פרק ראשון :) מקווה שנהנתם, תגיבו ותעזרו לי להשתפר. הסיפור הזה גמור ונמצא על המחשב שלי אבל אני תמיד שמחה לקבל עצות לסיפורים אחרים שלי

My Cupid: Chapter 1-Meeting him

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פרק ראשון :) מקווה שנהנתם, תגיבו ותעזרו לי להשתפר. הסיפור הזה גמור ונמצא על המחשב שלי אבל אני תמיד שמחה לקבל עצות לסיפורים אחרים שלי

כמה הסברים קטנים על הכתיבה:
1- משפטים ומילים שנכתבים בין ** הם נאמרים בקוריאנית
2- יש כאן מילים בקוריאנית שכתובות באנגלית, בדר"כ יש פירוש בסוגריים ליד, אם אין אל תפחדו לשאול מה הפירוש שלהם :)

I first knew him as just Yixing, the boy fresh off of the airplane from Korea. I'm a part
of a youth program to deepen the connection between American and South-Korean people. I drove to the airport in my own car to pick him up at around noon, I held a sign in my hands that had his name written on it in Korean so he could find his "tour-guide" for the time that he will spend in America, there are a few other kids from my group picking up their partner for this program so I wasn't completely alone.
"Hey K who did you get?" someone from my group asked as he elbowed me, I sighed and turned to him
"His name is Yixing, and you?" I said in a provoking tone and he left me be, I shook my head and continued gazing at the airport doors.
The doors opened at once and a large group of teenagers walked quietly towards us, I stretched my neck in search of the person to come up to me. Some group of Korean and Americans bumped into me and made me drop my phone on the floor, I squatted to pick my phone up when my forehead clashed with someone else's forehead and I flinched in pain.
"Aww! Hey be carefu-" I stopped mid-sentence when I looked up and saw one of the Korean students rubbing his forehead in pain.
"Yongseo, I-I'm uhmm sorry?" he said while stuttering the English words in hesitation, I mentally laughed and picked up my phone,
"Its fine, my fault." I answered and straightened myself to face him properly, I looked at him and studied his features,
~He's taller than me ten centimeters maybe less , his dark brown hair cut in a bowl style and he's wearing a baggy jacket and elegant pants, a duffle bag slung from his shoulders and one of his shoe's lace is untied. He has big rounded eyes and heart shaped lips. Overall you can say I enjoy looking at him~
"*Annyeong (hello), *my name is Kyungsoo, but you can call me D.O." He said and bowed, I immediately bowed to him and smiled
"*Annyeong, *my name is Kathrin, but you can just call me K." I said and held out my hand for him to shake, he took it with hesitation and smiled as we shook hands.
"Are you my partner?" He asked and I held my sign, he snorted trying not to laugh and I furrowed my eyebrows, he then took my sign and turned it upside down
"*You're holding it the wrong way up*" He said in Korean probably forgetting where he is, "Oh, I'm sorry you were holding-" I stopped him with a smile and answered him
"*I understand Korean don't worry.*" He smiled awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck. He read the sign and looked at me with a smirk,
"I know who your partner is."
"Really? Who?" I asked and he pointed me to a direction where a group of about ten boys was standing and talking to each other, he then grabbed me by the wrist and half dragged me to them. When we got to the group he let go of my arm and cleared his throat to get the boys attention, I counted how many of them were there,
~one, two, three.. Twelve boys including Kyungsoo, wow that’s a lot of Koreans to talk to, you can manage Kathrin, you studied Korean hard. ~
"*Hey guys, meet Kathrin, she's Lay's partner.*" He said and pushed my back gently so they can see me,
"*Aniyo (no) I'm Yixing's partner, *you got it mixed up D.O." I said waving my hands as if I'm rejecting the idea, they all laughed except for two or three of them that kept a straight face.
"Annyeong Kathrin I'm Yixing, *but my nickname is Lay." One of them said and stepped forward so I could see him, I smiled and looked at him
~Like Kyungsoo he has a bowl like hair cut but his is spiky and his hair is brighter, he's way taller than me and I have to tilt my head up to look at his face. His face is angled but soft, his lips are thin and his eyes are almost closed that it looks like his high, he's wearing a black tank top and a blue plaid button-down that one or two buttons are closed, his black jeans are hanging low on his waist and he's wearing a pair of blue Van's~
"It's nice to meet you Lay, *now we have to go so I can tell you about where you'll be staying. *We'll meet your friends in the evening at the party." I told him and he nodded in response,
"Wait there's a party? *Why am I always the last one to know?*" One of the taller boys said in a deep voice as Yixing and I walked out to the parking lot. We got to my car and he looked at it with awe, a white convertible cooper s with drawings of flowers on the doors that I painted myself with special paint, I opened the trunk and Yixing put his stuff in it
"*Is that your own car?*" He asked as he slowly brushed his fingers on the drawing,
"*Ne, *and I painted that myself so please be careful when you touch it." I said and closed the trunk with a forceful push, I went to the driver's side and jumped in without opening the door. "Get in, we don't have all day." I told him and opened the door for him, he got in and buckled his seat belt, I smiled and put on my Armani sunglasses. I started the car and started driving fast out of the airport and towards my house.

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