rosa desnuda capitulo 2

Ramiro suggests that Alba join forces to separate Baldemaro from Rosalina, blaming Baldromo for disturbing his little sister without interruption, Alba aligning with him so that Baldemero will spend many years in prison so he will not marry Rosalina.

Alba tells Ramiro that under one condition he will not say a word to anyone, not to say that he will do anything to thwart the dangerous cooperation between them. Certainly not Rosalina, who does not suspect that Ramiro and Alba are planning to separate them this time for good.

Alba congratulates Ramiro on their new partnership and they celebrate the young friendship that was born between them with a glass of champagne.

Alba and Ramiro laugh confidently that no one will ever know about the secret cooperation that has been created between Alba and Ramiro.

Ramiro me confiesa que a él nunca le gustó Baldromo y que no quería que Rosalina estuviera con él, por eso estaba seguro de que su asociación sería un éxito vertiginoso.

No saben que cuando planifican su plan malicioso, Rosalina y Baldmaro planean escapar juntas para que sus familias no las separen.

Catalina, the maid who knows Rosalina is about to run away with Baldaro, hears the conversation between Alba and Remiro. Catalina is afraid that Alba and Baldraw will manage to separate Rosalina from Baldmaro.

When Alba is about to leave, she opens the door unexpectedly, sees Catalina there, both agitated and frightened. Ramiro left the room behind her.

They threaten Catalina not to dare open her mouth because otherwise they will send someone to kill her. Catalina says she does not believe Ramiro is unaware of how bad and crazy Alba is, and that he can not imagine how much Elba has on people she makes them trust.

alba tells Ramiro that it is better to look elsewhere so that they can talk quietly without anyone interfering with them to start the program in order to separate Rosalina from Baldmaro and send him to jail for continuing to bother his little sister .

In their hiding place Rosalina promises Baldemero that they will always stay together, that no one can separate them. Baldromo gives Rosalina a thalion that belonged to his late mother, Romina. They do not imagine that Alba and Ramiro are plotting a wicked plan to separate them. Rosalina and Baldmaro are more in love than ever and do not think that Ramiro, her older brother wants to distance them.

Alba leaves the house and Ramiro escorts her out and wishes her that their plan will succeed in the hope that she will agree to cooperate with him.

Alba reassures him that he has nothing to worry about and that she will do her share in the new partnership between them.

What she does not know is that Catalina watches them both from the window upstairs and looks at them with careful suspicion so as not to allow them to hurt Rosalina and Baldemaro.

Catalina is really afraid to speak because she remembered that Alba and Ramiro threatened not to talk to anyone about their partnership.

But she was worried about the safety of Rosalina and Baldrawo and she wanted to warn them so it would not be too late and they would be hurt by Alba and Ramiro’s evil, she knew the risk well if she opened her mouth, told all she knew about the two planning to send Baldermo to jail About the rape of a woman he had never known.

Catalina goes outside to see if Alba is already gone, Ramiro tells her to stay indoors and warns her not to listen to private conversations because he is hinting to her that if she daresay that she knows about his partnership with Alba.

He slaps her so that she will understand the message and so will not destroy that he and Alba are planning to separate Rosalina from Baldmaro.

rosa desnuda capitulo 2
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