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09/01/2022 37 צפיות שירי אהבה 2 תגובות

When I text you and you don’t answer When you call my name but it never repeats It makes me so damn confused I know we used to love, and […]

You once said
12/09/2021 112 צפיות שירים 2 תגובות

I told you not to call me when you’re drunk But you don’t call at all It really makes me feel Like you don’t know me at all You don’t […]

In the dark
07/09/2021 94 צפיות שירים אין תגובות

You don’t need to stay I can let go Whenever I want I just want Someone to call me beautiful I feel fine So fine In the dark By myself […]


Everything, when time Is right You are right I was wrong To lose control To let you rule My world I’m sorry I didn’t know My strength Can make you […]


It’s summertime And the livin’ is easy Men propose Not to me And that makes me sleazy

nothing to say
02/06/2021 188 צפיות שירים באנגלית 4 תגובות

I have nothing to say nothing at all to make you feel okay but I am here waiting for you to notice that I am near and he is not […]


All the words I say to make you sweet I try my best to set the mood I mean no harm, girl I was just designed this way And there […]

If the world was gonna end tomorrow

If the world was gonna end tomorrow I’d tell you I loved you Then I’d turn into space dust And disappear in the dusk

So here I am
14/03/2021 174 צפיות שירי אהבה אין תגובות

I wonder why your words hurt the most Tho I heard them thousand times before It cuts deeper when you gaze at me But still I feel so hollow Wonder […]

Call me back
26/02/2021 166 צפיות שירי אהבה אין תגובות

I gave up, I’m not calling It’s been two months anyway I don’t feel it either way You left me that stupid message Wishing me “all the best” Who do […]

I like it
16/02/2021 200 צפיות שירי אהבה 2 תגובות

We just said goodbye But I miss you dearly It was never meant to last I knew that But I still miss it I miss it all All the fights […]

You told me it was okay to be myself around you
08/01/2021 223 צפיות שירים עצובים 2 תגובות

You told me it was okay to be myself And then, you said you are not looking for anything I was always searching For someone to make me feel this […]

The Chase

Everybody is chasing after money Me, I just want to be happy So I’m spending even more

That won’t bring me home
25/04/2020 298 צפיות שירים עצובים 2 תגובות

Summer breeze is calling by my name And here you are standing in my way Once you realize what you’ve done to me You’ll be sorry that I’m gone But […]

crash and burn
05/04/2020 262 צפיות שירי אהבה 2 תגובות

In this lockdown Of my heart I’m pulling all the strings To make me feel alright Even if it will make you feel obliged I don’t care, I don’t mind […]

הייקו אפור
26/03/2020 291 צפיות שירים 2 תגובות

היא אמרה לו תראה החיים די קשים ואז היא חזרה לבית של ההורים

Rest assured
03/02/2020 264 צפיות שירי אהבה תגובה אחת

Rest assured I’ll never know That when I hold you Your heart shines I’ll never know Never notice Never let you go We’re too young to experience what true love […]

I asked
14/01/2020 220 צפיות שירים עצובים אין תגובות

I asked: are you okay? No. I’m actually very miserable Said to no one

safe and sorry
05/09/2019 342 צפיות שירי אהבה אין תגובות

I’m seeing stars But I’m not drunk tonight I feel scared That I never felt this way Please look at me Let me know I’m safe Even though I hate […]

Not today
03/06/2019 345 צפיות שירי אהבה אין תגובות

I’m walking away But don’t let it break you down My heart may be fragile But I’ll hold the tears away So you won’t see me cry Not today This […]

18/05/2019 288 צפיות שירי אהבה אין תגובות

אתה כמו יתוש שמסתתר על החלון לא נותן לי לישון גורם לי להתעורר מהחלום למה אתה אף פעם לא בא אליי בבוקר? מוצץ לי את הדם ונהנה מכל רגע אני […]

Life is

I should have I could have I wanted I didn’t I thought of I hoped that None of that matter Life is happening without me noticing Life is a beautiful, […]

handle yourself

I know it’s wrong But I can’t help feeling ugly Whenever you look my way And then turn away I know I should love me But it’s a little hard […]

long long time ago
09/02/2019 313 צפיות שירי אהבה אין תגובות

I’ve seen you once or twice In that coffee shop next to that store I love to go to I know it means nothing to you but The way you […]

Most of the time

Most of the time I’m feeling fine But then suddenly I don’t know who to be It goes through my head It brushes my hair Are you feeling alone? Or […]

I want you
26/07/2018 309 צפיות שירי אהבה אין תגובות

Say, say You want me Say, say It’ll be okay I pray at night for you to stay But even then, please go away I don’t know what else to […]

About you and me
10/07/2018 368 צפיות שירי אהבה תגובה אחת

Cause I want to Come with me Run with me We’ll fly away Far away Farther than where we used to be Happy It is just us two Who are […]

All the flowers on the moon
24/06/2018 332 צפיות שירי אהבה אין תגובות

Summer streams are lonely Seeking for a godsend kiss As I look silently on your reflection I see the saddest look I’ve seen Although it is not for me For […]

high expectations
27/05/2018 564 צפיות שירים באנגלית 2 תגובות

I’m getting hurt Again and again But I can’t help it I’ve got high expectations Sometimes I feel like I’m moving ahead But I’m going nowhere It is all in […]

15/03/2018 417 צפיות שירים עצובים אין תגובות

ילדים שנולדו לזוגיות ללא אהבה כאילו לא נולדו בכלל הכנפיים שלהם נשרו עוד לפני שנסקו מעלה האביב שלהם חסר גוון השלג נותר לבן האמת אינה כואבת אך טמונה בליבם