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People tend to ask me “choose one superpower you want to have.”
I would usually answer “fly” or something.
Now I have a different answer.
I wish I could read people’s feelings.
And I’m not just talking about ‘happy’ or ‘sad’.
I’m talking about reading how they feel about me and other people at the moment just by thinking about them.
I know that sometimes not knowing is better, but dammit, not knowing is killing me.
It’s like this monster haunting me and not letting me go.
Not knowing is making me nervous.
Not knowing doesn’t let me sleep at night.
Not knowing is tearing me down from the inside, while laughing in this evil laugh that tells me I might never know.
That I will be traped like that for the rest of my life.
I know knowing can hurt and I knew stuff I wished I never knew but now I understand that I was wrong.
Even if stuff can hurt, maybe forever, but think about this.
Someone is threatening to kill the person you love the most.
Tou have no signal, no internet connection and no way to get out cause if you move you will activate a bomb.
Would you prefer to get crazy not knowing what’s happening with him/her?
Or would you rather know, even if they are dead.
Would you rather having to spend your entire life worrying and being afraid or having to deal with what happened?
I would rather know.
And right now, I need that superpower so much… It’s hard not knowing.
And I hope this monster will leave me soon.

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