Eleven laws of friendship- chapter 1

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Avital and Gabriel were friends. But Gabriel had other friends. Avital is jealous when she sees him surrounded by pretty girls.

She told herself that she had no right to be jealous if there was no further between them.

Because Gabriel is already a big boy and he can do what he wants only so that their friendship will not be harmed.

There were days when she really jealous of them.

And she would just hide it from Gabriel.

But now, it was hard to be Gabriel`s friend when every second –year – old watched him through the corridors of the school.

She got used to the situation and did not complain about it.

If she told Gabriel a word about it , then maybe they would get away and then they would stop being friends.

She wrote on a page in white inscriptions “ eleven laws of friendship.” This was the title the top of the page . when she came before him and began to read the rules to him.

He began to laugh .

“ what rules in your mind?” he said , and gave her a pat on the back. “ should not I be nice to everyone?” Gabriel said, pinching avital on the cheek.

“ nice is a little delicate word to describe why so beautiful girls are after you. What you are doing all the time is to get them to chase you.

I`m not jealous but it`s not nice to see how much tyranny you have!” avital said nervously , and Gabriel concluded that they were red and angry.

“ I think there`s someone here who`s jealous of me!” said Gabriel with pleasure .

“ no , i`m not jealous , I just how many are after you. And I expect you to flow the eleven laws of friendship!” said avital irritably , then said nothing because she had nothing to say.

“ I `ve already read the eleven rules of friendship and you know what I think , which I think for many years of friendship I think we should stop being friends.” He said loudly .

“ you`re not serious , we can not stop being friendship and i`ve knowen each other since childhood .

I`m promise I will not be jealous anymore, girls or not , I will not lose you because of them!” avital added with determination .

“ well , but on condition that these eleven rules of friends be destroyed .

I will be your friend again if you promise me that you will not interfere with seeing me in the company of other girls!” pointed out Gabriel confidently .

“ I agree!” avital confirmed and Gabriel smiled at her .

“ we`re friends again!” Gabriel announced triumphantly and gave avital a kiss on the cheek .

Avital watched him for a long time , she still did not understand what that kiss meant.

“ what is the meaning of this kiss?” avital asked curiously.

“ just a goodbye kiss , but please do not take it seriously .” he added.

He kept looking at her , his blue eyes sparking.

“ a farewell kiss?” avital called in disappointment .

“ do not think bad , I do not mean we will stop being friends, you are very important person in my life and it will always remain that way !” Gabriel said with a smile.

Avital smiled sadly and looked back at him.

“ okay , i`ll try to keep my distance , even if pretty girls are after you!” avital promised.

“ well, I`m going!” he said happily .

When Gabriel left , avital began to cry.

Suddenly Rafael came to her and offered her a short walk .

“ you look terrible , someone has to take you for a walk so your mood will get better !” Rafael said with a grin.

Avital did not know what to say .

“ if you say, then you`re probably right .” avital agreed .

Rafael laughed when she agreed to hang out with him.

“ what , after a hard day?” asked Rafael gently .

“yes , but I`d rather not talk about it!” she added, looking at him in embarrassment.

“ are you coming before I change my mind?” he asked, and she nodded her head.

She followed him until she saw Gabriel with some pretty girls.

Avital thought she almost burst out of jealousy and frustration .

Rafael did not notice when avital ran towards them and took the girls away from Gabriel .

“ quietly leave my friend!” avital continued to envy their closeness to him.

“ and who are you? His girlfriend?” the girls said furiously and refused to move away from Gabriel .

“ your boyfriend is beautiful !” said a blue-eyed girl sitting on his lap .

“ I`m not her boyfriend, I`m just a friend!” he remained them angrily and he noticed avital.

“ that`s how you treat your friend?” one of the girls asked avital with a teasing smile.

Rafael also noticed avital and kept her away from Gabriel and the girls.

“ I got your piece!” Rafael called with a mischievous smile.

Avital turned to him and looked at him sharply.

“ what part of ?” she said without a smile and continued to stare at Gabriel , who was constantly smiling at the girls.

“ you are jealous! “ he said , laughing .

Avital did not laugh at what he said.

“ what`s going on , avitali , do you have any feelings for Gabriel ? “ asked Rafael , looking after her.

Eleven laws of friendship- chapter 1
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