One piece episode 1

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The story began at 15th century, in the big age of pirates. 22 years ago, the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, was executed. However, before his death he revealed to everyone that his treasure, the One Piece. Twelve years later, a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of finding the One Piece.
I am not joking this time, I’ve enough! Say a kid, that name is Monkey D Luffy. He had a knife in his left hand, ready to cut himself at the left side of his cheek. “I’ll prove it for you, you all to see”. “Go for it”, say shanks-captain of the red hairs and then he laugh. Let’s see what you going to do. “Luffy is going to do something funny again” say another craw member of shanks. Suddenly Luffy really cut himself. Everybody getting in shock. “You idiot, what the hell are you doing?!”
Few moment later: “Let’s we drink and celebrate, to Luffy craziness and to our greatness” The red hairs pirates celebrating in the makino’s bar, with Sake, and food.
It doesn’t hurt, say luffy, with Tears in his eyes. “Layer” say Shanks, with an angry face. Don’t do anything stupid again. Luffy answer and do a big smile, “I not afraid of pain and next time bring me out to the sea”. I want to be a pirate too! How can a little boy like you become a pirate’s? Why not? It’s not about well you swim, a pirate is more than that. I can fight too, my punch is like a pistol. Shanks decry luffy and say “I sure about that…” luffy get angry “what do you mean by that?!” the other members of shank’s crew mocking luffy with Expression of contempt. “Luffy you just a kid” “you are about the same age of my kid” I am not a kid, I am a man! Don’t get angry, say Shanks. Here, take some juice. luffy change his face to an happy face. ”thanks Shanks!” see, still a kid, and Shanks laugh hard. Damn you Shanks!
Sudenly a band of bandits who looks like thugs guys, enters to the bar and their captain, break the door. ”Excuse me” say the captain. Everyone is in shock, expect Shanks. He continues to eat. This is the first time I’ve seen pirates, they look pretty dumb to me.

The captain’s bandits advance to the bar, near shanks. And at the same time luffy eat a special fruit, and nobody pay attention. “Welcome” say makino, bar owner. We are a bandits, however, we are not here to cause any trouble. We just want ten barrels of Sake. I am sorry, but we’re out of sake. Hamm that strange, this pirates drinking something, this is water? It’s Sake, but that all we have. Take, if you want, you can take my, I haven’t open it yet. Shanks aimed the Sake at him to give him. But the captain’s bandits hits the bottle, and broke it. Then he show his post wanted of 8 million beli. One bottle it’s not enough, who the hell do you think I am? don’t take me lightly. “Now the floor’s all wet, say Shanks. And he apologize to makino. After that he pick up the glass. The captain’s bandits break more stuff with his sword. “Look like you enjoy cleaning up” “no point to wasting time here if there are no Sake”. See you later coward. The bandits and his man left the bar.

Makino advance to Shanks, are you ok? You get hurt? No, I fine. Unexpectedly Shanks’s crew laughing hard. “Our captain look so sally, he fixed you up good captain…” Shanks join them and laugh very hard, why are you laughing? Ask him Luffy? He change his face to a very mad face. That was disgrace!!! Why did you not fight him? So what if they are more people, who laugh after getting picked on? You not a man, and not a pirate either!!! Shanks put his hand on his straw hat. Look I know how you feel, but it was just a bottle of Sake, nothing to get worked up about.
Luffy get angry and trying to go, while Shanks grabbing his hand. “Hei c’mon, don’t go Luffy. “I don’t want to see you again coward” suddenly Luffy’s hand stretched. Shanks’s crew get in shock, and luffy don’t understand what going on. “His arm… it’s starching? That’s…!! No way… you… what the hell happening? It’s gone!!! Say Lucy roo, a crew member of Shanks, after he open the box. The fruit of rubber we took from the enemy isn’t here. Therefore he showed to luffy a draw of the rubber fruit. Luffy did you eat that? Well yea, isn’t that desert? It tasted pretty bad though. Shanks grabbing his head and get really angry “you just eat the rubber fruit, it’s one of the devil fruit and the rarest treasures in the sea. Whoever eat it, become to a rubber man, and never be able to swim again” whhatttttt? You kidding right? “You idiot!”
The following day, the Red Hair pirates left the town. “They’ve been away for a while now” say luffy. Do you feel lonely? Ask him, makino. “Nope”, I haven’t forgiven them for the bandit incident yet. I thought he was tough pirate, what a disappointment.

People who can laugh after getting picked on are pretty brave. That because you don’t understand, there are a times where a man should fight back! Makino smile, “ohh, I guess I don’t know anything then “That right, you don’t”. Say luffy with a “long face”
“Excuse me”, suddenly someone enters to the bar. “Well, look like the pirate aren’t here today, we are back again” the all bandits enters to bar and take a sit. What the hell are you waiting for? We’re customers!! He screaming her with anger. Bring us some Sake!!!
Few moment later, makino run to the chief’s house “Hurry something bad happened! what wrong? Luffy was kidnapped by the bandits!
What an interesting body, say the bandit’s leader to luffy while he stretching out his cheek. Another bandit’s member say, “It look like kicking and punching won’t do any harm to him” Luffy getting really angry. Damn it apologize to me right now! Ohh a Rubber man a, who was believed such a thing exists in our world. Then he throw away Luffy. Damn it, you’ll be sorry for this, say luffy. a different type of human, if I sell him to the circus, I can get a lot of money. Suddenly luffy run towards him with a wooden stick. The bandit’s leader kick in his face and Luffy falling to the ground. Then he step on his face, and begin to mock him. “We were just having a good time of talking and drinking, did we said something that pissed you of?” “Shut up!!” the bandit leader start to pressing very hard, and Luffy screams in pain “damn it, apologize right now, move your damn foot, you damn bastard “Let the child go”! Suddenly, the chef and makino showed ups.

One piece episode 1
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