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I looked at him but all l could see was her
He kind of looked like her, well not really, but he had similar colors to hers
I mean, the two have this sun kissed hair, green eyes, though hers were much greener and they both had freckles
God l miss her freckles, they were something special
I swore that if she’ll let me I’ll count each and every one of these freckles.
l don’t know why l never did that, maybe it is because l always thought that we have forever, god l don’t know how l could be that naive
l still can’t believe l lost her, l can’t believe she really left me and that it is over
l guess l don’t want to believe in this because she was the only person who believed in me, she was the only one who was really there for me and now l’m all alone
l think that that was the reason l kissed him then, not because l liked him but because l was lonely

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