Thousand doors-Chapter tow

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Thousand doors-Chapter tow
set on the bench. I felt…paralysed. I couldn’t stay at town anymore, but at the same time, I didn’t
new where the fuck was I. I knew that if I wanted any answers, I needed to find that guy…the blue eyed, extremely fair skins guy. But then how? I don’t know where he lives, or even his name! I started thinking about ways that I could find him. And then, I remembered something I heard a few years…the law of attraction! I took a deep breath, and consecrated on his appearance…every detail that I remembered about him. “If I do that correctly, I’m gonna see him… and then I’ll be able to ask about everything…to get an explanation.”, I thought I then stopped. “What a stupid idea…it’s not going to work. It’s not-” I stopped, as I noticed something in the distance. A door. Just a random door, not  attached to anything. It was in the middle of the road in the park, but it looked like no one else was aware of its existence. I slowly walked to the door. I could feel the stares of the people around me. But as I touched the door, I felt like the world froze for a moment, and after that moment, no one stared at me anymore. It looked like… I was wiped. Like I wasn’t existing anymore. I slowly opened the door, closed my eyes and jumped in. I hoped to see the guy who saved my life. I hoped to feel safe again. I hoped to see him, and get all my questions answered. But no. Of course that not gonna work. Instead, I was in the same woods where I almost died. I felt chills going down my spine. I couldn’t breath. I didn’t wanted to ever come back, and the guy fucking reported from here, there was no chance that he was here. And still, when I heard steps behind me, I expected to see him. But what I was greeted with, was a person with the same black mask as the cultists. I was going to faint. He didn’t said anything…he just..stared, for a minute or so, before he pulled a knife, and he started running toward me. I was frozen. Suddenly, a door opens above him. And the guy that save me landed right on top of him. He looked at me, and it looked like it took him a few moments to realise who I was, and when he realized it, he looked terrified. Before I was able to say him a single thing, he took me by the hand. ” we need to go. Now. It’s not said for you in here.”, and like in the night he saved my life, he started dragging me. “They found me! They posted a picture of me from the day you saved me to the local news! They are fucking looking for me!” I yelled. He didn’t answered. He just kept dragging me while running. This time, we stopped out of the forest, in the nighorhood that I tried to call for help in back then, and now discovered that it was abandoned. “That explains…a lot”, I thought, as a new door appeared in front of us. “Look, when I sended you there, I honestly thought that you’ll be safe there. You-you where in fucking Louisiana. I didn’t expect them to follow you there. I made a mistake, but I’m going to fix it now. I’ll explain everything later, but now, we need to get going.” He opened the door, I closed my eyes, and we both jumped in. When I opened my eyes, with where in a forest. “Now, can you explain to me how you got from Louisiana back to Boston? And also why? Why would you do that? What the hell were you thinking? “, he asked. “I was looking for you. As I said, they were still looking for me. I don’t even know why! I got there through a door, but I didn’t wanted to be there. I’m no fucking sure what’s fucking happening…all I knew was that you could open this doors… deep inside, I kinda hoped that…that I’ll see you after I’ll go through that door. I thought that you were throne that opened it.” He looked at me and sighed. “That…look, I…we…we need to go.” I would him towards me. “I answered your question, so can you answer my?” He looked surprised. “I can tell you from experience, that I don’t have the time to answer most of your questions.” I couldn’t believe it. “How do you know that? You haven’t heard my questions yet. You said that you’ll take me to a safe place, didn’t you?” I felt rage going through my whole body. I thought that at the moment I meet him, I will get all the answers to the questions that I had. Why wasn’t anything working out for me. “Well, we are not there yet. Look, I know that you probably feel horrible. You wanted your question answered right away- or more accurately- you expected your question to be answered right away. But that not how life works. Especially not for people like… like you and me.” I started calming down, and my rage got replaced with confusion. “What do you mean by that?” I asked. “Well, as I said,we don’t have time for explanations. We need to go. When we get there, I’ll explain everything. I promise.” He said. He took my hand, and we started running again. When we stopped we were in front of a huge lake. “Why are we here?” He took of his mask and smiled smiled, and thrown a rock to the water. “It’s the entrance to the place I told you about. We have only about 10 minutes to get through the entrance. I need to find the entrance, so…just wait for now.”  I set on a rock near the lake. So many thought ran through my head. But the one that repeated the most was if I even can trust him. “He avoids my questions, but there’s something about him…something that makes me feel…safe. like I never did before.” Suddenly, I saw a small spark in the water. “I found the entrance! Quick! We need to get in before it closes!” He yelled. I stood near him. “Do what I’m doing, ok?” I nodded in agreement. He started running to the lake, and jumped into it. The moment he touched the water, the same sparkle appeared. I jumped right after him. Honestly, I’m not sure what I was expecting. What I wasn’t expecting, was to feel for 3 minutes straight, like I was on straight up drugs. Colors flashed, I saw faces I didn’t know, my body felt numb, and at the same time, extremely sensitive. Suddenly, I was thrown to pure darkness, and for a moment, everything was so peaceful. But then I was sunk out of this space, and landed on cold, hard ground covered in grass. At this point, I understood that however decided to make is probably a masochistic and a sadistic person, because if he made this literal trip, then he likes people suffering, but he needs to use it himself, so he must like it too. “Welcome to the 55th realm-hey. Are you ok? You had a pretty rough landing! Kinda forgot for a moment that that your first time doing it!” He said. He helped me get up, and when I looked for the side, I saw a huge village. The enchant looking houses were made of bricks, and in the middle of the village there was a beautiful white and golden building. There were lots of signs drawn in black, white, and silver, but I recognized only one of them-a pentacle. “What….what the hell did just happened? Where the fuck am I?” I asked. I was so confused and terrified at this point. I wanted to break down crying, but my pride won’t let me. “Are we in the safe place that you talked about? Can I get my explanation already?” I asked. “Well ok. Asked whatever you want.” He smiled, and something about his smile made me…calm. “Well…first of all, what’s your name?” “My name is Kairu Arogton, but you can call me Kai.” He said. “Wow…that a really pretty name…my name is Jey Lakeian.” He smiled. “You have a really great name yourself! I guess you have more…serious question…” I hesitated for a moment and took a dip breath. “How… and why is it all happening?” I asked. “Well…let’s start with extremely strong ones…to the point they can bend the reality, and go from realm to realm. This ability comes with another ability. It’s unique to each person. For example; my second ability is telekinesis.” He said, and then a rock started floating in the air. “And about the why…none of us really sure. It’s just…happening.”, he said. ” Oh….well, then…do that means that I’m like that too?” I asked. He giggled for a moment, and then continued talking. “Well, yeah. Although it looks like you didn’t found your second ability yet…oh well, we have a place for people that didn’t discovered their second ability yet.”, he said, and pointed on the golden and white building in the middle of the village. “I’m actually working there.” He said. “Wow…can I ask another thing?” He posed for a moment. “Sure.” He said. “Well…why this place exits? I mean, wouldn’t it be easier to live with normal people? Why would you hide like that?” For a moment, I could see actual pain and terror in his eyes…As if he re-lived a painful memory. “Well…we used to live normally. But as time passed, religions became a thing, and a lot of them viewed us as demons, or stanists. They started starting to kill and hunt us down…and then there are cults like your fathers that sacrifice us, as a gift for their gods.” He looked like he gone through some really tough shit. “I have one last question…why were you wearing the mask?”  

Thousand doors-Chapter tow
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