.Under the sky

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And im standing here, in this empty space-and here, just under the sky, it’s much easier for me to breathe. the air enters into my lungs and I can breathe better. Inside-inside this false house I feel almost died. as if im dying, slowy. and where I stand now, I feel my heart is filled, as if someone drained all the water of yesterday-dirty water. and filled it again with clean and pristine water. that’s how I feel now-as new. and im standing, right in the middle-maybe a little crooked. my eyes are looking up and now it feels like shooting stars. and then, sunddenly a tear fall down, making is way down my nose right to the frozen ground under my feet. the wind it’s not blowing anymore and instade comes the rain. rain drips slowly and once up, as if it saying to me to go inside-where home is. my hands are shaking and my legs isn’t moving, as if they are disabled, like they dont wanna say a word. but for me- this situation is ok, I dont care getting wet, I love rain. and this air … its so different from thd air I used to breathe, difficultI to digest and absorb. and I love life, at this point, i thought to myself. under the sky, where the star falling one by one, hiting me a little and passing my way. right here, where the rain streaming down my face and making me a sea of ​​tears. exactly the same sea that I love. the sea and the waves. where my heart is-under the sky.

.Under the sky
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