rosa desnuda capitulo 3

Catalina concocted an idea of how to get out of the complicated situation she had with Alba and Ramiro, Rosalina’s brother.

She can not allow Elba and Ramiro to carry out the evil plan against Baldermaro and Rosalina, that they want to run together to get married.

Alba meets Veronica, far from Ramiro’s suspicious eyes and blames her for everything that happens to her in life, that there will never be anyone who will love and protect her because she is the daughter of a bastard and that she will never be able to find friends so she will not feel alone.

Veronica slaps her and they quarrel with each other, and Alba leaves her in the middle of the argument. When she trembled with fear, her hands were completely cold. But Veronica is not going to give her up and is determined to put her in her place.

Veronica went over to Elba and told her they could talk like two adults, Alba attacks her with a particularly severe and painful beating. That Veronica could not last any longer and she took the vase on the shelf and broke it on Veronica’s head. Finally Alba murdered Veronica without anyone witnessing the abominable murder she had committed with her own hands.

Alba takes the broom to clean the fragments of the vase left on the floor so that they do not think there is any conclusive evidence linking to Veronica’s murder of course she did it herself, the blood left in her hands was the only thing she wanted to leave as it was. She was looking for where she would place Veronica’s bloodied body, she decided to leave her sprawled on the floor and she called the ambulance quickly without saying that she had actually murdered Veronica.

When an ambulance arrives at the entrance to collect some information about the body in Alba’s home, Alba pretended to be crying over Veronica, even though she was really pleased that she had died of her and now she was not standing on her head. Although they were really far away, they were good friends.

As long as Veronica was not a nuisance for her, there would be no one to thwart her evil plan with Ramiro to separate Baldmaro and Rosalina once and for all.

Alba wanted to disguise the real truths and prove that someone else had committed the heinous murder and not it. She decided on her own, so that he would not even suspect that she had actually murdered Veronica.

Alba wanted to hide from everyone while the hospital was analyzing Veronica in order to save her life and if it did not work then someone must have tried to kill her, the doctors had no doubt that she had not fallen and broke her leg or hand.

There was one logical reason for all this madness that she might have been murdered By someone who still can not know who did it and why.

Alba makes contact with Ramiro and asks him to let her stay in his house for a few days because she is the real murderer of Veronica, after she tried to stop her from cooperating with Ramiro. Ramiro said he could not shelter a murderer like her after she murdered Veronica The police will follow her all the time.

Alba is angry at him and, out of anger, she hangs up the conversation and decides to go on hiding and there is no point in trusting Ramiro to help her.

The angry Alba decides to learn to manage alone after her conversation with Ramiro, she decided that despite her anger she would continue to cooperate with him because Ramiro was innocent and certainly fit to play his part in separating Baldmaro and Rosalina and continue with the crimes she committed.

Veronica loses a lot of blood during surgery and she dies on the operating table, the doctors tried everything they could to save her, but unfortunately Veronica was already dead, they issued a message to the public that it was murder rather than anything else. Alba, who sees the news that the hospital where she was hospitalized, and Veronica decided to publicize the murder, is furious at the decision they took and looks helplessly into the television screen, she is liable to pay for the results of her own murder.

“You will pay for this damned murderers, I do not know yet how, but I will pay you for it with blood, I will not go to jail for murder that I have not even committed.” Alba screamed at the nerves.

rosa desnuda capitulo 3
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