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Fundamental Destruction

Even many years later, when he was reminded of his sick uncle, he couldn’t grasp what’s been done to him, and in the narrator’s view that’s the worst tragedy out […]

he tought he is much better

a little boy ran away and climbed on the tree. he looked up to the sky, it was so blue and clear.. and the house was so small, so dark […]

If she wasn’t blind.

I was a young child. I was often venturing around the city and finding new interesting things. One day I…ventured too far and went outside the city into the forest […]

Daddy’s Genes

Dear Misaki, It’s me. Elena. You probably already saw my name on the envelope, I don’t know if you continued reading. I am afraid, honestly. I want you to read […]

Feelings, me

Love. Hate. Me. Those times of failure, i say to everyone else who are in trouble that everything is going to be okay, yet about my own troubles I only […]

להבין את הפסיכופת

you look upset I’m fine ?No you’re not. What’s the problem …John ?What’s the problem .I close my eyes when it’s dark  .Of course you close your eyes and it’s […]

Two futures

Walls, closing in on me. Imaginative boundaries not letting me explore my world. Darkness that surrounds those boundaries, only a little light shines above me, like a little candle in […]

NoBody – P.1

It is dark, heavy fog rules the air. Traces of doom lingered among the burnt debris. I blink slowly, with each I feel my eyelids becoming heavier. It took time […]

let me go :'(

They always ther, Waiting for me. They always ther, close. I hear them all the time, close. I trying to get away but…they always ther. I Screaming, trying to run, […]

Medicine (18+)-Episode 1

הסיפורים יכיל תוכן מיני, אני מבינה לגמרי שאנשים מתחת לגיל הזה יקראו את הסיפור ואין לי שום בעיה עם כך. אני רק רוצה לוודא שאתם מבינים שתכנים מיניים יכללו בסיפור […]

Please,don’t go.

Dear heart, .I’m just sick of it,you know?That feeling,when everything is falling apart. .I’m trying to do my best,but it’s never enough. .?How could he do this me?Walk away when […]

Prisoner of My Heart-Chapter 1: A New Beginning

It was a sunny day and there were no clouds in the sky, Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Lily and I’m 17 years old, People think I […]

Two pieces of a broken heart- פרק 8.

נקודת המבט של ג׳ייסון: ״ביאטריס!״ צעקתי ברחבי הבית, אבל רק דממה נשמעה. ״ביאטריס!״ צעקתי שוב וזרקתי את המפתחות על השולחן ושוב, כלום. אלוהים אני לא רוצה לחשוב בכלל אם בריאן […]

paradise girl

As a child I was sad and I just waited to the end of the day and time story bored me because I knew the end of the story always, […]

CSI” a short story”

If lying was a noise in this city I guess it would be noisy but quiet here does not mitigate the crimes and massacres as a cop heads I admit […]

הקדמה לסיפור חדש/ישן- Prisoner of My Heart

She never thought about the future, she was never afraid something like that would or even could happen to her. Lily is only 17 but drown to a life she […]

?Our decisions

.They are many decisions life decides for us, before we even get born .Our name, our family, gender, look. Our all life .All the decisions that make us who we […]

Hope is within you

A light I once saw, a figure that once held me. Those hands that held me tight were vanished too soon. I wished I knew what future was waiting for […]


.Oh Time! thoughtless frightening time .Moving so fast that even the slowest hour seems like a second .No future or right now, just memories flashing from your past .Not good […]

The Road Not Taken

It was an early Sunday morning, the wind whistled through the half-bared trees, the sky was crowded with clouds and the sun hasn’t showed a sign it’s about to rise […]

Guilty Pleasure

I swear to god it is the last time I listen to him. I swear. He confuses me all the time and I literally just want to choke him. With […]

What Color was that Girl’s Dress

Two girls named A and B are recalling an old story together. They get into this discussion about a picture hanging on the wall on one of the staircase landings […]

Vampire- לאלה ממנו שמבינים אנגלית:)

Allan walk at the dark streets of London, it was a late night hour, the cold was soo hard that Allan was feeling him on her bones. She was on […]


I was looking at the clouds, which were flying in the blood-red skies of the sunset, when I realized that the big fight was… Like… a week ago! I felt […]

don’t read that story

Why are you looking at this? this is not funny. It’s not sophisticated. this does not give you an advantage in life .. but still, if you have been asking […]

The Cage

This dream of mine, I have treasured it for years. For years I kept imagining it everytime I got the chance; in class, in the bus, at night. I kept […]


First Chapter “Please! Don’t kill me!” He begged as I put another blade in his lower stomach. “I swear I’ll never do it again!” “Do what? Do you even know […]

Somewhere between hall and home

Somewhere between hall and home, where i belong … And no matter how loud I scream inside, no one will save me… And maybe someday I will find the way […]


כי סיפור מנקודת מבט של רוצח סדרתי נשמע לי מגניב (: There are plenty of evil people in world. Each one has his own type of evil. Actually, we are […]

Beating heart

We all sat there, watching each other. We all had a story , tangeld the way it is. we were all differnt, not much alike.. At the corner of the […]

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