rosa desnuda capitulo 4

Catalina also sees in the news the news of Veronica’s death struck her suddenly, a terrible thought crossed her mind that she might have been murdered, how the hell happened? . She noticed that the news on the news was that it was definitely murder, it could not be because of anything else. Perhaps Alba had murdered her after Veronica learned that Remiro was her accomplice to the crime and they were planning to separate Rosalina from Baldemero.

Catalina would not rest until she knew the real truth, whether Alba had a connection to Veronica’s death, she knew well that her evil had no limits. She cries because Veronica was her best friend. Still, she was furious that she had not stopped the murder earlier and had not warned Veronica not to fall victim to the Alba games, she knew how alba could have been so dangerous and so bad to anyone she was on her way.

Catalina turned off the TV and ran business as usual.

The moment Ramiro suddenly appeared after learning that Alba was Veronica’s real murderer, she went back into the kitchen to continue her work. Ramiro saw on the screen that he had two unanswered calls from Alba. But he could not give her shelter in his house, she had blood on her hands .. She was just a murderer.

Alba murdered Veronica for no logical reason, so he is afraid of the people’s opinion of him what they think he is hiding Alba inside the house and actually helps her escape the police when in fact she had to please her punishment within The prison. She has to pay for what she did.

Alba todavía estaba muy decidida a quedarse dentro de la casa para que la policía no supiera dónde estaba su verdadero escondite.

Ahora luchaba para que esta noticia saliera de los titulares de que Veronica había sido asesinada y no porque muriera de la cirugía que necesitaba para poder salvarla. No importa qué, los cirujanos deberían pagar caro por haber decidido publicar esta noticia.

Rosalina and Baldmaro were planning the last preparations for them to get married, and Baldaro wanted to ask her for her brother, Ramiro. Although he did not agree they would be together they insist on fighting for their love to the end.

Silverio, Baldemaro’s father, together with Everesto, plans to prevent Baldmaro and Rosalina from marrying. Because he did not want his son to be really happy and he just wanted to make his life as much as possible.

Baldromo comes out of hiding to ask his father to let him marry Rosalina as he always wanted.

He met Marianella there, telling him that Rosalina was not the best girl for him, that he would give her a chance to show him how much she loved him, Baldaro rejects her because he loves only Rosalina and no one else in his heart.

Marianella offers him to give up Rosalina and keep an eye on her because there is no one in the world who will love him as she is, Baldaro says he will never feel like her, that he will not replace Rosalina’s true love.

Marianella warns him that no man dares to reject her so that he will regret that he does not agree to give her a chance, she admits she loves him all the years and that she will always be her first love, but since he rejected her, she tells him that he will regret that he did not give her The possibility of showing him that she could love him more than Rosalina, that no one would love him the way she loved him.

She slaps him and leaves when she cries bitterly and swears that it will not stay that way, she’ll take revenge on him for liking Rosalina to her face.

Marianella es hermosa y atractiva pero muy mala, a diferencia del dios con sangre fría que fluye por sus venas, a Marianella no le gustaban los hombres que la rechazaban, actuando como si le estuvieran haciendo un favor, querían estar con ella solo porque era rica.

Marianella no perdona que Baldrawo la haya rechazado y ella jura que buscará venganza para hacerle daño y también para separarlo de Rosalina para siempre. Para que no se den cuenta de sus sueños compartidos. Quería venganza y lo único en lo que pensaba era que culparía a Baldemaro por intentar violarla contra su voluntad.

Rosalina did not know if Ramiro would let them get married in the future, so long in Bledamo he stayed with his father, wondering what was happening there. Did he manage to talk to him without getting into a heated argument with him? She did not want to make him quarrel with his parents, that was the last thing she wanted to happen at the end.

All Rosalina wanted was to know whether or not Salvadero agreed to marry in the end. She knew that Baldrome had suffered many of his father’s remarks when he was a child.

Marianella tells Everesto that Baldmaro tried to rape her because she did not want to be with him. He asks her to call the police because he does not think she should sit idly by without doing anything about the fact that Balmadro tried to rape her. So he would not marry Rosalina as he always wanted. Marianella invites the police to arrest Baldreux in the rape attempt of a woman who has never actually been.

rosa desnuda capitulo 4
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