Fundamental Destruction

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Even many years later, when he was reminded of his sick uncle, he couldn’t grasp what’s been done to him, and in the narrator’s view that’s the worst tragedy out of them all.

The perverted uncle didn’t show any mercy: he abused and tortured the poor little boy. Smiling to the parents, beloved on the teachers, and the child was too young to even realize what was going on.

It lasted on a back burner for years, and the child negatively got used to the way the sweaty fat uncle played him in such a sick manner, destroying him and every chance he had to grow up to be a healthy grown human being.
Who could have even suspected the dear uncle, who was so beloved on the adult surroundings? On the contrary: Everybody felt he was a great influence on the kids and absolutely adored him.
The parents looked up at the dear uncle in admiration for making him and the other kids sharpen their skills and blossom so impressively.
Often they even felt sorry they didn’t have that kind of uncle when they were growing up. But if they didn’t, at least their son will…
He taught him English and other fields of knowledge while he wasn’t murdering his soul.

When the uncle grew older than expected and raised even in the child’s children, the few witnesses who feared him lost any hope someone will ever believe them, and now could only hope and wait for the death of the ruthless warped creature that seemed unstoppable, the vicious Uncle Sam.

Fundamental Destruction
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