*© 2018 R.A writer All Rights Reserved* *please don't copy this book I worked hard on it thanks. * **This story contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes.** זהו פרק ראשון בספר- ישנה הקדמה לספר בפרופיל שלי ממליצה לקרוא לפני קריאת הפרק.

Top Players” – chapter One- “

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*© 2018 R.A writer All Rights Reserved* *please don't copy this book I worked hard on it thanks. * **This story contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes.** זהו פרק ראשון בספר- ישנה הקדמה לספר בפרופיל שלי ממליצה לקרוא לפני קריאת הפרק.

“Dark Business”
Ema! he shouted loudly, while I was in the next room lost in deep thought. thinking about Paris or maybe Vages…? can’t choose! I deserved this vacation, I really need this vacation after everything that happened in this crazy year…
to see all Paris from the top of Eiffel tower it gives you some power… you feel… I don’t really know how to explain that feeling… especially if you live in a small town like Lafayette. I never got to experience my dream vacation yet.
“What!” I said when I suddenly woke up from my dreams…
“Come to my office we need to talk!” he shouted.
“Just a second!” I said.
OK that’s really weird i thought, what he want’s now? Just one day left for my vacation…I hope it’s not about that..
I walked in to my boss office, well… he his not really my boss he his more like a Dad to me after what happened when I was 5.
It’s not a big secret that my parents left me.. I just don’t like to talk about it,
Sam always say It’s good to open up about tragedy that happened in the past, so it won’t hunt you at night and I always say he his full of shit because he likes to talk a lot! but I love him.
Sam is my “boss” and also my only family that I have after my “real” parents left me with him. I call him Sam… I don’t know why but he say that ONE DAY I will understand, but to me he is my dad.
so since then he became my dad and his wife Eileen, my mom.
I guess my friends don’t really see my life as normal, but I am, or at least I am trying to have one as much as possible.
I mean I grow up like Sam and Eileen daughter and also I can’t remember what happened to me back when I was 5 , I remember only parts of that night… it was in the middle of the night.. I was asleep in my bed and then I woke up to the sound of the doorbell..some people talking to my parents , I got out of the bed trying to call my mom and then I saw my mom crying on the floor sitting in a puddle of blood and screaming “Magen”!! , before I could even react I saw Sam.. he took me, hugged me and said “everything will be OK little sheep”.
I don’t really care who my “real” parents are because I have great parents who raised me and always supported me.
It’s a long story but they are my family and I love them, It’s just better this way. people always asking me what “happened to you’re “real” parents?”, I always answer the same thing… “Sam and Eileen are my real parents” my real family! I loved to convinced my self that I had a normal childhood but sometimes in my dreams I think that I have flashbacks to that awful night when I was 5 – the real reason that my childhood was ruined.
Sam looked at me with his weird look and blue eyes and smiled, “what?” I said to him, “I have a big offer for you” he said , and I know that tone in his voice…
“oh really? well that’s not the first time you say that” , “I know but this time It’s about Julian Russell , we have a big clue that he is in Vagas for business, we have an eye on him since France.”
well… I mean that’s not a new thing that Sam calls me into his office with a false information about Julian, but at least he his not talking about my vacation.
I smiled and said “you know that Julian known for his little hobby as the number one in the world in hide and seek, he his always on the run”. I answered and smiled.
Sam didn’t laugh this time, he was serious. “It’s really big now Ema, we think he is dealing with “big money”.
I looked at Sam really confused..big money?! What do you mean big money? How much time do you know about this? You know I work on it for over an year! how come you’re own daughter that you gave her the mission has no clue that her father is going around her back!”.
Sam took a minute before he replied to my very angry look.
“Ema you have to understand… he is a very dangerous man, me and you’re mother think it will be for the best if you stop trying to catch him, he killed everyone who tries”.
I rolled my green eyes at him like I always do when I disagree with his bullshit, “stop right now dad! I know what I am doing I am not you’re little girl anymore! , I am so close I can feel it and I am not going to stop! why did you even gave me this mission if you can’t even trust me!” my eyes started to tear and I left his office so angry that I slammed the door in his face.
I wish that I knew what is going to happen one week later because I regret doing this to Sam… he his my dad and he loves me.
I walked really fast to my desk took my keys and left the office… I love to drive to the ocean when I am upset… I have my quiet place to think about stuff and calm myself down. I walk right next to the water they are so clear and beautiful, the sound of the waves… I closed my eyes and then my phone rings.
I looked at my screen in a sigh of relief, it was Olivia my best friend, I call her liv because she is always making me be happy and feel alive. me and liv share everything.. well.. at least that what she thinks. I can’t tell her about where I work so she thinks I work for some big newspaper office downtown.
“hey liv.. how was you’re interview?” I asked her so I could stop thinking about my problems for a second. “oh! so great! you are not going to believe it but… I met Karla Jackson!!” she shouted very loudly my ear almost fell off, “really? wow that’s amazing liv! I am so happy for you! where did you meet her?” I was truly happy for liv.. Karla Jackson is her idol and it was her dream to meet her.. karla is the lead newscaster on channel 9-the big news channel in New York., liv dream was to be the newscaster there, “she was in town to cover the kidnap of 9 year old Madison Hall and we meet here in the..”
in the middle of her sentence I hang up my phone and got my serious face on, “big money” is a code word.. it means Julian dealing with kidnapping!, I know somehow he connected to “Madison Hall” kidnapping… Sam used this word for a reason.
I got back to my car, I need to go back to the office to ask Sam why he used this code… he is a guy that every word has a reason and he knew i will get it.
all of a sudden I got a text,
Sam – don’t come to the office too dangerous “BIG MONEY” is on the move, airport today at 3:00 am.
oh my god here goes my vacation.
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Top Players” – chapter One- “
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