הקדמה לסיפור באנגלית שאני כותב זה זמן מה, זה הסיפור הראשון שני מעלה זה זמן רב מסיבות כאלה ואחרות ;) מקווה שתאהבו!

A most peculiar thing – Prolouge

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הקדמה לסיפור באנגלית שאני כותב זה זמן מה, זה הסיפור הראשון שני מעלה זה זמן רב מסיבות כאלה ואחרות ;) מקווה שתאהבו!

To whoever may read this:

My name is Wilson. I do not know at what point in time or space you are reading these words. Perhaps you are staring at these weird ancient hieroglyphs, trying to understand their meaning. Maybe you are amazed by this futuristic print-work, not understanding how such could be made. Frankly, I have lost track of where I have been to since my journey began, and where I am now is just as big a mystery. As a being who has been to many points in time and space, I can assure you, that in some point in your life we will meet, or perhaps we already have. I might be someone passing by on the street, or someone you chatted with at a café. Maybe you had a co-worker who worked with you for only a couple of months before he disappeared for some reason you don’t care about; you never really talked to him much anyway. As someone who exists simultaneously in almost every single point of documented time, I live everywhere, therefore not living at all. It is a weird thing to experience, I assure you. But as I mentioned before, I do not only exist in time but in space as well. I might exist at two places on earth at the same time, I might find myself on a planet orbiting another sun, billions of miles away from our own yellow star. I swear I have even been to a whole other universe a few times. You might feel intrigued by this tale I tell, wanting to know more, or even wondering how it would feel to be like me. ‘Moving from place to place like that, it must be nice’, you are probably thinking to yourself, ‘I would love to know how it feels.’

It is an experience I do not wish upon my worst enemies. But do not feel any pity for myself. I have learned to accept it, and I try to make the most of it. This time and space dimension that I am capable of traveling isn’t changeable in major ways. It is like a fragile, infinite sheet of ancient paper – pull at it too hard and it will tear easily. But you can paint on it with caution, and I like to believe I have created some fair paintings.

Even if you aren’t the person to first find this manuscript, you are more than welcome to read this book. That is why I wrote it after all, in order for my story to be heard. Sooner or later I will lose myself in the infinite realms of time or the unexplored depths of space, and I believe my story is one worth telling. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

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