In the paradisiacal Agua Dulce, María Jesús Campuzano lives, a beautiful girl whom everyone calls Marichu, and who works as a maid in the hotel of the town to survive and, in passing, buy the medicines of her mother, Juana, who every day aggravates more and he regrets before his sister, Yolanda, that he has taken his daughter to misery and charity, since both of them live in close proximity to the relative, since the sick woman and her daughter had to sell their house in order to help themselves. In addition to this, Marichu suffers the abuse of her boss, Heriberto Reyes, who presses her at work and, like the rest of the employees, constantly disrespects her, since she has long wanted to make her his. This the girl has hidden from her boyfriend, Emiliano Pineda, a noble and hardworking boy who has saved enough to be able to marry her and fulfill his dream of opening a guest house. It is made known to Danilo Fajardo, the cousin of the crush, a boy of great size and arrogance who has always despised being a middle class and is also tired of his aunt and cousin living under the same roof, a situation where he constantly he fights with his mother, who tells him that they should take care of their relatives and especially support Marichu, because he will need them when Juana dies. But this little matters to the boy, who does a juicy business with Heriberto, who gives him a large sum of money in exchange for giving him to Marichu, to make it his own. But this is complicated because Juana dies and the girl does not separate from her beloved Emiliano, which lets him know that he is not alone and that it is time for the two of them to start a new life, however, cunning, Danilo sets a trap for his cousin and advises him to look for Heriberto, who will lend him money for services Funerals of his mother. The innocent girl then goes to her boss and asks for the loan, so he takes advantage of the situation and given her refusal to surrender to him in exchange for money, he tries to rape her. They are discovered by Emiliano, who rushes against the attacker, who hits with all his might but soon the cunning Heriberto takes a gun and, to defend himself, shoots him, killing him. The police appear and take the man, who alleges that he did it in self-defense but when Marichu declares the reasons why his fiance died, Just as other employees reveal the boss’s abuses, he is going to jail, while the employee now suffers not only the loss of his mother, but also of his beloved. Above, he must bear the rudeness of Danilo, with whom he argues and who slapped when he tells him that Emiliano died because of him, because he is convinced that he was offered to Heriberto.

Many kilometers away from Agua Dulce, there is a cosmopolitan Bay called Boca del Mar, where billionaire Marcelo Riva de Castell has promoted tourism, making it popular with the jet-set, as one of the favorite destinations. It is in that place that he has an imposing mansion, which lives next to his family, consisting of: Oriana, his wife, a refined woman and worried about the good name of his family, Tiago, the firstborn, who was an aviator pilot and he saw his dreams truncated by having a terrible accident that left him blind and in which he lost his wife, so he has turned his passion on the piano. Adrian follows him, faithful to his father in business, with the goal of being him who replaces him. The youngest is Nicole, a carefree and irresponsible girl, who does nothing but have fun without taking life seriously.

On the other hand, Adrián has a courtship with Constanza Brizz, to whom he asks for marriage in a family dinner, which surprises everyone, mainly the girl, who feels happy just like her mother, the ambitious Paulina, who believes that He has finally achieved his goal and will now enjoy the fortunes of the Riva de Castell, taking advantage of the fact that no one knows that she and her daughter are in ruins.

The situation is not easy for Marichu, who in addition to fearing that Heriberto will go free and look for her, has lost her job and nobody wants to use her, apart from the conflicts she has with Danilo, who dares to run her from her house Despite the intervention of Yolanda, who before the situation decides to help the girl and communicates with her old friend, Serena, whom she asks to help the orphan find work, because she needs to leave Agua Dulce as soon as possible. Thus, the girl leaves her hometown and goes to Boca del Mar, where Serena presents her to Marcelo, who, knowing that the girl has a university education, decides to use her, although she wishes to put her to the test and for that she entrusts her to be the eyes from Tiago, who has the feeling that Constanza is not the girl that suits her brother, who tries to make reason, but he is obsessed with the girl and using the status of his neighbor, drops some things to the ground for him to pick them up, enjoying seeing him confused. They are discovered by Serena, the faithful housekeeper, who overprotects Tiago and knows that since they were children Adrian always had resentment. The blind man meets Marichu, who is amazed at the boy’s beauty as well as his enthusiasm, since being blind takes his life with a lot of philosophy. which over protects Tiago and knows that since they were children Adrian always had resentment. The blind man meets Marichu, who is amazed at the boy’s beauty as well as his enthusiasm, since being blind takes his life with a lot of philosophy. which over protects Tiago and knows that since they were children Adrian always had resentment. The blind man meets Marichu, who is amazed at the boy’s beauty as well as his enthusiasm, since being blind takes his life with a lot of philosophy.

Oriana and Paulina are happy for the union of their children, so they meet with Nicole and Constanza to begin the preparations for the wedding, determined to be the most remembered in Boca del Mar. For her part Nicole insinuates Constanza that Adrián She likes to walk with many, bothering her, so the bride swears that she will take care that no other dares to approach her husband.

Danilo has gambling debts and for this he steals Yolanda’s deeds from his house, which he gives as a guarantee to let him play, without suspecting that he has fallen into a terrible trap and that he will soon be left with nothing, for he loses. Yolanda discovers what her son has done and demands that he return the deeds. He insults her and she ends up slapping him and runs him from his house. He then decides to flee to another city.

Gael, who works for his uncle Marcelo, has always remained at the limit when it comes to his personal life. He has a secret relationship with Enzo Romagnoli, a married man with a family, who does not want anyone to know about his double life, so they are always sneaking around, preventing any talk. But that’s not all, because Gael is a great friend of Cindy, the stepdaughter of man, a girl of noble feelings who loves her family and who is in love with her friend, who does not dare to confess her love.

Marcelo cheats on his wife having a passionate relationship with Vanessa Orendain, a beautiful woman who despite having noble feelings is frowned upon by people in Boca del Mar, it is rumored that she was the cause of the death of her ex-husband, many years older than her, and who has inherited and works the nightclubs of this.

However, nothing matters to the woman because she trusts that the man will fall into her game very soon, so that she will one day become the absolute owner of the fortune Riva de Castell.

Adrián and Marichu know each other and he flirts with her when he finds out Tiago’s assistant, whom he mocks for not being able to see her. Then he surprises her alone and flirts him. They are seen by Constanza, who remembers what Nicole told her and sets up a jealous scene that makes Adrian terminate his commitment, because he doesn’t know if he wants to deal with the woman’s outbursts. She begs him not to suspend the wedding but he has already made a decision, which she relieves with Paulina, who swears that the boy will regret having despised her. The mother lets her know that she will help her but she must avoid her scenes and whims at all costs, until she has married him. The woman goes to Oriana and Marcelo, who believe that the best thing is that they do not intervene in the relationship of their children and support Adrian.

Irene, Enzo’s wife, talks to him about the love his daughter Cindy feels for Gael, who has been her friend since they were children and with whom she would like to see her married. For Enzo this is uncomfortable and, annoying, he lets his wife know his disagreement, claiming that friends cannot commit and that, in addition, Gael is nothing more than a wimp who has always needed his uncle Marcelo to excel, since he was left orphan. Then he talks about this with his brother, Lenny, who asks you to conquer his stepdaughter and make her forget Gael. Lenny however has other plans, because he feels a great attraction to Vanessa and is reciprocated, when the woman feels lonely and cuddly. However, due to his brother’s request, he applies in trying to conquer Cindy but she rejects him.

Oriana wishes to celebrate her wedding anniversary in style and has the full support of Marcelo, who in turn makes known to his great friend and partner, Renato Lecouna, to feel remorse for the secrets he has hidden from his wife for years. The friend advises you to keep quiet and forget about what happened in the past.

Danilo shows up at the Riva de Castell mansion and when he meets Marichu face to face, he asks what he does there. He demands that he leave and then Marcelo appears, who confused defends his employee and throws the stranger, who is defended by Adrian, who presents him as his new assistant. Then, in a moment alone, the cousins meet and decide that nobody should know that they are family, because Danilo has invented to belong to a family of alcurnia and now he has proposed to fall in love with Nicole.

Oriana asks her daughter to forget the holidays and focus on finding a man who loves and respects her, with whom she can start a family, but for Nicole that is a distant dream, because she is convinced that men they approach him only for what he represents economically or to join his money to that of his father, so he has resigned himself to being alone and having fun with whatever tourist is offered. Oriana discharges her concern with Serena, to whom she says she knows that her children’s fate is uncertain, but more so than her little girl.

Nicole lets Tiago know that Marichu is very pretty and that they would make a very good couple. This makes the blind man pensive, who asks questions to Serena, who lets her know that the girl belongs to a decent and respectable family, and that because of fate of destiny she lost everything and now, despite having university preparation, she must conform With being a simple maid. This makes Tiago think about the girl, whom he insists on teaching to play the piano. She has nothing left but to accept.

Renato tries to convince his son, Diego, to recover Nicole’s love, which must continue to love him as they have known each other since childhood. But the boy is convinced that his ex-girlfriend just wants to have fun, meet people and live a life that he doesn’t care about, since he’s focused on work. Renato assures his offspring that if he doesn’t try later he will regret it.

Frida, Constanza’s best friend, advises her not to suffer for Adrian and set her eyes on Danilo, his new assistant. Constance, however, is not attracted to peelers like him, of which he is sure that he presumes too much but in reality nobody knows where he came from or where he is from, so he could be a charlatan. Frida, however, insists and believes that her friend should have fun with him, because that way she will give Adrian a lesson that she will never forget. For his part, the villain contemplates Marichu when she enters to swim in the pool to accompany Tiago, discovering that the girl is really beautiful. Behind him appears Danilo, who suggests that, if he likes the girl so much, he takes it, because women as his brother’s assistant are always ready for their bosses.

Tiago proposes Marichu to be his companion at his parents’ anniversary party. The girl refuses but at the insistence of the blind and Serena has no choice but to accept what the housekeeper, in complicity with her spouse, is responsible for buying clothes that will make her look beautiful. Then he lets Tiago know how happy he feels for him and he acknowledges that with Marichu’s arrival his life changed.

Cindy talks to Gael about her feelings for him and he breaks her heart by rejecting her. She asks him to give Lenny or someone who really loves her a chance, because he can’t do it. Shut up when the girl asks who she is in love with.

Oriana and Vanessa know each other and they like each other very well. When the first one knows who the woman is and who her husband was, she tries to reject her but the widow asks her not to do it, like everyone else, and understands that having inherited her husband’s business does not make her a bad person. Oriana then apologizes and invites the woman to her anniversary party, without suspecting that she is her husband’s lover.

Lenny discovers that his brother Enzo hides something because he sees him go out with someone from an apartment on the outskirts of the city. He decides to follow him but never manages to see who is the person who accompanies him. He later sees him and asks if he’s cheating on Irene. Enzo flatly denies it.

Danilo tends his nets to Nicole, whom he dares to kiss. She rejects it and at her insistence Diego appears, who introduces herself as the girl’s boyfriend. This does not destroy the ambitions of the villain, who swears that he will marry the girl as a place.

Vanessa’s presence at the party makes Marcelo tremble, whom the woman congratulates, cordially, in front of Oriana, who presents her as her new friend, to the surprise of the guests, who look at the beautiful guest with surprise. Then he talks to Renato, who asks him to leave, because it can cause problems. Vanessa says it won’t be like that and makes it clear that she won’t leave if it’s not Oriana herself who asks for it. But Marcelo’s patience has a limit and he is the one who throws the woman out of the party, arguing with her in private, to warn her that if she wants to play with fire then her thing will end. Vanessa leaves the place and on the street runs into Lenny, who offers to take her home. The woman cries, he accompanies her, they have a drink and end up making love.

Marichu accompanies Tiago to his sleeping room. Thank you and say goodbye. Then she is surprised by Adrian, who doesn’t stop flattering her. Try to kiss her and in return you receive a strong slap. Gael suddenly appears and therefore the employee manages to leave for her room. The boy warns his cousin that this time he won’t shut up if he insists on harming Tiago. In response, Adrian demands that he leave his house and stop living like a grocer.

Yolanda is evicted from her home, which she defends with nails and teeth. He learns that he has lost everything thanks to his son Danilo, whom he curses wherever he is. He communicates with Serena and asks her to let her talk to Marichu, who is amazed by what her aunt is going through, who tells her that her son is in Boca del Mar and pretends to be a man of ancestry. It is heard by the boy, who hangs up the phone and threatens him: if he does not leave the Riva de Castell mansion, getting in his plans, it will make his life impossible. The girl challenges him to do it so that she then tells everyone who he really is and what his intentions are. They are surprised by Nicole, who, seeing them very nervous, leaves and asks the girl to return to Tiago’s side, who asks for her,

The evil cousin assures him that Marichu is robbing his family, taking advantage of the trust that everyone has placed in her. Both leave the place. No one realized that Gael was present and has heard everything.

Disappointed by the rejection of Lenny, who makes it clear that he cannot love her, Cindy ventures with Diego, whom he kisses in a moment of weakness. He corresponds.

Tiago plays the piano like never before and assures Marichu that it has been thanks to her. The girl asks him to undergo another operation to recover his sight but the boy fears that the results may be negative. She promises that she won’t be separated from him if she makes the decision. Adrian appears, who now can not stop thinking about the girl and his mind has been filled with ideas that Danilo has put. Find moments to talk to her and try to reach something. Marichu always rejects it.

Oriana discovers makeup stains on her husband’s shirt and Marcelo promises her it’s nothing. Based on lies, she convinces her that the stains are from the makeup of the clients she greets in her office every day, where she relieves herself with Renato, who advises her to end her relationship with Vanessa, who has begun to have a relationship with Lenny, who sees Enzo again with someone. This time he is willing to investigate.

Constance is determined to everything and for that reason she manages to seduce Adrian again, who decides to give herself a new opportunity with her, because she wishes to keep up appearances, although Marichu cannot leave her mind. For her part, Constance follows Frida’s advice to catch the man in her life and marry him, being supported by Paulina, who swears that she will not lose her social status for anything in the world.

Nicole has an altercation with Diego, who ventures with Danilo, who uses this to kiss her and ask for an opportunity. The girl decides to give it to him in order to take the counter to Oriana, who has asked him to reject the courtship of the man until he knows what family he comes from. At the insistence of the girl, the mother interrogates Danilo about her parents and he lies saying they are abroad.

Marichu takes a walk with Tiago, who tells him that he will undergo another operation to recover his sight. She hugs him and then he kisses her, confessing that he has fallen in love with her. The girl is scared and does not know how to react. Talk to Serena, who asks him to give the boy a chance, who has always lost everything in life, except the hopes of being happy. Then both are surprised to see Yolanda inside the mansion. She asks Serena to talk and asks for help because she has run out of anything. The housekeeper, nervous, does not know what to do and lends her money to be installed somewhere, fearful that they can see them together.

Lenny has an altercation with Cindy, who insists on loving him, a situation that leads him to advise him to respect himself and give himself an opportunity with someone else. The desperate girl takes refuge in Diego, who reveals suffering for the misfortunes of Nicole.

Marichu talks to Yolanda and tells him that Danilo has managed to deceive the Riva de Castell. Yolanda fears that her son will cause problems and asks her niece to leave that place as soon as possible. The girl refuses, claiming to be tired of always having to submit to her cousin’s will, in addition to having fallen in love with Tiago, who reveals to Serena that she has fallen in love with the girl.

Nicole and Constanza have a disagreement in a bar after the second gets drunk lost. Frida interferes to defend her friend, who is enraged when Nicole tells her that it is only a toy for Adrian because he will never marry her. The fight is violent and Danilo appears to separate them. Then Paulina appears before Oriana to reproach her for what her daughter has done for what the woman rebukes Nicole.

Marichu walks along the beach, contemplating the moon. He runs into Lenny, who in a moment of weakness tells him not to shut up anymore and confesses to being gay. The girl supports him and gives him a big hug, a situation in which he also gives his support after telling him that he knows that Danilo is an impostor and that he is his cousin, which they will unmask in due course.

Danilo advises Marcelo and Adrián to throw Marichu out of his house because he is convinced that the girl is a thief. And is that the evil cousin has stolen a jewel from Oriana and has put it among the things of the girl.

Cindy looks for Diego, whom she hugs, confessing with tears that Lenny has rejected her and will never be for her. He hugs her and asks her not to worry, Lenny is reprimanded by Enzo, who asks him to become his stepdaughter’s boyfriend, so the boy asks his brother to tell him why he demands , as he asks who is the person he is cheating with Irene. Enzo only enrages and promises that he won’t bother Lenny anymore, but he feels worried about what he asks Gael not to see each other for a while. However, he looks for him and in a passionate encounter they are seen by Lenny, who confronts his brother and reproaches him for lying to Irene. Enzo begs Lenny to keep his secret because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He accepts and looks for Gael,

Determined to everything, Vanessa befriends Oriana and begins to frequent her, a situation that causes disgust in Marcelo, who tries to force her lover to get away from her family but she refuses. Ensures that it is best to stay close, so you will never suspect her. Marcelo strongly opposes and is supported by Renato, who visits the woman and tells him to know what she is playing, ensuring that he can recast her in jail as she has investigated her and knows that she is engaged in white trafficking.

Danilo is surprised to see Yolanda in Boca del Mar and demands that he march along with Marichu, as they interfere with his plans. Yolanda reminds him that it is he who will discover little by little and will have to face contempt when the truth is known, without realizing that someone is listening to them.

Tiago travels to Houston, where he undergoes a new account operation, confident that he will recover his sight to be able to look at his beloved Marichu, who is besieged by Adrian, who insists on rejecting. He kisses her by force and they are seen by Constanza, who makes a tremendous scandal and slaps the employee, who pushes her, throwing her into the pool, and then warns Adrián not to try to propagate with her or she will tell Marcelo . Adrián just laughs at her.

Yolanda appears before Marcelo, who tells him that he has run out of heritage and without family, because Juana died. The man wants to help her but fears that secrets of the past will come to light, so he offers her money to go away. However, she rejects him and soon finds work as a Vanessa employee. For his part, Marcelo talks to Renato about his inheritance and believes that it is best to inherit mostly his first male grandson. This is heard by Adrian, who decides that this money will be for him and seeks Constance to ask him to be his wife. She accepts and they immediately marry in secret. When she tells Paulina this, the woman feels happy because she believes she can finally live the life she is used to, after years of pretending to society.

Marichu does not stop communicating with Tiago, who promises that she will be the first to know the results of her operation. The boy is accompanied by Oriana and Serena, who give him full support. The operation is successful and within a few days, when the bandages are removed, the boy discovers that he has finally regained his vision. Happy, call Marichu to let her know, while Oriana finds out the rest of her family. Everyone, except Adrián, celebrates the return of Tiago, which Adrián overshadows when he announces to his family that he has married Constanza.

Lenny lets Gael know that he has fallen in love with Vanessa, with whom he wants to be at all costs, despite knowing that she is not a woman for him and that he is only taking it as a game. The friend does not trust the villain, so he advises his friend to stay away from her before it’s too late.

In the midst of the tragedy, Tiago and Marichu live their love because he kisses her and asks her to be his girlfriend. She accepts and shares her happiness with Yolanda, who congratulates her and promises that from now on she will be happy, but not everything is honey on flakes, because Oriana, upon learning, opposes that relationship and looks for the girl to ask which It is his relationship with Danilo, who appears and assures that he would never have to do with a girl as insignificant as Tiago’s assistant.

However, Serena appears and asks the boy to stop pretending and accept that he is a fake who has used tricks to get tangled up with Nicole, who also appears and demands the boy to tell the truth. He and Marichu insist that they have never met but then Yolanda appears and reveals that she is Danilo’s mother, who tries to deny that truth but Serena supports her old friend. Nicole then despises the boy and Oriana demands that he never set foot in his house again. When the family is left alone, Danilo reproaches his mother and Marichu for interposing in his plans, revealing how much he despises and is ashamed of them, and insinuating that Yolanda is any one for never having revealed her father’s identity. Marichu, on the other hand, comforts her aunt, who regrets not being a good mother for her son.

Constanza has a confrontation with Adrian, who is indifferent to her and while making love to her he calls her “Marichu”. He assures her that he doesn’t think about the employee but that he can’t let her benefit from her brother either. He takes Constance in a violent way, frightening her, and warns him that it is better for him to get pregnant shortly, for their future depends on it.

Marichu lets Tiago know that perhaps it is best that she not work at the mansion anymore, if he has finally regained his sight. Oriana appears and supports the decision of the girl, who takes her things and moves with Yolanda, breaking this Tiago’s heart, which clarifies to his family that he is in love and will fight to defend his love with the only person who encouraged him re-operate and thus regain sight. Oriana asks Marcelo to intercede but he only wants his son’s happiness.

Gael supports Diego at all times and he tells him that it will be someone else and not him who takes his father’s place in business. Both intersect with Cindy, who, seeing them together, realizes that she is still in love with Gael.

Adrián runs into Marichu and assures him that he has not been able to stop thinking about her. He apologizes for the incidents in the past and asks him to let him prove that he can be a man for her. He kisses her and she rejects him. When he returns home, Constanza asks him what he was doing kissing the housemaid. He threatens to tell Tiago and then the husband threatens her to annul her marriage.

Yolanda has a confrontation with Danilo, who assures him that Marichu will pay for having unmasked him because now his plans have collapsed.

Marichu and Tiago are happy and it seems that nothing will tarnish their terror, but the truth is that Constanza has revealed to Danilo that he saw the girl kissing with Adrian and he appears before his cousin to threaten to tell Tiago this if he does not leave of the Riva de Castell. Marichu does not fear him and that is why he speaks head-on with the blind, who, knowing Adrian’s intentions, faces him in front of his parents, who warn his eldest son that if he insists on obfuscating his brother’s happiness, they will take letters in the matter.

Adrián gets stripped slapping Constance, who swears that he will make her unhappy because he married her only to fulfill her ambitions. The girl ventures with Paulina, who advises her to endure, because when she is a mother she can take advantage of the situation and live apart from the man.

Gael discovers that Vanessa is a lover of his uncle Marcelo, whom he advises to leave the woman and try to see Oriana as before. He says his lover has driven him mad, not caring that the nephew tells him that the woman is not trustworthy.

Danilo pleads with Nicole to return with him but she rejects him as well as a liar to others he is a poor guy who has nothing to offer him. He promises that he will succeed with the help of Adrian, but he also rejects it and only laughs at him.

Marichu and Tiago walk through Boca del Mar as a couple until he takes her home, where Oriana awaits them, who demands that the girl not return to approach any of her children or else she will have a very bad time. The man defends his beloved but Oriana has made a decision and makes known that Marichu will be an apple of discord among his children and therefore, if he really loves Tiago, he will renounce him so that he does not have quarrels with Adrian. Marichu runs away and cries on the beach, it seems that love is not for her. It has been reached by his crush, who swears that he doesn’t care about anything other than being by his side. He kisses her passionately and then she separates tells him that it is best to forget each other.

DAYS LATER Yolanda discovers that Marcelo is Vanessa’s lover when she sees him at her house. Lovers talk about their business and how he needs a new investor, proposing to the woman that she be the one from now on to do business with him. The villain accepts and for that reason a reception is offered in her honor, in the Riva de Castell mansion, to which Yolanda goes to warn Serena that this woman is not trustworthy and that she turns with her employer.

Marichu finds work in a small town, owned by Luciano Balmaceda, a young investor who, after noticing the girl’s studies, decides to hire her as a receptionist, offering her friendship. She keeps thinking of Tiago, who finds out from Yolanda that the girl finally has a job but doesn’t want to see it. The boy, however, searches for her in the village and asks her to speak, because he cannot live without her. He tells her that he works playing the piano with a band in a bar, to which he invites her. She promises to go but never comes.

Vanessa convinces Marcelo to make decisions and this enrages Adrián, because it seems that the woman has put the man against her son, who faces her and ensures that he will find a way to get rid of her. The villain is not afraid of her but she does not realize that Danilo, on the orders of her now enemy, is watching her, and he soon discovers that the woman and Marcelo are lovers.

At Enzo’s insistence that they not see each other, Gael relieves himself by visiting clubs and that is how he meets Roger, a boy with whom he immediately feels a connection. After the heat of the glasses they kiss and end up in bed. When leaving the hotel, Gael is seen by Enzo, who reproaches him for being unfaithful.

They argue and the jealous man ends up kissing the boy and they are seen by Irene, who confronts them, slaps Enzo and immediately leaves in his car, with him trying to explain. They struggle and have an accident in which she loses her life, thus hurting Cindy, who takes refuge in Gael, who gives the bad news to Enzo, who promises her stepdaughter who will always protect her.

Danilo insists on causing problems for Marichu, who kindly asks him to leave her alone. Both are surprised by Luciano, who uses words with his employee’s cousin and ends up throwing him into the street. Marichu apologizes to his boss, who tells him that because of her he is able to scare Danilo and whoever he is.

Adrián does not stop thinking about Marichu and has an altercation with Tiago when he insinuates that this girl is like everyone else and only goes after her money. They are about to fight but Oriana prevents him from talking to Paulina, who tells him he has financial problems and needs money to continue playing basket with his friends. Oriana denies it but agrees to lend him one of his children’s cars, ordering Nicole to lend him his without giving him a chance to tell him what is happening. Paulina then leaves in the girl’s car, who does not know how to tell her mother that Marcelo has cheated on her and relieves herself with Serena, who asks her to stop and wait to see what Danilo has told her is true. This in turn gives the evidence to Adrian, who reproaches his father for his infidelity. Severe, Marcelo prohibits him from saying a single word, promising that he will end his relationship with Vanessa, who cornered Paulina when she was driving Nicole’s car, confusing her. He chases her until she makes the woman go out on the road, where he impacts her and causes the car to tip over and explode. The evil one thinks that she has killed Nicole, but she is terrified when she sees in the news that the person she eliminated was another and not her enemy.

Marcelo feels worried and Gael realizes this, who tells him to know about his relationship with Vanessa and advises him that, now that Adrian knows, he should end it. The man does not want to do it however Nicole’s reproaches end up convincing him. The girl gives her a deadline to get rid of her lover or else Oriana will find out about her infidelity.

Danilo looks for Nicole again but she rejects him for what he kisses her by force. Nicole slapped him and demanded that he stay away from her forever, as he began a relationship with Diego.

Tiago asks Marichu to stop rejecting him because he knows he loves him as much as he does. He kisses her, hugs her, they reconcile and he takes her to hear him play with his band, where he presents her as his girlfriend.

Enzo and Cindy spread Irene’s ashes in the open sea. There the man tells the girl that he will always be with her and confesses the truth for which her mother died. Knowing that the man always cheated on his mother, Cindy rejects him and seeks refuge in Gael, who tells him that he already knew that and that he was Enzo’s lover. The frustrated girl goes into a terrible depression that encourages her to end her life, so after getting drunk until she gets lost, she walks to the top of a cliff, and throws herself into the void, dying when stamped against the rocks. This situation makes both Enzo and Gael feel guilty and separate, so the boy takes refuge in Roger, who gives him all his confidence and support, while the other is left alone.

Luciano reveals to Marichu the love he feels for her and also says he understands that it is difficult for the girl to love him because he knows that he loves Tiago, so he asks her not to let love escape and return with him, defending what he feels.

Enzo assures Lenny that he cannot continue without Irene and Cindy, so perhaps it is best to leave Boca del Mar forever. The brother reminds him that everything happened because of his love for Gael, which he must recover because he now goes out with Roger, and he will soon lose him if he does not do something to compose things.

Marichu and Gael share their need to have parents or siblings to count on. They both hug and she assures her friend that they will soon throw their own family. He reveals to be confused, because he loves Enzo, but begins to feel something for Roger.

Oriana introduces herself to Vanessa to slap her and face her having offered her friendship when she was already with her husband.

The cruel lover mocks his ex-lover’s wife, and leaves her self-esteem on the floor and then pushes her off. This is seen by Yolanda, who defends Oriana and from that moment stops working for Vanessa.

Luciano advises Tiago that, if he really loves Marichu, then he fights for her regardless of social conditions or threats from his family. The musician then looks for his beloved and asks him to marry him. She kisses him and accepts.

Danilo really loves Nicole, who now looks at him with contempt. He gets drunk and serenades him but she does nothing but despise him. Adrian appears to ask his accomplice to forget his sister, which will never be for him. Nicole for his part takes refuge in the arms of Diego, who tells him that he will never forgive the betrayal of Marcelo. The boyfriend advises him not to be cruel to the man, who finally betrayed Oriana as a couple but she has been faithful as a father.

Vanessa and Lenny have dinner together and he proposes marriage. The woman rejoices at such an offer but also feels a certain fear, because she believes that it is not the time to marry, nor Lenny the man with whom she would like to share the rest of her life, without there being a fortune in between.

Adrián and Constanza have problems and he avoids being with her at all costs. He meets Marichu and invites him a drink. She accepts but soon, after releasing poison and poison against her brother Tiago, the man tries to spread with her. The girl this time is defended by Luciano, who takes her with him while Adrián laughs at the arousal. He returns home and makes love to Constance, which Marichu calls again. This causes a strong fight between marriage, a situation that causes him to mistreat his wife again.

Danilo does not get a job anywhere or stop thinking about how bad he has done when he is ashamed of his family, so he looks for Yolanda and apologizes for all his offenses. Mother and son reconcile and then she asks him to do the same with Marichu, who has never been guilty of what he believes. But this is difficult for the boy, who in the presence of his cousin finally swallows his pride and apologizes. Both embrace each other, reconciling, and she assures that from now on everything will be fine for them.

Frida has set her eyes on Tiago and tries to seduce him, awakening Marichu’s jealousy, to which she asks to forget him because he knows that it is very little for a millionaire like the musician. However, Marichu, aguerrida, defends her love and puts a stop to her rival, who only laughs at her.

Marcelo appears before Vanessa and begs him to speak. She makes it clear that they cannot be anything but he insists and tries to kiss her by force so the woman pushes him and accidentally injures him. It is discovered by Lenny, who asks for help. The boy makes the man react and Marcelo assures him that his relationship with a whore who is only interested in money will never come to anything and will tell him what he wants to hear to take advantage of it, even in bed. He leaves and the young man asks Vanessa if that is true. She tried to seduce him but he wants to hear her. She says that the only truth is that she fell in love with him, his caresses, his body, his passion.

Nicole talks to Danilo, who assures him that having reconciled with Marichu and Yolanda speaks very well of him. The man talks about his feelings but Nicole says they can only be friends, because he has discovered that he really loves Diego, with whom he intends to marry. Danilo feels destroyed but Yolanda fills him with vitality and assures him that with his bearing and gallantry he can conquer whoever he wants. The woman, who has started working as a maid in Luciano’s village, asks him to help her son. Luciano takes pity on Danilo and recommends him in a pizzeria, where he is seen by Constanza, who mocks him.

Marcelo asks Tiago to temporarily forget about music and join him to learn everything about family businesses, because he wants him to take his place when he retires. Upon learning this, Adrian decides to get rid of his brother and causes a burn in the cellar in which Tiago rehearses with his band. No one is injured but this alerts the envious brother to be more cautious.

Constance discovers that she will never get pregnant since she is sterile. She ventures with Frida, who advises her to forget Adrian because there are many more men who can make her happy and respect her as she deserves. Constance then makes the decision to abandon her husband, convinced that it is the best. When Adrián discovers it, he burns in rage and relieves himself by offending and threatening Tiago, who swears that he will not allow him to take away what belongs to him. Oriana tries to calm her son but he becomes violent even with her, accusing her of being a bad wife and a bad mother. She slapped him and Marcelo appears to tell him that he will not tolerate his outbursts or arrogance anymore, which are the reasons why he does not want him as his successor, because he knows an ambitious capable of everything, even of burning his brother’s rehearsal cellar , to get rid of him. This causes Tiago to pounce on the blows against his brother, who swears he will not rest until he is left blind again, as he did in the past. His confession terrifies the whole family.

Enzo advises Lenny to get away from Vanessa, telling him everything he knows about this thanks to Gael. But Lenny is madly in love and willing to do everything for her.

Adrian is now repudiated by his family and only wishes to frustrate Tiago’s life, so he asks Marichu to speak for the last time and tries to kidnap her but the girl’s crush discovers him, along with Luciano, and they chase him until he can rescue Marichu Tiago asks his brother to tell him why he hates him so much and Adrian only gives absurd reasons. He cries, rendered in frustration, and reveals being tired of wanting everything and feeling that he gets nothing. Tiago then hugs him and promises that everything will be fine. Adrián then stabs him and runs away but Luciano is in charge of giving notice to the police, who chases him when he tries to flee aboard a yacht. Finally he manages to flee but being on the high seas runs out of fuel and is swept away by a storm. A few days pass and hunger and thirst begin to prey. Shout, asking for help, try to communicate through your phone, but everything is impossible. He has been caught in the middle of nowhere.

The Riva de Castell are terribly bad for the state of health of Tiago, from whom Marichu does not separate a single moment, demonstrating that he loves him and thus gaining everyone’s sympathy. Oriana thanks him for loving his son so much, who finally returns to himself and in front of everyone asks the girl to be his wife. She accepts.

Vanessa discovers that her business is bankrupt because of what is ruined. This causes the woman to reject Lenny and look for Marcelo to resume their relationship but the man no longer wants to know anything about her. Desperate, the woman has nothing left but to prostitute herself with decrepit elders who only laugh at her and give her a few pesos in exchange for pleasure.

Leonardo has trouble at the pizzeria because he feels superior to his teammates and even superior to his boss, so he is fired. He is in a bar with Frida, who has always been attracted to him and proposes to work for his family, in the real estate industry. He accepts and works with her so they soon fall in love.

Thanks to Serena’s advice, Oriana finally forgives Marcelo, who proposes that they make a trip together, as in the old days, however the woman does not want to move from Boca del Mar without knowing before Adrian.

Gael moves to live with Enzo and both are happy, although in the first there are still regrets for the fatal fates of Irene and Cindy.

Luciano knows Constanza, who has returned from his hiding place and is ruined, and proposes to work with him. The girl is impressed to know that she will have to share the space with Marichu, which lets her know about Adrián’s disappearance. The wife cares little for the husband and reveals what he suffered at his side. Marichu proposes that they be friends but Constanza doubts it, continues to insist that the two are different and even in poverty, there are classes.

Diego proposes marriage to Nicole and she agrees to be his wife. They get married soon and when she throws the bridal bouquet, it is Marichu who receives it. The girl kisses her beloved Tiago, whom she promises will be the happiest man in the world when they are together.

Lenny looks for Vanessa and is surprised to see her devastated, selling herself to the most horrible men in exchange for little money. He tries to help her but she doesn’t know him and yells at her to leave her alone because she doesn’t want to hear from him.

A boat finds Adrian’s yacht, lost at sea. The police go to inform the Riva de Castell that the firstborn of his dynasty died of hunger and thirst. Oriana feels devastated, while receiving love from the rest of her children. For his part Marcelo feels guilty about what happened but Gael makes him see that it was Adrián’s excessive ambition that brought him to an end. Constanza appears before them, to demand his due as the widow of man. Oriana throws her out of her house and assures her that nothing will be given, as she finally abandoned him.

Later, when Tiago has taken the reins of the family emporium, he and Marichu marry at the seashore, promising love, surrounded by their loved ones, to whom they have united their hearts forever, sealing their love with a strong kiss which, for him, has made her the eternal brunette of his heart

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