Because SoMa is important too. Not as mach as KiMa, but..

Black And White Roses/ part 2

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Because SoMa is important too. Not as mach as KiMa, but..

"Maka?" Soul opened the door, immediately grinning at me. "Is Ox still here?" I asked as I went inside. "Its time to go Satan, Maka is here." Ox waved at me, getting up from the couch. "Nice place you have." he said as Soul slammed the door shut. "how was it?" I asked, amused. "Ox is definitely not cool, to say the least. I was just praying for you to come home already and give me an excuse to cut it." I shook my head as I felt like drowning in his pools of blood, circles of red looking back at me. his eyes, so creepy then again hypnotising. I never knew eyes could have this color, but he? he was just born spatial. lucky Soul.

"Well then you cook today, since I've pretty much saved your life." he snorted at me. I've already showered, so whatever. How was it at kid's?" I entered the bathroom, ready to undress. "It was horrible. I'll tell you later." he hummed as I shut the door.

"I don't know how to help him." Soul looked at me, obviously bored. "So, you were in a mansion, with a guy, alone, and all you do is talk about perspective?" I blushed as I caught up to his mind. "Maka.. Chop!" the book slammed on his head in a flush. "Owch! stop doing that!" Soul looked miserable, causing me to think maybe I was too ruff. "for death sake, Soul, its KID. Stay on track" I took a couple of deep breaths, calming down. "For death sake, as in, your secret lover's?" I struggled to hold my books in place as my maka chop sense tingled.

"why is your hair not in pigtails?" Soul threw the question in the air, sitting down on the couch next to me. "why do you care?" I asked as I grabbed Soul's spatial brush and passed it through his silky silver hair. we knew each other for so long now, brushing was nothing unusual, but the physical interaction still sent shivers down my spine. Usually he would do it himself, but sometimes he didn't, and I had to take care of him. after all, living with Soul was like owning a husky, or a persian cat; if it wasn't brushed, it would probably shed, white silky hair, all over the apartment.

"I'm just.. its not like you. you're the girl to always pull her hair aside 'cas it bothers her, not caring about beauty standards or enytin'." it took me a moment to snap back to reality. "are you calling me ugly?" I sent him a serious look, making him quickly pull the books away from me. "Noo no Maka you've got it all wrong, I'm just sayin' I'm surprised you decided to change your hair, yanno 'cas it resembles you and all. you never give a shit what others think." my hart was touched by the small compliment, Soul was not too much of the flattering type, Unlike my father. I like that about him- even if he did care about his image too much, he stayed true to himself and never kissed peoples arses just to make them like him. at least not unless a sertain meister got angry, but today that wasn't the case, I think.

"They were asymmetrical." I grinned as Soul stared at me, quickly returning a grin that revealed his shark sharp teeth. "Kid has a real problem, ha? maybe that's why his father assigned us this cursed task." I turned on the TV, releasing some of the stress that I gathered during the day. "Obviously, the task is supposed to form a stronger bond between EAT students. Besides, its not that bad. Is Ox so terrible to partner with?" he stared at me for a good moment before releasing a small sigh and moving so his head sat on my lap. "All he talks about is how unlucky he is to get stuck with a messed up guy like me, pointing my flaws out and denying the fact that he isn't perfect either. I just need to get him off his cloud- that's his problem, after all." I hummed in agreement. "I'm impressed by you. Not only did you surpass that anger, you also made it to progress in your mission." he blushed a bright pink, almost invisible on his pale skin. "Its no real progress, everybody knows Ox is a snob. I didn't even need to discover it on my own." I streached my hands and closed my eyes. "Maka, I'm, kinda.. happy, I mean, when you're, talking, doing stuff, like, with me. so uncool." he whispered uncomfortably. "I like spending time with you too." I smiled while getting up and into my room, leaving Soul to lay on the couch.

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    *-* I feel so strange now

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הווו… ברור שזה חשוב! זה ה כ י חשוב!
זה מושלם ♥^♥

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    -,- קיד x מאקה זה יותר חשוב מבחינתי, אם הייתי צריכה לבחור בין סול לקיד הייתי בוחרת בקיד. אל תשכחי גם שבסוף מאקה גילתה גם צורת נשק שהייתה לה, ככה שסול קצת מיותר. אם מאקה בעסק הזה רק כדי לתקוע את זה בפרצוף של אבא שלה, אני מאמינה שעדיף לה להפוך לדת סייך בעצמה. היא גם תצליח לעשות את זה לגמרי לבד, בלי מייסטר. ואם היא תהפוך לדת סייך היא תהיה של קיד. מבינה את ההגיון? אני פשוט מרגישה כאילו הם דומים יותר, גם אם אין בניהם אינטרקציה כל כך בסדרות, כי שניהם תולעי ספרים, קטלניים, עומדים ברשות עצמם, הוא ג'נטלמן והיא מלכה, ואין סיבה שהם לא יהיו ביחד. סול הוא המכשול היחידי שיש לשיפ הזה.. חוץ מזה, הקוקיות סימטריות><

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