That day

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Say it properly , look at me
,Look into my eyes and say it
? Why did you say goodbye
?Do you want to end it between us

I know , you have a new girl
I know , You hate me
…Although the tears are filling up

One day that will happen
Thats all I can say
Ill Just sit and forget you
Be happy without me

The love you’ve thrown away , take it with you
Take all of it away
,Dont even try to say sorry
…Dont worry about me

,I know , You will forget all about me
I know , I will end up hating you
!Although I know everything

,You were my reason to live
,You were the everything I ever wanted
…You , its me , who used to care about no one else but you
? Why, are you leaving me
?Why , why are you throwing me away

,You were gonna be like this anyway
…?So why did you love me

,Do you remember that day
?The day when we met for the first time
,I still remember it

Those words you promised
You said you would care and protect me and only me
You said you will love only me

…I believed you , I believed your lies

That day
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