This ship. This anime. It will be the end of me

Soul eater/ fanfic

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This ship. This anime. It will be the end of me

"It's over"
The white haired teen sighed in relief as he felt the tension leaving his body. He stood up, liking his lips in expectation. Once he eats this soul, his life dream will be fulfilled- for that was the last soul, belonging to a witch.
His partner closed her eyes. Not once did he fellt so close to her, through all the adventures they had, all of the times he wanted to kiss her.
Soul and Maka, a weapon and his maister.
Sudden glimpse of hesitation filled him as he held the soul in his hand, realizing for the first time the full consequences of eating it.
He will become a death siece.
He will be separated from Maka.
He didn't want this.
"It's over." Her voice echoed inside his head.
He didn't want it to be over.
"Soul.." His sholder itched in reaction to the warmth of her hand. He pulled himself together, smirking at her. Stay cool, he had to stay cool. "I'm fine." His voice stuttered at the lie. "Gee" Maka sighed as her hand moved on to a hugging position, surprising both Soul and herself.
"I don't want it to end either"
Soul closed his eyes in surrender. She was his soulmate, no wonder she could see through him- well, mostly.
"We can always pretend that we lost." He rumbled in somewhat of a depressed moan. Maka tilted her head down. "Stop being such a wimp." His eyes widened in surprise at the venom of her words. Slowly, he realized what she ment.
"Cool guys never give up things that are important to them!" His hart filled with courege, strengthening a little by little in every word.
"Then I guess," A huge smirk spread on his face, revealing a line of shark like teeth. "I should find a way of keeping you close when we're split." -And with these words, Soul Evens kissed his maister.

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