Chapter 7- William’s restrictive conditions

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William clapped his hands so tightly that Carolina and Alexander in the middle of the kiss were so frightened. Carolina looked around in shock.

Alexander looked at him with a surprised look and did not know what to say to defend himself.

"Wait, Alex, I …" Carolina tried to explain what had happened, but then William looked at Alexander with a piercing look and punched him.

"No, carry on with your kiss, Carolina, how do you say in Spanish," You stuck a knife in my back? What good taste, man, is that how you betray vittoria!” William said with hatred.

Carolina was totally frightened, what would she do now? She wondered what her present friends were doing without her.

"What do you have, William? What have I done? It's not that I did something forbidden. All in all, we kissed. I ask you in every possible way to say nothing to Vitoria. It will destroy her. " Alexander asked with a red face.

You really did not feel sorry for her when you kissed Carolina, so I have no reason to feel sorry for you," William added, and approached Carolina and Alexander, "Do not forget what you taught him in class. I see you have someone to learn from. You're a good teacher, "he said, disappearing into the darkness.

Alexander, what are we doing?" Cried Carolina under pressure. She went round and round.

"Believe me I do not know ?!" Alexander added in confusion. He realized he was in trouble with William. Vittoria's brother.

"I'll try, just tell me what we'll do now!" Said Carolina under pressure.

"I do not know, tell me you!" Alexander added pressure on her. Carolina was even more pressed than before.

"I can not be responsible for your parting, Alexander." She said, and began to cry bitterly.

The group from the United States was looking for Alexander's apartment, They noticed from a distance the Nicholas Ice Cream and they decided to try their luck and ask where the legendary singer's house was, Alexander Smith.

Just as they entered, they saw a passing figure beside them. Oliver felt a sigh of relief when he recognized Carolina.

Carolina was in shock. And she was obviously very angry.

Why did you follow me and come here, do not you trust me?" Said Carolina angrily.

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