Please,don’t go.

Emo_Girl 20/11/2014 769 צפיות תגובה אחת

Dear heart,

.I’m just sick of it,you know?That feeling,when everything is falling apart.
.I’m trying to do my best,but it’s never enough.
.?How could he do this me?Walk away when the times get rough
I wonder sometimes,if what we had was real,because..I need to know.
I need to know that it wasn’t all lies,that he truly loved me.
I just..I just need to know.
why did he walk away?Did it ever cross his mind that I needed him?

,So,please,make sure for the next time
do no let me fall in love.
Just..don’t let him go.
Don’t let me go.


Please,don’t go.
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זה מדהים!!
אני מאוהבת בזה זה גם בדיוק מה שאני מרגישה.

07/03/2015 16:39
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