I told you guys I'm shipping KiMa

Black And White Roses/ part 3

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I told you guys I'm shipping KiMa

black*star never felt so insecure.

"Hey, Tsubaki? am I annoying? do you feel distressed around me?" the weapon suddenly stopped, looking at its meister with care. "of course not! you do make a mess a lot, but its ok, I don't mind it." he stared at his shoes as they continued walking, on their way to Kids mansion.

"Hello Tsubaki, Black*Star, come in." Liz opened the door, allowing the teens inside. "We were just making popcorn. Soul is already here, and he said Maka is trying to get Crona over." Black*Star's face turned gloomier at the name. It was then that Tsubaki got a glimpse of the reason behind his depression. Yet, dew to the lack of things to say, she settled on grabbing on to his hand, squeezing it to signal her support. In return he sent her a quick smile, pleased by the little sign of affection.

"He-ey! Kiddddd its Maka and Cronaaa!" Patty shouted as she answered the door. The sound of Soul's feet echoed in the big mansion, quickly over taken by Maka's loud reaction to being tossed in the air playfully. she giggled, running through to the kitchen, where kid stared at the burnt popcorn. "Oh my god kid, I told you eight minutes were too much!" Liz shook her head at him. "speaking of which, your psychologist is here." Kid turned around, putting on a big smile seeing that Maka looked at him with fake disappointment and laughter in her eyes. She actually started to like those little ticks he had, as they were kind of funny and harmless. well, mostly.

"The popcorn, Kid? really?" she proceeded to reach the ball of ashes, estimating the damage. "I ordered pizza, so it isn't that much of a problem." Maka made a pleased voice as she opened the freezer, pulling out a huge bucket of pistachio ice cream. Liz stared at her with shock, ready to lecture her about just whose house and whose ice cream it was, but a small glimpse of Kid's face stopped her. Maka WAS a roommate, at least from his point of view.

"I'm bord. Lets do something else." the movie they picked was a horror film, decided by Maka and Black*Star, for the simple fact that they both watched it together when they were younger. Coming up with the nostalgic story of sneaking at night and watching it, the movie turned out to be as lame as a skunk fart. Well, they did watch it as kids, so it might have been scary then. "I'm in. lets do something else, one more of these zombies and I might just have a meltdown." Soul rolled his eyes as Maka giggled. "what is it, their half flesh, half head, asymmetry?" usually Kid would get pissed, yet all he did is send her a smile. "I blame you" he said in a teasing tone. "Well, this IS pretty disappointing. Why not?" Tsubaki nodded in agreement. Liz was about to shut down the TV when Crona shouted. "No! I wanna watch." The boys stared at him, while the girls moved to form a circle. "Why? don't you wanna join?" KId asked eventually. "I don't really know how to deal with games." Corona whispered quietly. "oh, and dealing with zombies is just fine." Black*Star couldn't help a comment. "Don't be rude. come on Crona, we'll help." Kid stood up, offering his hand, and Maka couldn't help but think how hard it is for him. After all, from all the people, Crona is remarkably asymmetrical. She covered her mouth to hide a giggle at the thought.

"I'm used to Sid, so zombies are okey.." Crona's voice carried quietly, speaking to Black*Star. Kid put his hand down in embarrassment. "Wow, so you CAN deal with something, surprise surprise!" the mean words flew from his mouth without a second thought. "Black*Star, you're bullying him. Stop it." Tsubaki demanded in a sad yet demanding voice. "Why? he's never done anything to stop me." Maka's smile was long gone when she saw Corona looking so miserable. she was about to stand up when Crona continued. "Why do you always have to shout? I cant deal with you when you're so mean! your making me feel bad, even Tsubaki is distressed." Black*Star looked as if he was going to explode. "you're-" Tsubaki stood up, leading him away and out to a different room, where from the group could still hear shouts of anger and loud sobbing. "Are you calm now?" Kid asked eventually. Crona stared up at him. "If he wanna watch the stupid movie I say let him." Soul spoke up, ignoring the all five people focusing their attention on him. "he's done enough." Maka bit her lip. "Immatures" Liz says all of a sudden. "Come on Crona, I'll take you home." he nodded in hesitation and stepped outside.

"I think the pizza is here." Patty said in somewhat of a panick. Now that her sister was gone, the tension had been too much for her to deal with. "Soul, that was really mean." Maka said quietly as Patty ran out of the room. "and what he said to Black*Star was all nice and friendly, I suppose." he looked annoyed by the critic in her voice. "It is their mission to overcome and fix each other. you should not have taken a side." meanwhile, Kid was just walking around uncomfortably. "look whose talking, I saw you there about to chop Black*Star's head off. Isn't he your friend since birth? because, you didn't seem to even blink when he almost cried!" Maka bit her lip again, causing a drop of blood to form. "Stop talking, okey? I don't wanna speak with you right now." as her feelings turned worse, she couldn't figure what else to say. "Is that so? then you wouldn't mind sleeping outside will you? better, why not stay here? you seem preety comfortable with lover boy!" Kid turned his head to Soul, Shocked. "come again?" he asked with wide eyes. "No problem, jerk!" she yelled as Soul kicked his way out of the mansion. "woah, Soul-""Shut up Liz!" he yelled at her as she stepped inside. "what's his problem?" she gasped as they heard his motorcycle drive away. "Is it okey if I sleep over?" Maka asked with a broken voice. "of course" Kid cut her answer, and what could she say? it was his house.

Black*Star and Tsubaki left soon after. "I'm still bored." Patty stated, taking another bite of the mushroom covered pizza. "are you serious?" Kid asked, turning his face away from her as her bites were not symmetrical. "Come onnn, lets play!! don't be so boring." seeing as she knew her sister, Liz sat on the symmetrical carpet. "she's not giving up. just.. let her have the stupid game." Maka nodded and sat next to patty. "well.." Kid sat in hesitation. "I'm going to regret this."

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