Chapter 6- The first kiss of Carolina and Alexander

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Alexander went to try to arouse Carolina who opened her eyes and did not even understand why she fainted.

" you are fine?" Asked Alexander anxiously.

Carolina watched him for a long time and said nothing.

"I do not understand what happened suddenly, what did I really fainted?" Carolina asked with an embarrassed smile.

"Everything's fine, you have nothing to worry about, you've fainted, and now what do you feel?" Alexander reassured Carolina with a promising smile.

"I feel good as always, why are you so worried about me? I think we should concentrate on looking for the suitcase again, what do you think? You think like me? " Carolina exclaimed with determination and acted as if nothing had happened.

"No, I think we should give up, because the car has already been burned and I do not have a magic solution to know how I will return back to my apartment!" Alexander objected to the search for the lost suitcase and he noticed the history. She stood far away from him, watching him as if he had committed a very terrible past and she was holding the suitcase Carolina had insisted on finding.

"Vitti, what do you think you're doing? If you do not notice, I'm learning with my Spanish teacher a familiar song I'm going to perform at one of my shows." Asked Alexander earnestly, expecting an answer from Vitoria.

"I do not think you deserve that I answer you, after I discover you're still going free with your pious Spanish teacher, I take this suitcase and go to my house." Cried Vittoria furiously.

"Let's talk like two adults please, you want to be angry with me, be as angry as you want, give me the suitcase without argument, what's the matter with us, can you tell me?" Alexander did not understand why Vittoria was suddenly angry with him.

"Let me go, because with or without the suitcase, we do not go back together until you do not thank you for being in love with your Spanish teacher, is not it?" Vittoria cried nervously.

Alexander no longer knew what he wanted of himself, Vittoria's behavior somewhat embarrassed him.

Oliver was almost bursting with nervousness, now he was almost certain that Carolina was in love with Alexander, he was not interested in seeing them together.

"Now I understand why Carolina wanted to travel in time, and I do not really like it when she continues to be interested in this repulsive Alexander." Said Oliver furiously.

"We have to convince her to come back with us, I do not like the sixties at all." Said Maryna firmly.

"I really notice you're suffering, because you're not the only one who feels that way, except Lucia, right?" Oliver called cynically.

When Alexander arrived at his apartment, the first thing he did was to take off his shoes and jump straight into the pool of streams.

Carolina suddenly had a desire to take off her clothes and join Alexander.

"Very pleasant in the water, you are also invited to join." Said Alexander with a broad smile.

"I'm coming to you too, are you ready?" Said Carolina with a mischievous smile as she prepared herself for the jump, she leaped unstoppably and splashed in all directions.

He grabbed her in his arms without being ready for it and kissed her.

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