קולג'... טרלהלהלהלה

NoBody – P.1

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קולג'... טרלהלהלהלה

It is dark, heavy fog rules the air. Traces of doom lingered among the burnt debris. I blink slowly, with each I feel my eyelids becoming heavier. It took time untill everything was ruined, but we ignored it. I ignored it. I thought it would be fine, I was certain that the god in my dreams will save us, will spare us. They all believed me too, and they stayed.
But when it hit us, I had no time to feel betrayed. I was busy encouraging the people around me, I had that little strong spirit that refused to decay.
Suddenly a sound interupts my peaceful thoughts, it was a sound unfamiliar with the complete silence that dominated the place. I breath in and look for the source of it. I can see something throught the thick fog, a figure. It moves slowly, as if time has no meaning to it. It gotten closer, its movements are long and exact, flawless.
I blink, but when I try to open them it feels like lifting a pillar. I feel the urge to laugh, but I'm too weak to do so. I open my eyes and my gaze meets the figure, my sight has gotten blurry and its shadow blocks the dim light from the foggy sky. The figure's eyes shone a bit, piercing the dead air.
Smoke begins to rise from the ruins around me, and I know this figure isn't human. I blink again, but I can't open my eyes. Who am I again?
I try to remember, but it feels as if everything is buried deep in my conscious, unreachable. Blurry images run through my mind, as I try to grasp them, they just drift away.
Are my memories being erased? A person with no memories is considered dead.
Am I goin to die?
Something crackles and it pisses me off. I groan, who dares disturb my peace? I slowly begin to be aware of the rest of my body rather than the ears, and the crackling sound doesn't feel too loud anymore. I move my fingers briefly and open my eyes.
"Hah," I breath in, surprised to feel the air in my lungs again.
"Shut up," a mean voice tells me.
"What?" my voice is hoarse and my mind is unorganized. I look up and see a dark ceiling, it round and uneven. I am probably in a cave.
Why am I in a cave? I mean, I have no reason to be in one. Thinking twice, I have no reason to NOT be in one. I try to rise up, but something stops me. A hand.
"Don't, it will hurt you and I don't plan to stay here and listen to your screams."
It is a male, that I can be sure of, but that is all I know. I turn my head, and I see his back. It seems I am on some kind of a stone table that is on top of a staircase, because he gradualy goes down and I can't see him anymore.
"Where am I?" I ask, my voice echoes in the empty cave.
"Nowhere that should matter to you," he says rudely, "and even if I tell you, you will forget it again anyway." I hear him from afar.
"Again?" did he tell me that already?
"Yes, annoying human. Now be quite, you are interupting my perfect moment of the ritual."
Ritual? what? "human?" I ask that out loud.
"Sounds familiar, huh? Don't try too much, you won't remember a thing. You already tried," I hear him getting closer again. "In fact, you tried it every damn time since I took the place of my dad."
"What?" I am completely lost. I try to rise up again, but his hand pushed me down harshly.
"I said stay, stupid. You are really a nuisance, just like my ancestors said." He spits imatiently. "Don't you dare move."
I hear him go down again, and I take the chance to try and wake up. I suddenly notice my hand and legs are chained down to the table. I groan and try to move my freely, but as the chain reaches its limit, pain shot through my whole body.
"Argh!" I grit my teeth in pain, what was that?
"Every damn time… I told you not to wake up but no, you never listen!" he is close again.
"You told me that alot of times?" he confuses me.
"Yes! This damn conversation repeats itself for fifith time already!"
"50TH?!" I say in surprise, "wait, you are THAT old?"
"I am not old," he answers quickly. He again goes up the stairs and turn my head to look at him. I suddenly smell something good, food.
"Food!" I say happily as the first thing I see is a huge bowl with alot of food in it. "Just at the right time!" My belly grumbled in agreement.
To my startlment he immidiately bows down and faces the floor, "Accept our humble offering, O'Mighty NoBody!"
I was going to say he his certainly not humble, but something else annoyed me more.
"Who's a no body?!" he angered me.
"Just accept the offering!" he raised his head to look at me with a frown.
He was telling the truth, he looks young. He has a long dark hair, puffy clothes, and his face was covered with furr.
I stared at him for a bit, "someone forgot to shave today, huh?"
The young man face palms and and growled, "shut up. Now accept the offering and go back to your slumber."
I peak at the food the is beneath me, but I can't reach it, "if you give someone food, you must make sure it is reachable, idiot," I answer.
"Must you do this every year?" he gives up on bowing and puts his hands on his sides. "Accept it and everything will be alright."
I blink at him, confused and lost, "IF YOU WANT ME TO EAT GIVE ME THE DAMN FOOD!"
"I AM NOT GOING TO ACCEPT THIS SHIT!" I snap at him and turn my head in protest.
"Heh," he says, "you will surely accept it sooner or later. Now excuse me, my girlfriend is waiting."
He goes down the stairs and I hear his steps echo in the cave. Some rock rolls over and a ray of light invades the dark cave. Another sound of a rock rolling and it is dark again.
"Hmph, so rude…" I hope she cheats on him, who wants a furr-faced anyway?
I rise up slowly and carefully, making sure the chains don't reach the limit. I manage to sit, although not too comfy, and I can take a better look at my sorrounding. I am indeed on some kind of an altar, on top of a short stair case. The cave is dark and only few torches made the floor visible.
I look at the bottom of the table, where the huge bowl of food was awaiting me. I can't reach it, but he said I just need to accept it.
"As if I will!" I shout at the unreachable food.
"Finally you refused the damned offering!" a voice emerged from somewhere.
I jump and surprise, "What?" I look around, but I can see no one.
"Took you long enough." again the voice says.
"Great, am I hearing voices in my head now?"
"Psh, the head always gets all the credit. I am not in your head," the voice chuckles. I look around again in suspicion.
"Then where are you?" I ask slowly.
"In your armpit, of course."
"Huh?" I lift my arm hastely and then regreted it right away as the chains hurt me again. "OWWW!" I grit my teeth to avoid sceaming.
"Yes I know! I feel every stupid pain you feel, so be careful!" the voice says.
"Who are you?" I ask him.
"Now, lets not waste time, shall we? We need to get out of here."
"Why are you in my armpit?" I ignore him. "Are you somekind of pervert?"
"Heh," he chuckles again, "been a long time since I heared THAT from you."
What? He knows me? Can he tell me who I am?
"Don't you want to get out of here?" he asks.
"Do you know me?" I answer the question with a question.
Armpit sighs, "we are not going anywhere with this, Body."
"But you said…-"
"I know what I said, but lets get out of here first, ok?"
"Fine fine." I give up, "but promise me you will tell later."
"Very well. Now, do you give me permission to take over you body?"
"That sounds wrong, you know?" I mumble.
"Do you?" he ignores me.
"Yes yes," I agree.
And then I feel cold and hot, something tingled and itches and I feel a sting of pain. Then I hear a loud noise, and the chains that once imprisoned me are now shattered on the floor.
"Ah," I try not to panic as I can't move my body, "give me my body now."
"As you wish," he sounds amused.
I feel the weight of my body returning and I try to stand up. My headache disappeared and when I look at the food I wanted so much, I can't understand why in the name of all that is good, did I want to put it into my mouth. In other words…
I feel great.
"OOOOOHHHH FINALLY!" Armpit startles me with his loud, cheerful voice.
"Keep it down!" I hush him.
"Keep it down you say? I have kept down too many years to do so now!" He rejoiced, "you always accepted the lame offering your binder gave you and went back to sleep. Thank the devil this one was a dumb one!"
"Binder? What?"
"Not now honey, lets get out of here first and…-"
We hear a sound of steps and some muffled voices. Someone is probably coming to the cave. I think of a place to hide, because there is nothing here.
"The rock, hide near the rock where it is dark." Armpit gives me an advice. I listen to him and hurry to the side of the huge rock-door. I wait in silence, and then it finally turned around, slowly lighting up the cave.
"…-told you not to leave the cave countless times, you never listen!" a gaint man entered the cave. Behind him, furr-faced was dragging his legs.
"But father, NoBody has never refused our offerings, what could possible make it change its min-…" He halts as he probably sees the scattered shards of the chain.
"YOUUUU…-" the giant's voice trembles with rage. "YOU LET IT ESCAPE!"
"It couldn't go far…" furr-faced doesn't sound so sure of himself now.
"Are you an idiot?! The damn rock is easy to move! It must be out there right now, maybe even outside the city!" He turned away and faced us.
I thanked the thick shadows that covered me as his gaze doesn't meet mine and he walks furiously outside the cave. "Tell the clan's soldiers to scatter around, the queen will not be pleased! We must find NoBody!"
"Yes father!" furr-faced hurried after him.
The rock rolled again and I pout, "how did I ever get this name? Seriously, it's almost offensive!"
"Why? I think this name is awsome." Armpit says, "now lets hurry and get out of here before everything becomes a total chaos."
"I guess," I say.
"So, go the wall over there and break it."
"What? I will hurt myself!"
"No you won't," he says, "go and break it."
"Okay, but which wall?"
"Over there."
"Over there can be everywhere."
"OH FOR ARMPITS SAKE! The wall with the big torch!"
"Okay okay! Don't sweat it!"
Then we burst out laughing at my lame joke.
"I missed your unique sense of humor," Armpit says as the wall crumbles from my kicks, discovering another narrow cave. "Do you have anymore jokes up your sleeve?"
"How far up the sleeve?" I hint him and we laugh again as I step into the tunnel's darkness.

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