Loving you is impossible!

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“Grace, please come today to the restaurant” Kate asked Grace on the phone.

“I don’t know .. It’s been so long, I’m not the same Grace from the camp” Grace replied hesitating whether she should meet her friend.

“Only a year passed and I tried to talk to you” she said.

“I know, but it was not my fault ..” Grace tried to finish the sentence, but Kate continued her.

“That you passed to America, I’ve heard this phrase a million times Grace .. but now you back to London, you have no place to run. You coming today,” Grace couldn’t answer anything and Kate hung up.

Grace looked in the mirror, how she would go like this to see her friends? She looked so different from last year.

She cut her long blond hair to her shoulders, she started to wear glasses, and her clothing style has not improved at all.

They probably look at me and laugh Grace thought.

At the end, after a lot hesitation, she decided she would go to meet them.

She stood an hour in front of her closet wondering what to wear, dress? Shirt and jeans? skirt?..

Finally, she decided to wear knit and ripped jeans with boots and scarf.

At seven in the evening she took the car keys from her parents who stayed in America a few more days to arrange everything there, She got into the car and started to drive to the restaurant where they were to meet.

It took her an hour and a half to get to the restaurant, it was a small restaurant in South London. Grace almost entered the restaurant but she saw Olivia, her ex best friend.

“Oh my God Gracie” She screamed and smashed her in a hug.

“Hey Olivia .. what are you doing here?” Grace said dryly.

“I’m just on a date with my new boyfriend, Mason” Olivia said.

“Are you in a hurry off somewhere or you want to sit with us?” Mason asked Grace.

“She with us” Kate saved me from embarrassing situation.

“Gracie missed you !!” Kate hugged me tight and I smiled.

She hasn’t changed even a bit, She still was tall and thin with hazel eyes and long wavy brown hair.

She was with the people and most of them I didn’t recognize, one of them stood out there .. He was blond with green eyes and not the tallest but he compensated with muscle.

“This is Ethan” Kate giggled and Ethan do me a hello with his hand.

Loving you is impossible!
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