Old Chinese Legend

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The Emperor of China got sick. The best physicians tried to heal him but failed. A wise old physician finally arrived, examined him and said that the Emperor would be healed if he wore a shirt of a happy man. Immediately all the couriers and the runners went out to look for a happy man in all the counties, towns, and villages. They kept searching but couldn’t find even one. Until in a remote village, they finally found a fisherman who was a happy man. But he had no shirt.

Continued for adults:
The fisherman went down to the stream in the morning and saw a frog trapped in the net. Said the frog:
“If you release me I will fulfill one wish for you.”
The fisherman, who was naturally a good hearted man, released her. Said the frog:
“And what is your wish?”
“Please let me have a shirt.”
Replied the fisherman.
He hardly finished his words and he felt on him a soft silk shirt. Said the frog:
“Since your wish was for the Emperor of China and not for yourself, you may kiss me on my lips.”
Our fisherman knew that it was not allowed to refuse a frog requesting a kiss, and he kissed her on her lips. Immediately the frog turned into a beautiful princess, the daughter of China’s Emperor, bewitched by an evil witch. The couriers brought a splendid chariot, harnessed to seven horses, and drove the princess and the fisherman to the Emperor’s palace.
And the Emperor put on the fisherman’s shirt and was instantly healed.
Not many days passed and the marriage of the princess to her beloved prince was announced. Then a glorious wedding was celebrated for seven days and seven nights. Since then they all happily live in the Emperor’s palace. They, their sons and daughters, and all their descendants, until this very day
“And the fisherman?”
– “I don’t know, I hope that he continues to be a happy man.”

Old Chinese Legend

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Translated from Hebrew.

Old Chinese Legend
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