ancestors, and earth is already full to the brink.
6. If, after some time, the WG will observe that world population is shrinking to an undesirable size, a third child will be allowed to women who do not already have a boy and a girl.

Global Warming

The earth is warming up in the last two or three decades in an alarming pace that will be disastrous to humanity if no steps are taken to correct the situation.
The human race has the knowledge and means to turn back the wheel; so far it lacked the will to!

Ice in the Antarctic’s, Greenland and elsewhere, is melting in a greater rate than it is created; If all the ice covering the land masses of the world would melt, the water level of the oceans will rise by sixty meters, and hundreds of millions of people will find their homes under water. Miami Beach is on average one meter above sea level;
It is enough for the Atlantic to rise by one or two centimeters, to be felt by beach goers and to cause panic, that will make real estate prices drop to the ground!

Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect caused by the ever increasing emission to the atmosphere of gases like carbon dioxide, and other organic compounds. Carbon dioxide is the outcome of the burning of fossil fuels which is done in order to create energy to serve humanity and drive the economy.
We can tackle this problem in two ways:
Absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere:
All plants absorb carbon dioxide while growing, in a process called photosynthesis.
Conservation of our forests by using less wood to build houses and to produce paper will do the trick.
Lower the emission:
We can lower the emission of greenhouse gases by either conserving energy thus decreasing the consumption of fossil fuels, or by replacing them with clean energy producers. For the time being, the first method may cause us some inconvenience and the second is more expensive.

Conserving energy:
1. Driving a car with 1600cc engine instead of a jeep with 4000cc.
2. Using public transportation instead of using our own car.
3. Walking.
4. Riding a bicycle.
5. Creating a “pool” of friends taking one car to work.
6. Keeping the tires of our car properly inflated, driving with closed windows, going 80kmh instead of 110kmh.
7. Going to the supermarket once a week instead of twice.
8. Adjusting air condition thermostat to 20-22 degrees centigrade in winter and 24-26 in summer.
9. Saving in water consumption at home and in the garden: Using a bucket, not a hose, to wash our car.
10. Recycling garbage.
11. Using durable containers and utensils instead of disposable ones (Cloth supermarket bags instead of polyethylene ones).

Clean energy:
1. Hydroelectric energy – utilized almost to the maximum possible.
2. Nuclear Reactors – utilized only to a certain extent for fear of radioactive radiation in case of failure.
3. Solar water heaters – used extensively for many years where possible structurally in sunny areas.
4. Solar panels – increased use from day to day – electricity produced still more expensive than fossil fuel burning.
5. Solar towers.
6. Solar mirrors ranches.
7. Wind turbines.

Semi clean energy:
1 Bio fuels,
1. Fuel cells.
2. Natural gas.

The ultimate clean energy source which is nuclear fusion – same process by which our Sun produces energy, Is being researched in France in a plant called ITER, which is expected to start producing not before 2027 –If all enormous technical problems will be successfully tackled.

Except for above ITER project, all other technologies are already available to mankind;

Why aren’t they being used extensively to save our Planet?

Because the people who control government and business do not give a damn about what will happen one second after they pass away!
So far, scientists are telling them, the real catastrophe will start only 30-40 years from now, and by that time, all of them will smell flowers from beneath the ground.

“A farewell to arms”

All weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological) will be destroyed.
Only the World Government Army and local police forces would be allowed to carry firearms.
All knives others than those with a clear professional use will be confiscated and destroyed.
. Unauthorized possession of any kind of tools which can harm human beings in any way will be severely punished.

Narcotic drugs and alcohol

Cultivation, production, and trade of narcotic drugs will be a World government monopoly.
Only pharmacies would be allowed to sell narcotic drugs following a physician prescription.
No healthy individual will get a narcotic drug prescription.
Alcohol will be sold only to individuals over 18 years old.
Drunkenness in public places will be considered a felony and severely punished

Anti alcoholism education will be part of elementary and high school curriculum.
Students will be advised not to use alcohol to artificially improve their mood.

The elimination of the underworld

Although Members of the underworld comprise only a tiny portion of world population, they have an un-proportional influence on our every day life.

We are hiding behind bars, sophisticated door locks, anti burglar alarms.
We hire body guards and security personnel;
We are employing codes to start our cars, travel in armed vehicles,
Avoiding certain neighborhoods, spending large sums of money on theft and burglary insurance, yielding to protection and extortion; suffering the consequences of illegal drug trafficking and gambling.
Suffer from violence and rape.

Elimination of the underworld, or neutralizing their effect on society, will not make us 100% protected against crime. Normative people can also be inclined to commit crimes if opportunity and state of mind coincide. As a consequence, besides taking measures to prevent the underworld from harming society, we need to employ effective police forces.

The underworld cluster of human villages

1. Police forces know exactly who belongs to the underworld.
2. A cluster of human villages electronically fenced and heavily guarded, will be allocated to house the underworld population.
3. All members of the underworld will be transferred there.
4. Each village resident will be allotted 500 square meters plot to build his home.
5.Essential foods like flour, sugar, edible oil, etc, essential commodities, building materials and tools, as all others basic raw materials needed, will be supplied at the gates of the enclosure.
1. The inmates will stay there for the rest of their life.
2. Family members, friends, and others will be allowed in and out.
3. In the cluster of villages there will be enough empty space for agriculture, industry, public institutions, etc.
4. The inmates will be independent in conducting their affairs.

The cost for society in providing the needs of the inmates will be a very small fraction of the costs society has to bear due to underworld activities.

Effective police forces and effective rules

1. Effective police forces.

1. A police officer should spend his 8 hours shift on the streets.
2. There will be one policeman for each 100 residents.
3. He will spend his entire career among them.
4. With 21, 8 hours, 2 men shifts in week, and 5 shifts in a week for a police officer, 10 policemen will do the job, taking into considerations vacations and holidays.
5. The 2 police officers will monitor 1000 residents. They will have on records on their mobile smart phones all necessary details of their “customers”. In time they will learn to know each of them personally.
6. Besides their duty as keeping law and order, they will also serve as front line firemen, handymen, medics, and small conflicts solvers.
7. For this new type of police work we need a new type of police officer, one who is definitely not a misanthrope…

1. Effective rules

1. All telemarketing will be forbidden.
2. Promotion of a business or occupation will be allowed only by advertising.
3. No salesman will be allowed to address a potential customer at his place.
4. Example: If you want to offer security service to a contractor, you will have to get a license from the authorities, hire an office (or work from home), advertise in the media, and wait for a potential customer to visit or call. Calling on a potential customer, initiating a telephone conversation, or e-mailing him, will be considered a major felony and punished with years behind bars,
With modern surveillance techniques, like closed circuit cameras, it will be easy to detect a person who breaches this law and send him to prison.
Protection and extortion crimes will be almost non- existing.

Road traffic safety

Road traffic safety depends on the car itself, the road, and the human factor.

The car

1. Brakes should be in shipshape condition.
2. Tires should be properly inflated
3. Wheels should be properly aligned and balanced.
4. Windshields should be clean, and windshield wipers in order.
5. Every car will be equipped with an anti collision early warning device.
6. Every car will be equipped with a blood alcohol level tester, blowing into which will be a must in order to start the car.

The road

1. All roads connecting the Human Villages, and the main arteries of the villages, should have at least two lanes for each side and a security fence in between.
2. All roads should have either sidewalks or margins of at least 2 meters wide.
3. All sidewalks and road margins will have markings for bicycles traffic.
4. Speed limit of 50kmh will be allowed on one lane roads.
5. No bicycles traffic will be allowed on the roads.

The human factor

1. The use of Cellular phones when driving will be prohibited. Phones could be kept
On, so that the driver can hear the ring tone, stop safely at the road side, and pick up the conversation.
1. Before you start driving, take care of the followings:
2. Clean your windshield, rear, and side windows.
3. Adjust side windows opening to the desired state.
4. Adjust the air conditioning to the desired temperature.
5. Tune your radio/cod player to the desired station/disk.
6. Food and beverages you intend to use during driving should be arranged around you within easy reach.
7. Adjust your sit.
8. Wear your seat belt, and see that all other passengers wear theirs, before you start your car.
9. After you start your car, but before you start driving, check that dashboard
Indicators show proper operating condition of the engine.
1. While driving:
2. Do not take your eyes off the road.
3. Every few seconds gaze at the rear and side mirrors in order to be aware of
the traffic around you.
1. Never take both hands off the steering wheel.
2. Never pick anything that fell to the car floor.
3. Never turn your face to look at a passenger in the car talking to you; you can still hear his voice while watching the road…
4. Do not open bags and look for things while driving.

Mind diversion is the number one factor for car accidents!

1. Punishment for First offence while driving drunk will be heavy fine and short term jailing; punishment for second offence will a be the same as for the first in addition to revocation of driver’s license; punishment for third offence will be long term jailing and permanent revocation of driving license.
2. Driving without a driver license, or while driver license is revoked, will be severely punished. Repeated such felony will cause increasing severity of punishments up to categorizing the individual as belonging to the underworld and sending him to an
underworld village.
1. Not everyone should be entitled to a driver license; some people are not fit to drive either by lack of technical capabilities, or by possessing a violent temper, criminal or psychotic personality.

Cancellation of cash money

1. There will be a single currency the world over.
2. No cash money will be valid throughout the world.
Every person will carry a magnetic card that will allow him to pay for a transaction – be it a taxi ride, a lollipop bought from a street vendor, vegetables bought in an open market, or a loan to a friend.
1. All business transaction will be made by money being transferred electronically. Credit will be given only by banks.
2. Income tax, property tax, and all other compulsory payments to authorities, will be made automatically on the spot.
3. The only illegal financial activity possible will be barter deals.
4. Millions of authorities and bank employees will become redundant, and new occupations should be created.
5. Possibilities of material gains from illegal activities would be reduced to a minimum, as stolen goods could be bought only with money paid electronically through a bank.
6. Cheating the IRS will become a “sport” of the past….


1. The Next Revolution will put an end to the artificial situation of unemployment.
2. The World Government will establish a Ministry Of Employment.
3. This Ministry will declare some lines of industry, commerce, services, and public works, as Government Monopolies, and everyone out of job will be accepted for a minimum salary as is customary in the local market.
4. No one healthy in mind and body will be eligible to any unemployment benefits.
5. There will be zero tolerance for strikes in vital services! The world Government will break such strikes immediately and strikers will be fired.
6. The Ministry for employment will construct a scale of wages for hired people in the different occupations, according to all the parameters like education, physical conditions, responsibility, experience, etc. This scale will be a recommendation for the private sector and an instruction for the public one.
7. Employee’s salary shall consist of 3 components:
8. A fixed component.
9. A variable component depending on his output.
10. A variable component depending on the profits of his employer. ( in the private sector).
11. Every child and student will have to get occupation minded professional education that will fit his mental and physical abilities and suits his personality, according to market demands.


1. There will be no inflation! The world Government will “print” money, only according to market growth.
2. Money left in the banks with no interest for long time, will appreciate as markets become more efficient, GWP (Gross World Product) increase, prices go down, and more could be bought for same amount of money.
3. There will be one world currency.
4. There will be no restrictions on foreign trade.
5. There will be no duty taxes.
6. There will be one world standardization code all products will have to comply with.
7. Monopolies would be banned; no firm will be allowed to have more than 5% of the world market.
8. There will be a Ministry for advertising, promotion, and fairness in trade.
9. Information on a packaging of a product will have to be precise like a production specification sheet.
10. TV, Online, Newspaper, outdoor advertising etc., will have to include only proven facts about the product or service (no pinup girls on a car outdoor sign).

Free Public Services


1. The world army will take care that there will be no wars.
2. Local police forces will guaranty that every citizen will be able to securely stroll in any neighborhood, and all attempts to breech the law will be prevented or swiftly stopped, perpetrators jailed, and after repeated felonies, sent to an underworld village for life.
3. No private security firms will be allowed to operate. All security tasks will be taken care of by the public police force.
4. Only the World Army personnel and local police forces will be allowed to possess and carry guns.

Elementary Education

1 .Elementary education from the age of 6 to 15 will be compulsory and totally free of charge.
1. Local authorities will bear all expenses relating to the attendance at school by the pupil such as books, IT computers, uniforms, school bags, stationary supply, meals during school hours, school trips, sporting equipment, etc.
2. From the age of 15 to 18, education will be free but voluntary.
3. Tuition for Higher education will be paid by the student, but loans will be granted to the needy.
4. No private elementary or secondary education institutions will be allowed to operate.

Medical care

1. Medical care including dentistry treatments will be given to the public by public personnel free of charge.
2. All institutions providing medical care will be public.
3. No medical personnel member will be allowed to offer medical help for a fee.
4. A physician, nurse, medic, or anyone else receiving any material benefit- small as it can be – for his medical help, will immediately loose his license.
5. MD’s will receive high salary from the first day of starting their work after 7 years of study, and get yearly raises.
6. All medical students will have IQ of over 125, will be physically fit, and pass personality tests that will determine their suitability for the profession.
7. All hospital personnel will take part in night shifts, including senior physicians over 60 years old.
8. No representative of drugs manufacturer or supplier will be allowed to approach anyone holding a medical position. All informative materials should be sent electronically or by snail mail.

Fair Play

1. Lobbyists will be banned from making any contacts with government or civil servants.
2. No spokesmen will be employed by government, local authorities, or by any commercial entity; only the personality responsible in the organization will address the public on an issue.
3. A journalist receiving any material benefit from anyone having to do with his work will loose his license.
4. No nepotism whatsoever!
5. The World Government and all local authorities will appoint World, States, and local comptrollers; among their other duties, they will follow public statements of elected officials and civil servants, sort out demagogic statements, and make public The true and correct reference to the issue.
6. Making public the outcome of opinion polls will be banned. They will serve only for internal use of the commissioning body.

Technological and biotechnological development

1. Discovering the reasons for the development of malignant tumors.
2. Developing genetic engineering to the stage where undesired genes would be neutralized.
3. Increasing the percentage of affordable, prefabricated, mass produced, easy to install houses, available to the public.
4. Encouraging inventors to design houses that could be easily installed and dismantled, like Lego bricks.
5. Improving electric batteries by increasing efficiency, reducing weight, and lowering price.
6. Reducing the cost per watt of electricity produced by solar cells.
7. Reducing the cost and energy consumption of hydrogen production to be used in
Fuel Cells.

Jurisdiction system

1. Courts will hear cases continuously from the moment a lawsuit is filed.
2. Lawyers will be authorized to deal with the followings:
3. Drawing up contracts, wills, appeals to courts, and all other legal documents…
4. Giving legal advice to government, business, and the general public.
5. Serve as judges and judge’s helpers.
6. No lawyer will be authorized to appear in courts neither as a defendant’s representative nor as a prosecutor’s one.
7. Trials will be conducted exclusively by judges and judges’ helpers.
8. No jury will have any part in the legal system.

Architecture and outdoor sculptures and monuments

Before the erection of any public building and outdoor monument or sculpture, the design will be made public, and a referendum held among the local public.
The public space is not the private property of some bizarre artist and a bribed official.

World Government – The Next Revolution
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