True love
האם רוזלינה תישאר עם בלדמרו?

rosa desnuda capitulo 1

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האם רוזלינה תישאר עם בלדמרו?

The beautiful Rosalina and Baldrawo shared together dreams of running together so that they could live happily ever after, In order to start a new life, they decide to run away together because their family will not agree to connect.

Rosalina confesses to the faithful maid, Catalina, about her intention to run away with her lover, Baldaro. The maid offers her to give up her love because her parents will not agree that she will be with Baldaro.

Rosalina is quite sure of herself and believes that no one will prevent them from realizing the dreams they share together.

Baldemaro’s father did not like him at all from the moment he came into the world, he did everything to see him sad, and not pleased that he had become a gardener.

Baldromo tells him that he did all this out of pure love for his land, and that he would do whatever he could to show him how wrong he was about him.

Salvario uses it for his own favors and does not care at all about work, he just enjoys seeing Baldemaro’s suffering because he keeps accusing him of being in touch with someone who is a few years his junior.

He did not want Baldermo to be with Rosalina, because he would not let them continue to meet with each other. He will never allow these two to continue implementing their future plan.

Baldromo and Rosalina continue to meet secretly Even though the families of both will not lend a hand to the continuation of their relationship, Rosalina informs her family that she will marry her beloved, Baldermo

Her brother Ramiro tells Rosalina that he will never let them be truly happy, because on his part, Baldaro will always be a simple worker.

Baldromo makes it clear to Remiro that his little sister, Rosalina, is very important to him and he does not intend to give it up despite everything he says.

Ramiro insists that Baldromo and Rosalina not be together because he will not rest until he can separate them.

Baldmyro is ready to fight for Rosalina’s love despite Ramiro’s threat that he keep them away for good.

Rosalina runs away from her home in order to be with her beloved Belvedere because Ramiro does not want them to continue to be together. She says she wants to stay with him because Ramiro is threatening her if she dares to defy him.

Alba is a beautiful and attractive woman, but unfortunately with a bad heart that intends to separate Rosalina from Baldmaro and is supported by Ramiro, Rosalina’s great brother.

rosa desnuda capitulo 1
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