Eleven laws of friendship – chapter 2

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“ no!” avital replied without thinking.

“ what “ no”?” asked Rafael in confusion.

Avital did not answer and was silent. Gabriel went home without her and she sat here with a man who did not understand her.

“ you have feelings for gabriel, answer me yes or no?” he demanded that she take what she felt to him by force. Avital did not want to coopearate with him.

“ I do not feel it, I said I did not want to talk about him , about gabriel !” avital said with a huff.

She got up and walked away furiously because she had no patience to listen to Rafael .

“ where do you think you`re going?” Rafael said angrily and stood up because he wanted to accompany her home.

“ no , you`ll stay here , l `ll go home alone , I know the way by heart.” Avital added in confidently , and Rafael stayed in the garden alone.

When she got home. She went straight up to her room and she lay down on the bed.

Her hand went to her cell phone and as if automatically she immediately wanted to call gabriel .

Finally avital regretted it . gabriel phoned her to see if she was all right.

“ hey ,” she replied sharply.

“ hey , I just wanted to know if you`re okay, you`re home. Well , i`m glad!” said gabriel with a sigh of relief to hear that avital was at home and everything would be all right.

“ I`m in bed and there`s an air conditioner!” avital said positively .

“ what was that jealous scene you did to me in the garden when you saw me with some other pretty girls!” gabriel asked in a curious voice .

“ oh , nothing , I just did not like it when they caught you like that. That`s all. Do not think I`m jealous or anything.” Avital said nervously .

“ well , avital , are you sure you`ll be all right?” he asked gently and laughed .

“ I have no problem with your friends, but it starts to cloud our friendship , I do not want to lose you, you`re my friend . you`re are very important in my life. So I say it from a little fanatic place. Somehow.” Avital added in a positive tone.

“ well , if you say it like that, then you`re not jealous.” Said gabriel and the conversation broke off.

Avital read a book and stopped in the middle because she fell asleep .

Early in the morning she decided with gabriel to eat ice cream because she had not thought a better place than that .

“ wow , you know why you dressed in a festive way ?” avital asked gabriel , excited that she had only gone out with gabriel without any more pretty girls in the background .

Without thinking that he could been alone with them.

She would be alone with him at last.

“ do not say you did not like it!” gabriel protested in frustration .

“ yes , I love what you wear. It`s beautiful!” she complimented him because she did not know what to say.

“ thank you, thank you, so you dragged me to the city just to have ice cream together . can I ask you what you`re up to?” gabriel asked suspiciously.

Avital said nothing and laughed . his face was red and flushed.

“ you can be calm . I`m not planning anything . just eat ice cream together and that`s it.” Avital said with a promising smile.

“ okay, let`s say and I believe you. I want to be sure do not have a plan for me to be your boyfriend , because it will not happen. We`re just friends.” He slapped her in the face.

“ okay, I understand , but I want a moment with you alone, without any background for the beautiful girls.” Avital called in disappointment .

“ I`m glad we understand each other. Now let`s eat ice cream together!” gabriel cried with a triumphant smile.

He put his hand in hers and did not notice at all that they were walking toward the ice cream parlor.

He tried to keep her by her side.

“ here we are!” avital called encouragingly. They went into the galleria and ordered both a bubble –gum ice cream.

“ what a cool place!” gabriel exclaimed enthusiastically. Avital gave him a gloomy smile.

He noticed her sad face . he went over to her and stroked her hair softly .

“ hey , do not be sad!” he said to her and came closer to her.

“ you`ll think I`m crying too!” cried avital indignantly .

“ avitali , what happened ? until a second ago you felt in the sky that I was going out with you!” he continued to look at her with his blue eyes.

Avital looked down. Not to let her go.

“ I .. I ..” avital mumbled in confusion . but she knew she should not destroy the friendship between them.

“ what?” asked gabriel in a curious tone.

“ nothing.” She said finally .

“ now talk , before I lose my patience !” he cried in frustration.

Avital did not know where to begin.

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