Kitten craze
Kitten craze
𝓮𝓶𝓸 𝖎𝖓 DENIAL
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Their face

Give them a chance to change their face, And they'll take it. With or without pain. They'll peel it, they'll melt it, they'll mold it with clay. Give them a […]


I hate the way they say it How it rolls off their tongue and clings to their teeth. How they savor or spit it. How they say it like they […]

Mark to Johnny

Mark said to Johnny: "the neighbors grass is always greener" Johnny said to Mark: "shut up you fucking weinner" "I'm sleeping with your girlfriend Johnny"

I am twilight

I'm scared of living yet not so eager to die. I want life yet still grasp on to death. Hating light and dreading night, Can't great the day, can't embrace […]

01/07/2018 516 צפיות שירים באנגלית תגובה אחת

I know it is gunfire- I can hear the shots. My blood truns ice My brain My heart My legs take charge- I run I hide Eyes shut. Only to […]


Bones. Strong heardy bones. Rubber. Blind, unforgiving rubber. What was once sweet and lovable, Is now a flat nothing. What once stood strong, Now blown by the wind. Now, it […]