Chapter 8-Closed for a whole night in Nicholas' Ice Cream

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"What we're doing is trying to convince you right now to come back with us for 2014. And there's no argument that you're coming with us whether you like it or not. "Oliver read proudly and rustled the keys Nicholas had given him while he went to rest at home.

"Well, Oliver, do not be childish! I gave you two days for me to come back. And I decided to stay a little longer to find out why Alexander Smith had been murdered. I promise you!” She tried to speak to him, but Oliver, seeing that Carolina was not willing to cooperate with him, hardened his heart even more.

he went to the door and closed it until Carolina was not persuaded to go back with them for 2014.

"Look, baby, it's true that it's nice to travel in time and everything. Visit all kinds of periods in the past. And I was excited the first time I discovered the time machine. But everything you do is very dangerous and time is not a game, it could end badly if you do not realize you might be murdered. "" I will not let that happen to you, too! "Oliver said anxiously to Carolina, She looked at him with a red face.

"me, are you worried about me, so I have news for you, I'm not leaving 1965 until I find out the truth!" She flung his face nervously, went to the door and opened it tightly.

The desperate Oliver opened the door, having no choice, he felt he had lost the argument with Carolina.

"It's final, your decision to stay here? Listen, because I will not repeat myself again, as soon as you leave, everything between us will end. Girls, I can not convince her, maybe you'll be able to convince her! "Said to them, and left the ice cream shop with tears in his eyes.

"Wait a minute, Oliver, do not go, we have not finished talking yet." Carolina added desperately, but Oliver had not heard her before.

"Carolina, sit down, we need to talk." The girls ordered her.

Carolina went back and sat down on the chair.

"Carolina, we're excited to see you, we thought we would not find you. Would you tell us how it feels to be in those strange sixties?" The girls inquired about the matter and looked at Caroline curiously.

"Listen to me, you will not believe what happened to me, it's the most exciting thing in the world! I kissed Alexander Smith!" She said excitedly.

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