חבל שאי אפשר למחוק כאן תגובות.


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חבל שאי אפשר למחוק כאן תגובות.

Your eyes are the dirtiest oceans I’ve ever seen.
I bet you have no idea how lost I am in them.
Your deep, silent waters, which I’ve drowned in long ago.
I’ve never intended to float in them, and I didn’t. I never did.
It’s such a strange feeling, to fear something that you know there’s no need to fight.
The slight fright of your peaceful, still, blue oceans was nothing like ruined boats or wars. It was something different, something I’ve never experienced before.
Like neat, clean sails, that reminded me of curtains.
Falling through your warm, calming windows felt like soft wind lifting the edges of my papers.

White papers, like white foam of waves, like what’s between the lines.
I want to know it all.

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זה ממש יפה אבל לדעתי היית צריכה ליבחור בקטגוריית שירים ולא באהבה
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אוהבת אותך בלב יתחת ❤

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