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Surrounded by your touch, Surrendered to your glance, It feels like I’m stuck in this limbo of feelings, Endless borders that seem insurmountable, Is this a hell that I can’t […]

Falling apart

I’m at the deepest depths, the darkest black, Trying to find my way out, but the nightmares are always coming back, they’re on repeat, a mind feast, I’m seeing the […]

The red

Red is taking control over my brain, Fragile mind is tripping, All I wanna do is damage some pain, It tears me apart, I’m just a dying piece of art, […]

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Like a snake, I, Shedding my skin as days passes by, Changing constantly in a blink of an eye, I’m at peace at last, let my past to die. Everything […]


I fall, I rise Sometimes pale, sometimes shines, Sometimes fail, sometimes thrives, All beautiful things have and scratches and dents, Perfectly imperfect, I’m a beautiful disaster.

Light is coming

And here I am, standing alone, My Mind is tricking me, spinnin’ like fucking cyclone, In a love affair with my solitude, My head is scorched, like a burnt wood, […]

Broken Heart

You can live with a broken heart, It’s ok, the heart isn’t smart, But he isn’t a fool either, ‘Cause he is like a flower, wants to go higher. Sometimes […]