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Black And White Roses/ part 1

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Wooooo Go KiMa

being a student at dwma was never easy.

Soul stretched beside me, passing a hand in his silver hair as Stein opened his mouth.
“I’m sorry to inform you that today we will not dissect as usual,” a sigh of relief passed through the class. “lord death assigned a special project for you EAT students, a very unusual one as well. you will now be split into couples..” Soul grabbed my shoulder immediately. “..Randomly, to increase difficulty.” I could see soul eyes squint in annoyance. to say the truth, I wasn’t happy with it either- soul always had the luck to get paired with the cutest girl in class, and most of them had a serious crush on him. he would deni, but i always saw the hint of blood dripping down his nose when catching them stare.
“Soul Eater Evans,” I cleared my mind, listening as Stein read the couples list. “you are assigned with Ox Ford.” I smiled in surprise. For once, being wrong felt good. Soul made a disgusted face, causing Black star to burst into wild laughter, at least until he turned out to be assigned with Crona (he was temporarily allowed in class). “BUT HE- YOU DONT-” “I don’t know how to handle people shouting!” Crona interrupted, making black star even more annoyed. “I’m sorry.” is all Stein bothered to say before continuing. “Death The Kid, assigned to Maka Albarn.” I forced a smile as he caught me off guard. Actually, not so bad of a partner. I looked at him as he stared at a little scetch of a giraffe, by Patty, And I didn’t even need to see his face to know his eyes are twitching.
Pausing at the end of the list, Stein prepered his explanation of the task.
“Listen students, the task I’m about to give you is not easy. It will continue for as long as it takes to achieve results- some of you might never make it.” Soul’s eyes widened, I grabbed his hand in confidence, making him blush and shake it off. “I’m not worried, shudup.” but as far as I knew, he really was.
“Some of you must have guessed by now, the assignment is a spiritual one. The pairs will meet every day and discuss both worst flaws. then, you will work together to improve your performance at these specific points. The task will continue until lord death, or I, for that matter, will decide you achieved what you were missing.”
The class quickly filled with unsatisfied growls of anger and disagreement. “relax, it only require meeting once a day, your private life only suffers minor interference.” My face gradually turned pale as I figured what I was standing against- how do you heal OCD, anyway?

And yet, here I am, standing at the front door of Kid’s mansion. I thought it was best, since our apartment is not symmetrical.. and besides, Ox came over, Liz and Patty left as well. no distractions, only work, although it sounded quite intimate, creepy.
The huge door opened.

Kid’s point of view

She’s pretty, yet she isn’t.
“Oh my dad Maka! your hair, what the hell?” she frowned at me, un-doing her asymmetrical pigtails. “better?” she asked, while my breath returned to it’s normal paste. for a moment then I felt rather satisfied, and maybe a little exited beyond that since Maka never had her hair loosened, it would annoy her. she was prettier this way, mature, and if it wasn’t for Soul I’m sure she would have found a mate. Not that they are a couple, just very over protective.
“Better then better, you’re perfect, almost.” she blashed as I smiled and led her inside. “We need to fix this,” she said in hesitation, making me turn around in surprise. “Excuse me?” she blushed deeper, getting annoyed. “that’s your problem, perfectionist, and that’s what we’ll fix” I stared at her, trying to keep calm. “shouldent we work on that task?” she nodded, staring right back at me. “that’s the task. Solving problems, not judging giraffes.” slowly I caught up to her reference. “It was really ugly, with only one horn. and none of the stains were in place, don’t you see- no one can listen to Stein at this state!” she laughed, releasing the tension. sigh. “well, tell me more, about that weird task.” I asked her, while leading her up to my room.

Maka’s point of view

“do you see the ball? now, if I mark a line, do you see? in the middle right here.” I struggled as Kid stared at me for the eight time. “I’m not blind, Maka, of course I see it. symmetrical, like you said.” I closed my eyes, as Kid made it to get on my nerves. “And, if we turn the ball to the left, is it in the middle? is it symmetrical?” he rolled his eyes. “Of course not. Its a matter of perspective.” I smiled as I felt we just got closer. “But perspective does not only apply to this specific ball. It applies to the entire world, and that’s why it will never be symmetrical.” I finished at last, hoping he understood my point. “I don’t get it.” sigh. “That doesn’t change a thing, you see- I don’t have to see things tilted. From my bed for example, the world is perfect. its right in the middle of the room so the perspectives are just fine.” I threw my hand to up to my forehead. “doesn’t it bother you, knowing its all just a fake? the world will always be imperfect never mind your actions. even the sun and moon are a bit to the west from our point of view.” he hummed, troubled. “You really shouldn’t tell me that. now I’ll be even more bothered by it all the time.” I stood up, defeated. “I should be going home to rescue Soul. See you tomorrow?” he nodded and took me downstairs. It wasn’t my first time visiting the mansion, but its so big I really needed his guidance. If I recall right, the twins too still get lost.
“Oh, and Maka?” I was about to step outside as he caught me by the sleeve. “thank you for putting up with me. You know, not even Liz and Patty bothered to ever talk really. About that, I meen. Always annoyed by it but never helping.” and I couldn’t help a blush, letting the doors close once more.”

Black And White Roses/ part 1
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It’s nice, but the website don’t have left-to-right keyboard, so it’s exahusting to try to read it. Stick to Hebrew.

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ואוו, את כותבת ממש טווב! גם מבחינת הכתיבה באנגלית וגם מבחינת התוכן. אני כבר רואה את זה הופך לאחד הפאנפיקים האהובים עליי שלהם!
תמשיכי ^-^

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איך כותבים באנגלית
גאד פאקינג דאמיט

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    צריך מוטיבציה, אהבה ורעיון מובנה טוב בראש
    כמו כשאני חושבת עלייך^^

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