זה אחד מהוואן שוטים הכי טובים שכתבתי! מקווה שתאהבו! הסיפור הוא על פיל [amazing phil] ודן [dan is not on fire] הם שניי יוטיוברים בריטים ואני מאוד ממליצה לצפות בסירטןנים שלהם כי הם מדהימים!

The luckiest man alive- Phan Oneshot

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זה אחד מהוואן שוטים הכי טובים שכתבתי! מקווה שתאהבו! הסיפור הוא על פיל [amazing phil] ודן [dan is not on fire] הם שניי יוטיוברים בריטים ואני מאוד ממליצה לצפות בסירטןנים שלהם כי הם מדהימים!

The luckiest man alive

The pinky leaves from the cherry blossom were moving swiftly with the light wind.
The day was perfect for PJ and Chris, and there couldn’t be any happier couple in Japan.
Just the way they lovingly stare in the eyes of each other could melt the heart of the most heartless psychotic person in this world.
Me and Dan were attending this wedding as well, how could we not be? We are their best friends! And the best thing is, its in Japan, 2022. I don’t think that that’s a coincidence, BOOM a good pun right there! I don’t think Dan will like it. Also our 12th anniversary is tomorrow and I think its the best thing to be right here, with the love of my life, where we had one of the best times.
We were watching the ceremony, Dans hand in mine and a little smile on his pretty face, it wasn’t too big but his dimples were showing a little bit, Oh god how I love him, he means the world to me I want that little time that we humans call life to be by his side, and I want to that little time to be our forever, I love you Dan Howell and I want you to know that.
“You may kiss your husband!” Said the priest, I automatically looked at Dan, his lips are so kissable, I leaned a little and gave a small kiss, its PJ and Chris’ moment after all.
The lights went a little down, with only the illumination of the fairy lights, PJ and Chris are dancing slowly in each others arms to a beautiful, slow kinda cheesy song, I took Dan too, maybe steeling a little bit the moment “Phil you spoon! Its Their night!” He whispered “Shhhhhh…I know bear, lets just enjoy the moment” and so we danced, with me whispering to his ear a few words from the song, inhaling the familiar smell of him, he smells like fall, fire and also chocolate, he is like my drug.
Dan looked kind of sad, maybe a knock knock joke will help? Yes definitely.
“Knock knock” I said, that is a good one! “Phil…please no” he said looking like his is about to kill himself “Pretty please? Just one, I promise!” I made my puppy eyes that I know that he just can’t say no to “Ugh fine…who’s there?” Ohoho Daniel you don’t know whats waiting for you “Urine”
“Urine who?” “Urinesecure don’t know what for!” I started giggling, that was a good one I think “Phil Lester, I am this close to hitting you in the balls…So just shut up and…” Yes another joke! “SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME OH DON’T YOU DARE LOOK BACK JUST KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME OH SH…” At this moment Dan just kissed me, it was a soft, gentle kiss, I didn’t “disconnected” I wanted this moment to be ours forever, me cracking puns and him just being Dan, That’s it I’m buying a ring tomorrow.
“Phil, I need to breath” He leaned back and a little smile showed up on his face “I love you” he whispered this time, he didn’t need a respond, he knew that I love him as well, he just placed his head on my shoulder and we just danced.

“Good night, Phil” Dan said, his body collapsed softy on mine, his head is placed on my chest, not so long after I could hear his soft snoring “sweet dreams bear”.
The next morning I woke up early, too early for me if you ask, but today is the day, its our anniversary.
I went out of the room, leaving Dan behind snoring, deep in his dreams.
As I was choosing the ring, the interesting looking salesman went to me tried to start a conversation, which was great because I was really nervous, and I’m only CHOOSING the ring.
“So who is the lucky girl?” He asked with a friendly looking smile
“Its actually a boy, his name is Dan, he is the most perfect human in this world, I love him more then anything! Every time I see him I see my whole world!” I said, and all of that is the truth.
“I wish I could say the same about my wife” He laughed.
“This one please!” I said while pointing at two.
“Great choice! And good luck, I’m sure he’ll say yes” The man shouted at me while I walked toward the door.
“Dan, honey, I’m home!” I said with a grin
“Phil!” He came to me running and hugged me tight “I missed you, where have you been?”
“Oh I just went out to buy breakfast” I showed him the white bag that Contained our meal.
The view from the top of mountain Fuji is beautiful, but the only thing that I looked at was Dan.
Okay, now or never.
“Dan?” he turned to me “Yes?” I slapped him, I’m sorry Danny boy but you deserve it “AW WHAT WAS THAT FOR?”
“Danny you don’t get how you mess with my feelings and that is the least that I can do to return it to you, Dan I love you more then anything in this world, you are my everything, I see the fucking universe in your eyes and you know what? Fuck the butterflys! I feel the whole zoo when I’m with you! And my heart is just racing when I see you, I love you so much that no words can explain but maybe this ring will” I was on one knee “Will you, Daniel Howell, will marry me and be mine forever?” I saw little sparkles at the sides of his eyes, is he really about to cry? “Is that even a question? Phil I love you, just you, the silly, clumsy, the amazing Phil I met on the train station in 2009, and nothing can stop me from loving you” he jumped in my arms “Yes, Phil Lester, I will” and I kissed him, the love of my life, my best friend, my actual everything is going to be forever in my life.

We are laying in bed, his head on is balanced perfectly on my chest, both smiling, “I love you” he whisper to me, “I love you too baby”, suddenly he opens his eyes, his chocolate brown eyes look at mine and he just… laughs? “Whats so funny?” I ask him? “Nothing, I just still wonder how did I end up with an amazing human like you”
“I don’t know, you must have been really lucky just like I am” I answered simply and kissed him good night.

-few months later-

I see him standing in front of me, in his black suit smiling the widest smile I have ever seen in my life, and I still wonder how did I ended up with him.
My conclusion, I am the luckiest man alive.

The End

The luckiest man alive- Phan Oneshot
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