Nothing Lasts Forever

תאריך: 15/06/2017
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I've come to the conclusion that nothing lasts forever. Nor happiness nor sadness. Every single thing that happens has a point of start and a point of an end. Like when throwing a ball- it has a place where it supposed to stop and then it stops. Someone will always pick it up, even when storms will take it far away, to the land of nowhere. Someone will find it and grab it. That's why I decided that sadness won't be forever a part of me, nor happiness because there's no such thing; " It comes and stays ". No. Because our life is made of coming and going, going and coming- like that ball. Today it can be at that woman's house and the next day it may be at that man's house. Simple as that.
I've come to the point where I can start to understand what life is all about. You can try to build a house but you can't do that without building a home first. Because when you have a place that you can call it a home, then you have a house. When you have someone to call a friend, a mother or a father then you'll know you have found true happiness. It won't last forever but it will remain forever.
Sadness, depression, sorrow.. It all has a point of an end. Underneath it all, all the true colors are waiting to be found, you just need to find them all. I believe in one, two, three things- I don't know when am I gonna find my own true colors but I know that as long as I keep on doing what I believe is good for me, life will become a better choice.
We can't change our lives, of course we can't, is like trying to force ourselves to love somebody else when all we do is think about that first love who broke our heart.
Life is full of obstacles, in fact life is obstacles. But that doesn't mean we should give up. I mean, I've been everywhere in my short eighteen life. I've seen those who hate themselves, thrashing themselves to death. I've seen those who live by the side of the road, praying for mercy, for rain to come over – days and months of brought, people are dying and I'm also dying. Mercy was the name of the game, we should have cared for those who don't have a thing, we should have helped them instead of watching them drift away as if they were just a leaf in mid autumn.
An old man told me that we are all just passengers, that someday we are gonna get back to where we came from and there will be no hate or envy; no fear or sadness. We won't remember a thing, as if we all got Alzheimer. It's only a matter of time, some people go too soon and others go after a long journey; they can't take their camera, life is always erasing the pictures; no matter how long you have worked or how hard it was- there won't be nothing after that.
So then, find your own true colors. because in a world where kindness isn't kindness and madness is madness you may be one of them all. You may become one of those who hate themselves so much that they are ending killing themselves. Know ,that life is just a bus, a big and large one ,and it's taking you; a passenger, to where you need to go and then it stops and you go your way- then it's all over. Don't settle around, waiting for something good to happen, but instead – make it happen. Its your life and until your voyage will end you'll have to come to the conclusion that nothing lasts forever. Nor happiness nor sadness. That every single thing that happens has a point of start and a point of an end.

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Nothing Lasts Forever
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