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I saw her lit up a candle
And going up stairs
The look in her eyes
Was a look of a lost lonley girl.

She packed up her clothes
And moved her house to us.
Now she can't be in the dark
The candle make her give a little smile
But her soul so badly wantd to cry.

Now i don't know what she feel
I can't see her eyes
Now she come out from the room
With a lot of blood.

She tried to tell me what is wrong
She make me feel little scared
I just want her not to feel depressed
She took a lot of paper that I had
And run out to her bed.

In the morning i knocked at the door
And I saidm" Asil what is wrong "
I opened the door and I saw her on the floor
I checked if she's still alive
But i didn't felt it at all

Her mother with her right now
In paradise i hope.
Now she find her peace.
What she didn't felt at all.
Now i know she is smiling,
Cause she dead and doesn't feel
The hit on her thoart and
Her pain, her misery completely end

The truth all of us know
I know that we had a chance
To save her soul
If her father will leave her alone.

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