Elya Minor Achord
כן זה טיפה עקום מקווה שאהבתם? :)


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כן זה טיפה עקום מקווה שאהבתם? :)

I was looking at the clouds, which were flying in the blood-red skies of the sunset, when I realized that the big fight was… Like… a week ago! I felt relaxed until that moment-but then all the worries suddenly just came out of the depth of my brain, all the pictures, the situations showed up in front of my eyes- I closed my eyes and whispered: “no. go away- I don’t need this memories!”. Panic started to crawl in my body, making my bones shake.
Her face appeared in front of me, her hazel eyes were full of tears, her bright skin was dirty, and a big bloody scratch was on her cheek, exactly like at the moment I left her on the ground, bleeding to death. Her mouth opened, screaming “how could you! i.. I was sure we were friends! I was sure we were on the same side!”. I felt like my eyes becoming a little wet, and a cold tear went down from my eye, and fell on my black shirt, making even a blacker place on it.
“I… I am so sorry Nika!” I screamed at her, ” I couldn’t do anything else! You were dying! I could stay alive!” I waved my hands towards her face, trying to make it disappear. I screamed, her face started drifting towards me, slowly. “NO!” I screamed and fell on the grass, my had hit the hard ground that was under the thick lire of the grass, but the pain wasn’t so affective, her face was getting closer and closer- I screamed so much, that my through hurt- and the next time I felt something, was a pain on my cheek and cold water on my head.
“Nightmares, again?” asked me Katy, who was in charge of me in the last week, and she was the one who brought me to the hospital after the fight, when she found me in her bedroom, dirty, crying, and injured. Her full name is Yekaterina Muraviyov. And she was two years older than me.
“you can’t actually call it ‘nightmares’ if you were awake, you know” I said, trying to stand up, but i realized that I am tied with big and scratchy ropes to my bed. “why am I tied? And why the hell I am wet?!” Katy giggled, but then immediately became serious.
“Yonatan. You went out of the hospital without any promotion, and you also pretty much overdosed with the medication the nurse gave you- you could be in big troubles if Elya Waters didn’t notice you, and took you back inside” Katy looked mad. I didn’t want to make her mad. “so what can you say to your protection?” she said, holding her hand on my hand. She was warm. But I was still wet and I didn’t like it.
“yeah… I was wrong” I said “but.. I mean. I did feel amazingly awful, and in the same time I felt like I want to breathe! That’s why I went out, by the way no one was here to ask from a “promotion” and even more, I would not get one if I would ask. So, yeah” I looked at her, as much as I could lift my head up ” I am sorry, but that’s not a reason to slap me, or to spill on me cold water, or a reason to tie me down!” I screamed the last words. Katy looked surprised.
“You were already wet when Elya found you. And no one slapped you, you fell on a pretty big rock, and the rock scratched you-that’s why you feel the pain. And you were already tied down when I came, so I have no idea- but you did scream her name that loud thet I could hear you from the other side of the hospital. I am sorry, Yoni…” Katy kissed me on my cheek and went out of my room. I sighed and closed my eyes, expecting to fall asleep, whispering: “Nika, fuck this shit. You should have stayed where I have told you- you brave stupid girl. I loved you. How could YOU?!”

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    תודה רבה :) שמחה שאהבת את הסיפור ואת השיר (הסוג מוזיקה הזה הוא מהחביבים יותר עלי.. אז כן :) )
    שבוע טוב!

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