This girl

Lorela 06/08/2019 235 צפיות אין תגובות

.red lips ,cold face
She’s 18, aint shown this
.Just want to be loved
.Give more, get less
,Has Some dreams in her pocket
.Burn it all with her faith
,And all friends said she just a fool one
Don’t know what she has until it’s gone
Losing her heart, her face, and her vision
But somehow drowning in pain of someone
She found herself dreaming ’bout better life
.That telling her by someone else
Cuz’ we all just different lies
To tell someone until we die
And we don’t wanna cross the line .this .time
And tonight she gonna play this game
.And fell in love with some others pain
.And stay forever the same
.Forever the same
.This girl

This girl
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