Wohoooo Maka scythe yeaaa

Black And White Roses/ part 5

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Wohoooo Maka scythe yeaaa

"Nothing" She said, concerned. "I'm certain that if we meditate for just a little while, our soul resonation will wake the force. It's in you somewhere." Her eyes glittered as she made the bravest face she could and nodded her head. We sat down, looking at each other.

"I'm.. it feels strange." she claimed, making me excited once more. slowly but surly, Maka's hands became two medium sized blades. 'She's a two edged scythe.' I thought with adoration. I choked a bit when her the rest of her body changed, for she was.. a beauty, symmetrical. The two blades, patterned in teeth like blacks and whites, were connected by metal (just like her father's) on to a shining silver.. skull. From the bottom of the skull came the handle, which although being stiff and stable turned out to be covered in a symmetrical patterned green rubber- very comfortable and pretty. "Oh my god I did it!!" she sounded utterly excited, speaking through the blade. "Kid? what's the matter?" she asked, seeing my stunt face. "You have a really beautiful weapon form." she tuned off, probably digesting the compliment. "Thank you. I see it now, It's symmetrical, isn't it? how come?" Finally, she spoke. I shook my head, trying to gain focus. "Your weapon form is supposed to say something about you.." I stroke the flat side of her blade, it was so shiny and clear.. her reflected face looked back at me with confusion. "your blades, two of them- they symbol your pigtails, also making you much stronger- surpassing your father." I could feel her happiness, glowing through the weapon and into my hand. "And your handle, it's very long, like.." I blushed, hoping she won't get the wrong Idea. "It's also green, just like your eyes. Nicely balanced." I simply could not describe my deep adoration for her. "And the middle bit?" she asked, pointing out the part holding both blades and the handle together. "Its.. silver, probably because of Soul's hair color. He is a part of you nonetheless. The shape might just be there to show how badass you are." she seemed pleased by the explanation. "So incredible.. I cant allow you not becoming a death scythe, It will be such a shame." She smiled, returning back to human form. "Don't worry, I definitely will be."

"Soul" her voice scared the living shit out of me. Its been almost a week since the fight I had with Maka, and every single day felt like shit. As angry as I might have been, I had to get her to come back. "Maka! so you're talking to me now?" she smiled, satisfied. "I think you've learned your lesson. By the way, I missed you too." I clinched my fists, trying not to sob in front of everyone. "That's.. so uncool. Don't do that again." She grinned, offering me her hand. I took it, giving her a short hug. "Soul and Maka, sitting on.." I turned my eyes forwards Patty, finding Kid already shutting her up with a glare. "Guess what?" Maka said as she recaptured my attention. "Ha?" I shouted, seeing as her hand turned into a sharp blade. "Pretty cool, isn't it? Kid taught me." I choked when she morphed into a scythe, jumping into Kid's hand. He swung her skillfully, causing a small crowd to form. A couple of whispers passed through. "Here, She's all yours." Kid suddenly threw the scythe at me. "Woah!" I struggled to catch the surprisingly heavy weapon. "Is it your first time carrying a weapon?" I nodded, embarrassed by the stares of the crowd. "That's fixable, I mean, you can always learn. But it will require some serious work- being a meister is much harder than being a weapon." I breathed slowly, trying to keep cool. "Okey.. thanks." At this point I expected the crowd to go away, surprising enough, this wasn't the case. "why are they staring at us?" I asked Scythe Maka. Kid made a weird face. "Why wouldn't they? it's not as if you see this everyday." it took me a minute before I realized what he was referring to. "Why do you have two blades? is it some kind of a genetic bug?" Kid's stare intensified. "there's nothing wrong with me you dumbass!" I blushed. There were still people watching me, giggling at me. "She's just a one-of-a-kind type of weapon. Don't you feel how nicely balanfed she is? and very sharp, too." Kid seemed to adore her new form. "Well, she is kinda heavy, but I don't see a problem with that. I'm new to this, don't expect me to suddenly know everything." My choice of words for Maka screaming. "Just change back and let's go to class already, will we?" I couldn't but feel that I missed on something huge in her life, concerning kid.

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