50 real facts about me!

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Hey everyone! What’s going on ? And thanks for returning to more video of me
[Lol, this is not a video, I’m laughing with you seriously]
So today I want to show you – 50 real facts about me! Everything you wanted to know about me there.
So, let’s get started?.

1. My name is Shira
2. I’m from Israel
3. I live in the settlement of katzir
4. I am 14.5 years old
5. I have two fathers, the father I was born with until he divorced my mother at the age of two – Niv. And the father that my mother married him more than 10 years ago – Yehuda
6. I have 2 sisters, twin girls named Romi and Yuval
7. I am in eighth grade
8. I was supposed to be in ninth grade but I stayed in kindergarten for a year
9. I am studying at Hof Hacarmel School
10. My favorite dish is a hamburger, I usually eat at restaurants like Black, BBB except McDonald’s
11. The dish I hate is fish
12. My favorite candy is chocolate Nutella
13. Except for fish I hate sushi and shawarma
14. I love to write songs, mostly in Hebrew, because it is easier for me and I started to write in English as part of excellence
15. I love singing, and I take voice lessons
16. I took out a single called “Swag”, but I deleted it anyway because I was not pleased with it
17. I was once a YouTuber
18. I retired from YouTube because I was not interested in filming and editing videos. I was bored and did not want anymore.
19. I moved into the music world because it affected me more
20. My dream is to be a singer
21. I am directed to the target, with a lot of hard work
22. I wanted to be a singer not because of noa kirel but in my own right
23. This desire came up a year and a half ago, but I started to work hard just now
24. I hear songs and I love it
25. My favorite song in english is ” havana ” by Camila Cabello
26. My favorite song in Hebrew is the song of noa kirel and stepfun, “Tikitas”
27. I hate animals, especially hate cats and dogs
28. I know excellent English, I’m also good at cultivating English at school, as opposed to a time I did not know.
29. I love makeup, and I buy makeup
30. My favorite makeup company is colourpop
31. I watch videos on YouTube makeup, but sometimes that it’s a bit boring
32. I miss Shawn Mendes
33. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, and I buy for My birthday iPhone 8 Plus
34. I hate games on the phone
35. My favorite app is Instagram
36. I was in Scouts until 8th grade [now] and retired this year because I did not like it anymore
37. I know dance, I learned it without going to classes
38. My favorite TV program is The X Factor Israel , on Channel 13
39. The TV show I hate is actually all the children’s programs.
40. I hate songs in Spanish, they are so poor
41. I hate eating Sabih, it’s so smelly
42. I have short hair, but dreams of long hair [besides my mother did not agree with hair extensions]
43. My best friend is Ron Rokach, but because I left the scouts movement I’m still in touch with her
44. I love Anna Zak, I really admire her
45. Once I had a Musical.ly, but I closed it because it was not in fashion
46. I want to modeling, but I’m not skinny
47. I have dark brown hair, at the age of 16 I will dye my hair to black
48. I have dark brown eyes
49. I hate boys
Last fact: 50. I like to sleep at night

And that is all the facts, I hope you enjoyed and read! Bye

50 real facts about me!
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