KiMa forever

Black And White Roses/ part 6

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KiMa forever

It has been a week.
"Happy birthday!" Maka opened her eyes, surprised by the small gang that gathered in her tent. She saddened when remembering who was the tent missing- Corona, he stayed at home by his own will. "You guys.." she grinned, stretching her arms. "We thought you will appreciate us surprising you for a change." Liz smiled, turning over to her sister. Patty, on the other hand, seemed to be fascinated be the giraffe drawn on the side of the tent- probably forgetting she was the one to put it there a couple of months ago. "Birthday nerd hug!" Soul wrapped his arms around Maka, causing her to lose breath. "Oh, my." Kid quickly walked around and started brushing her hair into pigtails. "Wha, what the hell man?" Maka breathed in relief when Soul loosened his grip. "It's okey, thank you Kid." Soul still looked rather confused, as were the others in the tent- anybody but Liz and Patty, they have seen it all. "What? he's only doing my hair." The two laughed at the cute stares. She laid back, causing Kid to stop laughing and start complaining. "Well, we have a mission to attend. who's making breakfast?" The faces of the group all turned pale as Tsubaki casually smiled. "Black*Star is-" Maka swiftly got up, still in her bra and shorts, and ran with the rest to try and save what's left of breakfast. "God dam it Tsubaki!" She yelled, giving both Soul and Kid Maka-Chops for their epic nosebleeds.

"Okay okay stop bugging me, I'll open it." The members of the group shouted in excitement as Maka excepted their presents. The Spartoi group at the time was out to a mission in a grave forest, in order to hunt a dangerous pre-kishin of a wood cutter that terrorised the nearby villages. The problem was, not in fighting the kishin, but in finding him first. As it was a powerful creature, they decided not to split up, which made the search much longer. They didn't mind that, actually. It was Maka who insisted on going on a mission to ditch her father on her birthday- therefore, they had no need to rush. But opening presents in a wild forest? what will she do if she lost them? it took a lot of convincing, but in the end she broke.

The presents were very simplistic. Cute hair clips from Tsubaki, a signature by Black*Star, a cute knitted giraffe hat from Patty, and a pair of earrings by Liz. ("My ears aren't even pierced!" "Well, they never had a reason to get pierced did they? Now they do.") eventually came Kid's turn. He handed Maka a big book. "Wh- but I've already read this one before..?" she sounded a bit disappointed, then amazed by the looks of the first page. "Oh my god! it's signed by the author! where the EFF did you get this precious treasure? and how.. my name?? explain!" he blushed slightly, grinning at her. "I may or may not have written a small story of my own in between the lines, used some of my reaper charm to pass through the mirror in his hotel, and got him to sign Beelzelzbub as well as the book. And even if I did, It was you who helped me practice asymmetrical writing so I could shape this the way I wanted." Tears sparkled in her eyes, she hugged him as hard as possible. "You're making me seem like a nerd, getting so excited over a book." he was about to replay when Soul coughed. The reaper and scythe meister blushed, noticing the stares the group has given them. "I'm.. I bought you a bunch of stuff." Soul started rambling, passing her the gifts. "Here is.. a shirt, 'as sharp as a blade', because.. you're smart, and you have blades, so its funny like that. And than I made you your oun headband, like I wear, only with your name, so we can match.. and.. there's also this new pair of combat boots, and they're really heavy so I'm glad your taking ’em now." Maka smiled, wondering at heart why did he sound so insecure. He rarely ever dropped the cool guy mask, so why here? why now? "Awesome, thanks!" She hurried into a hug, thinking of whatever could've upset him.

Maka's point of view

It was my turn to guard the camp while the rest went searching. "Ill catch up in a bit!" Kid shouted to Black*Star, staying near my guarding spot. "aren't you going, too?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "You didn't really think I was finished, only given you a book?" I laughed slightly, rolling my eyes. "don't look, close your eyes." I did as he said with slight suspicion. Is this where my life becomes of a book? is he going.. to kiss me? I shuddered when feeling his hand hold mine, sliding cold metal on the middle finger. "Open." As I did so I realized he had given me one of his two symmetrical rings. "But.. you won't be symmetric.." He pulled up his shoulders. "it's.. still there, only seen from a different perspective. If we're together, we will be perfect." He blushed once more. "That is so sweet! thank you!" I tagged his shirt into a hug. Today everybody were.. so hugable.

Soul's point of view

He gave her his fudjing ring. I never knew he could survive with only one.
than again, It was Maka who helped him out of his helpless state. Maka could do anything.
It still bugged me.
I was the one to give her matching headbands, but all she would wear is this stupid silver ring. Am I supposed to be offended? Or is it simply because it was a headband? No, Maka never wore accessories anyway. I can see her better wearing a headband than I could see her wearing a ring.
A ring? does it hint to something more than I've thought? are they.. dating? I knew oldschool guys had given a ring to their girlfriends, and both of them ARE nerds. He would totally do that. Is that it? I went back to today's morning, Kid brushing Maka's hair, like she would brush mine sometimes. Only.. I needed the brush, Maka was just a little messy.
'No time.' I thought, As the woodcutter barged through the trees.

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