Urgent Meeting

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On Thursday night I received a message to come to an urgent meeting with the lawyer in the city. They didn’t say what for. His office was in the old heart of the town, and during early in the morning, shortly after six, it is still cool and the air is clean. My two partners in the company, the old one and the new one, were present in the room, in addition to the lawyer. Our development budget was dwindling and we needed more cash to continue the work. The new partner, that recently joined us, took for himself about a third of the company shares for a promise to look for investors and bring them along. Immediately after the meeting he is going out to the airport to fly out to take care of our matter.

The old partner started and said that our present state is difficult and the new partner is supposed to bring money, but there is a need for interim funding, and he demanded that I bring money from home. There is no time, and the new partner might miss the flight.

“You don’t want? No problems, I immediately sell a quarter of the company shares to the new partner”, and he mentioned a ridiculous sum of money.

The meeting ended a little bit differently than what the participants thought. Later it turned out that the new partner flew for his own matters, without any relation to us, that the flight was set a long time in advance, and that it was possible to meet at least a week before, without any urgency. In addition to that, the partners were in advanced negotiations, behind my back, to receive big development funding form a well-known company.

On my side the story ended with a great damage. I was forced to leave the company and start all over from zero with a new subject that I didn’t know before.

The two other partners seemed to have a great success and they kept going big. But as time passed by, it turned out that the old partner was much better with personal trickery than with ability of scientific development work. He didn’t know how to continue the work and complete it, got into trouble and caused himself a much higher damage than that done to me, and a lot of damage also to many others.

The company passed from hand to hand, and today someone else picks the fruits of my scientific work, though, with an unnecessary delay of more than ten years. Also win those who make a living out of it, and mainly the great winners are those who pass medical tests, with a lot less damaging radiation. This someone else published a little movie in an internet web page, from which I have learned that they have changed nearly nothing from my time. I have noticed only a change that I wanted to do already then, but it was impossible for me to continue to work anymore.

I am retired for a number of years. All is well and nothing to worry about.

“… and what is the use of a book, thought Alice, without pictures or conversation?”

– Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.

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Urgent Meeting
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