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Black And White Roses/ part 4

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אכן כן, קימא

"truth or dare?" Patty's voice asked playfully. "that's so childish Patty, lets play something else." realizing she was overly confident agreeing, Maka started to regret her decision. "Chicken." Patty determined, moving on to Liz, who looked at her expectingly. "Liz, truth or dare?" Liz thought for a moment, considering the consequences. "we're all friends, truth." for a split second Patty looked disappointed. "Umm, if you had to-" Liz rolled her eyes. "Soul" Maka looked at her with wide eyes. "What? he's hot. better than most of the guys she was going to offer, common sense." Patty nodded in agreement, leaving Maka in a lightning struck expression. "Kid. truth.. or dare?" she rolled the words on her tongue mysteriously. you could almost see sweat on his forehead as he spoke. "I'll take dare?" Patty squalled with excitement. "I dare you to.." his eyes widened. "no, Patty-" she hushed him with her devilish expression. "to mess up your hair." he almost cried before getting his hand up to his hair and stroking it against it's natural direction. Then, closing his eyes, Kid collapsed. "Oh COME ON Kid as if it is your first time doing this. From someone whose bedhead is famous you would expect to at least stay conscious when his hair is misplaced." Maka laughed in surprise. "he's got a bedhead?" Liz shook her head. "don't tell me you've never seen it." Patty giggled. "I DO NOT have a bedhead." Kid claimed as he rose a hand in determination. "oh, I guess the treatment you gave him did work. Usually he'll stay faint." Kid's amber eyes drilled into her skin, bot causing Liz any discomfort whatsoever. "Kiddd you're ruining the game!!" Patty called in a pissed tone. "here, I'll fix you" Maka spoke quietly as she stroke kids hair back the right way. "you see? its not the end of the world." Kid sat back up, disturbed. "Maka, your turn again." "you skipped yourself!" "irrelevant details." "no fair, and I'm the chicken!"..

"Maka! OI! I'm sorry!" she ignored Soul's beg for forgiveness and sat in between Liz and kid, noticing Crona, Tsubaki and Black*Star are missing. "Crona said he'll ask lord shinigami-sama to unlist him." Maka felt as is she got shot by the hart. As much as Crona felt out of place at class, she did not expect him to leave without a notice. "why didn't he tell me?" she could feel Kid beside her partly listening. "maybe its because of last night." Maka turned to him with a horrified expression. "do you think so?" he pulled up his shoulders. "He would, as well. poor Crona." she pinned her face on to the desk, careless of all the people who touched it before. So unhygienic, it made Kid worry for her health.

"May I please stay here today as well? I'm still not done ignoring Soul." Maka and Kid sat at the garden and talked, as always trying to put some sense into their insane parts of character. "of course, we have tons of free space, so feel free to come whenever. Maybe we'll even build you a room. Only rule is to never wake up Liz and Patty before dawn, but that's for your own good." he shivered, rolling his memory back to the one time he did just that. "definitely not a good idea." Maka laughed, knowing the Thompson's have incredibly short temper when they're tiered.. Kid has already seen it all. "hey, Kid?" a weird thought passed through her mind. "what is it?" she felt the excitement flowing through her. "In the fight with a sura, didn't you tell me I had a weapon form?" he looked at her with surprise. "why the sudden interest?" she tilted her head. "I was just thinking, wasn't it supposed to show by now? do you know any way of releasing it?" he nodded. "well, I'm a meister, so naturally I wouldn't know. Try Liz, or Patty. Soul could help too when you'll make up, But I strongly recommend not to bug Tsubaki at this time." she waited until he finished before explaining herself. "I already tried it with Soul, but nothing happened so I thought I might need a Meister." the shinigami sat silently for a moment. "so, you're asking me to be your Meister? is that it?" a little smile appeared on his lips. "it's just until I get the hang of it, after all you have only two hands for two weapons, and I'm not here to push them away." he rose an eyebrow in surprise. "I thought you'd care more about Soul's feelings." she quickly denied. "I do care, It's only that Soul has more to do with my interests, and I'm trying to convince you. But yea, I guess I will miss him." she looked fowd, suddenly noticing Kid has offered her a hand. She slowly grabbed it, shaking it hesitatingly. "Its a deal then! lets go start working on it!"

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