Police State – The Elimination Of Terrorism

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The Elimination Of Terrorism
Although Members of the underworld comprise only a tiny portion of
world population, they have an immense influence on our every day
We are hiding behind bars, sophisticated door locks, anti burglar
We hire body guards and security personnel;
We are employing codes to start our cars, travel in armed vehicles,
Avoiding certain neighborhoods, spending large sums of money on theft and burglary insurance, yielding to protection and extortion; suffering the consequences of illegal drug trafficking and gambling.
Suffer from violence and rape.

Elimination of the underworld, or neutralizing their effect on society, will not make us 100% protected against crime. Normative people can also be inclined to commit crimes if opportunity and state of mind coincide. As a consequence, besides taking measures to prevent the underworld from harming society, we need to employ effective police forces.

The underworld cluster of human villages

1. Police forces know exactly who belongs to the underworld.
2. A cluster of human villages electronically fenced and heavily guarded, will be allocated to house the underworld population.
3. All members of the underworld will be transferred there.
4. Each village resident will be allotted 500 square meters plot to build his home.
5.Essential foods like flour, sugar, edible oil, etc, essential commodities, building materials and tools, as all others basic raw materials needed, will be supplied at the gates of the enclosure.
6. The inmates will stay there for the rest of their life.
7. Family members, friends, and others will be allowed in and out.
8. In the cluster of villages there will be enough empty space for agriculture, industry, public institutions, etc.
9. The inmates will be independent in conducting their affairs.

The cost for society in providing the needs of the inmates will be a very small fraction of the costs society has to bear due to underworld activities.

Effective police forces and effective rules

a. Effective police forces.

1. A police officer should spend his 8 hours shift on the streets.
2. There will be one policeman for each 100 residents.
3. He will spend his entire career among them.
4. With 21, 8 hours, 2 men shifts in week, and 5 shifts in a week for a police officer, 10 policemen will do the job, taking into considerations vacations and holidays.
5. The 2 police officers will monitor 1000 residents. They will have on records on their mobile smart phones all necessary details of their “customers”. In time they will learn to know each of them personally.
6. Besides their duty as keeping law and order, they will also serve as front line firemen, handymen, medics, and small conflicts solvers.
7. For this new type of police work we need a new type of police officer, one who is definitely not a misanthrope…

b. Effective rules

1. All telemarketing will be forbidden.
2. Promotion of a business or occupation will be allowed only by advertising.
3. No salesman will be allowed to address a potential customer at his place.
4. Example: If you want to offer security service to a contractor, you will have to get a license from the authorities, hire an office (or work from home), advertise in the media, and wait for a potential customer to visit or call. Calling on a potential customer, initiating a telephone conversation, or e-mailing him, will be considered a major felony and punished with years behind bars,
With modern surveillance techniques, like closed circuit cameras, it will be easy to detect a person who breaches this law and send him to prison.
Protection and extortion crimes will be almost non- existing.

Police State – The Elimination Of Terrorism
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